NameMy Message to Prime Minister Trudeau about Site C DamCityProvince/State
Soyoung ParkSite C Dam may not be beneficial for our future. Please reexamine the Site C Dam projec.VancouverBC
Myola PautlerPlease don't build this dam.VancouverBC
Anna KraulisThe Site C Dam project needs to be halted. Perhaps it has been sold it to us as a "clean" source of energy that we "need", but this is false. First of all, dams do in fact have massive environmental impacts. Secondly, we don't in fact need this energy and there are viable alternatives, including renegotiating current treaties with the US- see article-…/site-c-no…/article29024804/

This is not even mentioning the Treaty 8 First Nations that have been completely disregarded, loss of valuable agricultural land, cost to ratepayers and so on.

Here are a few Environmental Impacts associated with Dams, in general:

upstream impacts:
-total loss of habitat for many wildlife species, leads to ripple effects through the entire ecosystem (can lead to extirpation, decline of species)
-loss of forests (carbon sinks)
-fragmented migration routes for migrating species
-impacts on water quality- toxic methyl mercury as vegetation decays(+ bioaccumulation through the food chain)
-cause algal blooms to release toxins into environment
-parasite growth from standing water
-lower oxygen levels, difficult for fish to survive
-stress from reservoir can lead to fractures in the earth's surface, possible earthquakes and ruptures
-loss of water from the reservoir, as evaporation increases
-sediment is trapped in reservoir because of the dam, and it can eventually fill up completely, rendering the dam useless someday

downstream impacts:
-alteration of stream temperatures, unliveable for many fish
-often impossible for spawning fish to move up river and spawn (ex.severe decrease in salmon populations)
-decrease of fish populations has impacts on wildlife in ocean ecosystems that depend on the fish
-silt deprivation: less deposition of sediment downstream which has major impacts on soil quality in the floodplains (loss of nutrients, decline in trace elements, loss of soil depth)
-increased clear water erosion: erosion of banks, river bed, structures along the river
-increased coastal erosion
-river bed scouring: loss of habitat for bottom feeder species

Thank you for listening. We look forward to your attending to this urgent matter.
Rebecca CoatesI am very disappointed by this Government's support of the Site C dam. We need to be preserving local farmland and shifting towards sustainable energy sources like solar and wind. Otherwise, your commitments to the environment are just so much lip service.

Furthermore, your ignoring the strong opposition to Site C among First Nations calls into question your talk of a "nation-to-nation" relationship.

We all heard your promises when you took power. This is your chance to fulfill them.
Simone SmitThis a badly thought out project that will destroy irreplaceable land and environments because this government will not invest in sustainable alternate energy sources.MissionBC
John McLeodThis project saddens me . I grew up in Dawson Creek BC observed the environmental disaster when the WAC Bennett dam was built. Full stands of timber underwater and we are still cleaning it up 40 years later. The second project which backs up Dinosaur Lake was better thought out and was engineered without many impacts.

In retrospect Site C is a different animal , the farmlamd and loss of land is a mistake the trade off for short term jobs which compromises the long term benefits of this land mass are not equitable. A heritage lost our family pioneered the Peace and we were one of the first fur traders in the area.

I work in a Sawmill as an Controls/Energy manager in Southern BC we have been told we cannot burn our Biomass and close loop our mill as power is not required on the grid. ( its only 10 megawatts) .. This contradicts any reasoning to build this new dam .

I implore you to reconsider and to order a reassement with a longer term vision that has diverse interest groups involved.
Nora CsernyI don't want the dam to go ahead because it's going to destroy a beautiful area for nothing more than corporate greed.NanaimoBC
Kathryn RoweDear Prime Minister Trudeau,

Similar to so many Canadians, I feel tremendous relief and a renewed sense of hope now that we have your fresh and principled perspective leading our country. It is because of this that I am adding my voice to those who are pleading for the Peace River Valley. The risks and losses are clear, definite, and permanent while the potential gains are both murky and highly debatable. We should be developing the fertile Peace River Valley as a food production area, instead of destroying some of the best agricultural land - not just in Canada but on the planet - at a time when other farm land is being irreversibly destroyed by drought and fire.

To be damming the river in order to add to hydro electric capacity, when we are already over capacity in that regard, makes no sense and to use the clean, pure water of the Peace for fracking is absolute insanity.

To be bulldozing trees - nature's "air conditioners", if you will - and laying down cement on an already overheated planet is beyond comprehension.

The billions of dollars that will be spent on this project could be so much better spent investing in alternative energy sources such as solar or wind.

Please, step in and overrule our misguided provincial government. There must be something you can do. If not you, then who?

