Arguments Against the Dam

There are many additional arguments against building this completely unnecessary dam:

  • Site C is old technology; a dirty, out-dated, earth-fill dam that will take money away from clean energy opportunities in BC.
  • There are many new, truly clean energy alternatives, such as wind, solar and geothermal which could be built on an as-needed basis and for far less money than Site C.
  • What if even $1 billion (of the $9 billion Site C dam) were spent across all regions of BC on new, advanced energy projects like solar, wind and geothermal? These developments would create permanent, local jobs based on building, installing and operating new technologies; technologies that would generate skills, training and apprenticeship programs now!
  • Energy efficiency is a least-cost option for many companies as they work to minimize expenses.
  • By 2018, every British Columbian’s Hydro bill will have gone up by almost a third from where it was in 2013. (Please ignore formatting from this point down – it should continue with the regular bullets used above)
  •  “The Peace River Valley has the ability to produce food for a million people.  It could supply fresh fruits and vegetables to people who live in northern BC, the Yukon and Northwest Territories, Alberta and the Lower Mainland,” Wendy Holm, economic agrologist. 
  • “According to the experts, Site C dam may have a 100-year life.  The agricultural land in the Peace River Valley will support life in perpetuity,” Wendy Holm, economic agrologist.
  • There are over 300 wildlife species and over 400 plant species identified to date in the Peace River Valley and biologists suspect there are a number of yet unidentified species present.  Site C Dam will flood important wildlife birthing habitat, critical migratory bird habitat and rare plant species