Protect Our Future


What kind of a future would we be leaving our children?

Why would we allow our governments to proceed with Site C? Northeastern BC is already ravaged by industrial development; we cannot allow this precious, relatively untouched jewel – the Peace River Valley – to be destroyed as well.

It takes up to 600 years to produce 2cm depth of soil: this critical food producing land in the unique Peace River Valley cannot be replaced! Destruction of habitat for fish, wildlife and birds cannot continue! The ability of First Nations to continue their cultural practises cannot continue to be eroded.

Site C would cause the loss of habitat for several fish species including migratory Arctic Grayling in the Moberly River, migratory bull trout in the Halfway River, and mountain whitefish in the Peace River. Habitat for several migratory birds would also be destroyed by Site C, including Canada, Cape May and Bay-breasted Warbler; Yellow Rail; and Nelson’s Sparrow.


Please protect our children’s future. Protect BC.

The Joint Review Panel has made it clear: we don’t need Site C. They have acknowledged that there are many significant, unmitigable and irreparable impacts that will occur if Site C proceeds. Additionally, they have stated that alternatives such as geothermal should be seriously considered.

You can be the change we all want to see. Sign our petition to tell the federal and provincial decision-makers on this project that Site C is NOT in the best interests of British Columbians!

You can also support the work of the PVEA by donating, ordering a print of “Peace River” by Cindy Vincent, or contacting us about volunteer opportunities.

Site C would cause significant impacts to the City of Fort St. John and surrounding areas.

At the hearings on Site C, the City of Fort St. John and directors of rural areas expressed significant concerns regarding the impacts of the project on the social fabric and infrastructure in the local area.

“If BC plans to continue to be a powerhouse for economic development, we cannot have projects built on the shoulders of communities…. The city remains concerned that the location, magnitude, and duration of construction of the proposed Site C project threatens to impact the quality of life that the community of Fort St. John has worked so hard to create…. These issues range from direct costs to the city during Site C construction, water supply, and traffic, to health care, policing, security, education, social services, and many others.”
– City of Fort St. John Mayor Lori Ackerman, to the Joint Review Panel, Jan 18, 2014