Sincerely and with hope,

Kathryn Rowe
Lori AnthonyLive simply, simply live. The reason we already have enough is enough reason not to destroy this spectacular valley. If you have the power to stop Site C and protect the Peace River Valley why wouldn't you? If you have not personally been to this valley please take the time to watch the video Real Site C has created.....this valley is a gift to the visitors of mother earth that we are. Let's show respect to her by leaving no trace of our innate need for more (greed). A-ho!!Salmon ArmBC
Sheila ConlonIt's not my province but it's my country. Do not build this dam, for exactly all the reasons listed in this videoEdmontonAB
Hannah WilkinsonMy heart is breaking while watching the Peace River Valley being exploited and the tremendous cultural loss for First Nation peoples in the region.KelwonaBC
Jessie McNeilI don't live anywhere near where your government is choosing to put Site C dam, but I am appalled by the lack of intelligence, empathy and vision the government has re: this plan. In this day in age, we CANNOT afford to make another irreversible and negative impact on our lands and in our waters. Flooding fertile farm land and destroying the habitat of countless animals is no longer an option. If it means that I will have to make drastic steps of my own to consume less energy here in my hometown of Vancouver, then I am willing to take that challenge. I'm sure I am not alone.VancouverBC
Heather HannafordMr Trudeau and cabinet members to whom this is copied.

I understand that it could be a very sensitive issue: in regard to the destruction of the Peace River Valley and the proposed construction of a mega dam, that you are being asked to investigate a decision made by a duly elected provincial government. This not the least because the duly elected MP from this area is a member of the Federal Conservative party AND the 2 MLAs who represent the Peace River Country are both members of the ultra right wing so called Liiberal party. However I feel too that there should be no compunction in investigating decisions of the previous federal government's procedures and decisions regarding the same issue. A government that was defeated for good reason I submit.

I can only assume that you are willing to sit back and allow the Provincial Liberal government to falter all on its own. I so hope this will happen soon, before more damage it done to this wonderful resource. However it would be a welcome move should you find the courage to do the necessary investigation. The "economy" in Northern BC is deteriorating fast. If this is about jobs and money it is very short term gain. The long term gain of stopping construction will protect such a valuable resource for the very long term.

If you haven't already perhaps you could have a staff member monitor the press on this issue, and include the monitoring of the several Facebook pages dedicated to saving our valley.

And, please, Mr Trudeau let us know what you are thinking. Letters from this web site seem to be being ignored. This is my fourth or fifth to you on this subject. I have had no notification that they are received.

I am a 50 year resident. My husband's family has lived here since 1949. We have seen the booms and busts. In the midst of yet another bust our agriculture potential should be front and centre.

Sincerely. Heather Hannaford
Charlie LakeBC
Onni MilneI send this email to support the First Nations, farmers and residents of the Peace River who oppose construction of the unnecessary and destructive Site C dam.

The UN Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights review of Canada stated “ that the right to free, prior and informed consent of indigenous peoples to any change to their lands and territories is not adequately incorporated in domestic legislation and not consistently applied by the State party” and called on Canada to “fully recognize the right to free, prior and informed consent of indigenous peoples in its laws and policies and apply it in practice.”

The Auditor General of BC has publicly committed to an audit of whether BC Hydro’s recommendation and government’s decision to build Site C was supported by sufficient information and analysis to demonstrate that it would meet the government’s economic, social and environmental goals.

In 2013 and 2014, the Outdoor Recreation Council of BC recognized the Peace as BC’s most endangered river.

In spite of Christy Clark's assertions that Site C is good for BC and Canada, the citizens of BC know otherwise and are telling you so. I call on the Trudeau government to now Walk the Talk for Real Change, to prove that Justice is alive and well in Canada.

STOP SITE C NOW. Our future depends on it.
Valerie FieberSite C cannot move forward. The Peace River and its valley should not flooded due to the moose, deer, all the other animals that call it home, the birds such as eagles, hawks, and all of the other birds that live there. A million people yearly can be fed from the fruits, vegetables and grains that can and are grown there. Our local First Nation peoples who hunt and trap, and use the plants as food , and medicines. Our Peace River is so breathtakingly beautiful to see, and to have to watch it being raped of all of its trees and wild flowers is almost more than I can bear! I grew up here and look walking and just looking at. All the animals that will die and be forced somewhere else is unfair. My husband and I love watching the wildlife, as do so many others in this area. There are so many cheaper and much more substainable alternatives. We have so much sun and wind here. Use them instead. We do not need or want what Site C would provide. BC Hydro themselves we have enough power right now to last until 2030!
Prime Minister Trudeau, I invite you to come here and walk through the Peace River valley and see the natural beauty that BC Hydro wants to destroy forever!
Fort St. JohnBC
jennifer meyerPLease prove why site C is essential for Canadians and if you can't then its not too late to stop it. There are alternatives, use this money to put towards developing an alternative energy plan and prove that Canada can be a leader in climate change!denman islandBC
Valerie KibbeI always feel we are going backward when we the people of this country continue to destroy farm land natural beauty fish and wild life habitat and waste the tax payers hard earned dollars on huge unnecessarily projects like Site C.
This also is once again disregard for the First Nation people's rights and choices.
We are in the year 2016, it is time to change how we use our worlds lands, waters and resources we have been given.
This dam is unnecessary, not in the interest of the people's, nor does it follow the commitment and desire to lessen our carbon foot print in this world.
We have already spent so much on this project, stop it now.
Maple ridgeBC
Heather JonesDamming the Peace river for the site C dam does not look like a wise decision... This river delta appears to be great for farming..and is being used for farming... We also must be careful to do no more harm to our First Nations people. We have harmed their way of life immeasurably already. We must respect their wishes. This is also a very beautiful natural area. We must not destroy it. Let's follow the paths of other countries and learn from them how we can create power in green sustainable ways. We must change now as the Earth will not wait for us..VictoriaBC
Jin-Sun YoonYou're doing good things and even though I'm not a Liberal, I am impressed with what you've been doing so far. Please do the right thing and stop the Site C Dam as Prime Minister!VictoriaBC
Henry MahThe Site C Dam in my opinion is unnecessary to build firstly for environmental reasons, as its construction will cause again in my opinion irreparable damge to the sensitive eco system in the area. Secondly, the building of this dam will only financially benefit the provider and the entities that BC Hydro has made back room deals with, that will cause a drain on ourprovince's fiscal health and our natural resources. Lastly, to my knowledge the project has never been given full approval by the First Nations people in that area, and any work done or in the process of being done to build this dam should be halted immediately.VancouverBC
Connie LawrencePlease stop Site C from proceeding! Save the land, the species and their habitat, the land!! Preserve the aboriginal rights and lands, invest in other forms of renewable energy! PLEASE!!Grand ForksBC
shirley furgochSite C Dam project is filled with GREED, it is unjustified and is a needless and destructive project. It is very upsetting to all Canadians and the world should be aware what is happening to the Peace River Valley.bathON
Petra Kreuzerhorrible and stupid greedy people destroy not only countries but the entire planet for a bit of money they can't even take with them once they die.

Please don't let them get away with it!!!
Curtis LewchukI believe that this project needs to be re-evaluated. I do not trust that the process of review undertaken by our previous Federal government and current Provincial government.
I feel that more thought and consideration needs to be given to this project before it is given approval. Thank you
Steven MeleskiThis dam should NEVER be built. Humanity should be well past the point of being so unenlightened as to think flooding enormous valley bottoms with water is okay. To destroy another free flowing river is criminal in this day and age. We should be building giant solar and wind facilities instead. The carbon footprint to build this atrocity will be ridiculous. When will we learn.......killing rivers with dams is NOT the way forward. And this dam is not okay with the First Nations that live there. I hope there is much greater media attention to this, and that GIANT protests will be formed to stop it.ChilliwackBC
Mary TyloskyDear Honorable Prime Minister Trudeau,
I have been following the opposition to the site C Dam and I could not find the words express my thoughts and feelings until now. So much has been said but no one seems to be listening and the destruction continues. I would like to share the words of Linda Hogan from her book entitled :" Dwellings: a Spiritual History of the Living World"(Hogan,1995,pg45-46) .
" Even wilderness is seen as having value only as it enhances and serves our human lives,our human world. While most of us agree that wilderness is necessary to our spiritual and psychological well-being, it is a container of far more,of mystery ,of a life apart from ours . It is not only where we go to escape who we have become and what we have done, but it is also part of our natural laws, the workings of the world of beauty and depth we do not yet understand. It is something beyond us, something that does not need our hand in it. As one of our Indian elders has said, there are laws beyond our human laws,and ways above ours. We have no words for this in our language,or even for our experience of being there. Ours is a language of commerce and trade, of laws that can be bent in order that treaties might be broken, land wounded beyond healing. It is a language that is limited , emotionally and spiritually, as if it can't accommodate such magical strength and power. ...we are searching for a new way to speak, to say we want a new way to live in the world,to say that wilderness and water,blue herons and orange newts are invaluable not just to us, but in themselves, in the workings of the natural world that rules us whether we acknowledge it or not."
Please listen to the pleas of the aboriginal people,listen to the pleas of the natural world. There are no words in our language, but there is a responsibility to protect our wilderness .You have the power to stop Site C and protect our land for our children and grandchildren and for our Natural World.
Mary Tylosky
Hogan,Linda.(1995) Dwellings: a spiritual History of the Living World. New York:W.W. Norton & Company
Paul StraatPlease please please Mr Trudeau, show that you are made of different stuff. Do NOT let this unnecessary and highly damaging project go on for the sake of something which can be obtained by far better means, energy obtained by investing in renewables.LethbridgeAB
Jerzy ZagrobaDear Prime Minister,

I'm adding my voice in strong opposition to this ill-conceived project. Please do anything you can to stop the building of this dam. There is no amount of economic benefit that could justify the destruction.


Jerzy Zagroba
Campbell RiverBC
Peter GreenMy BC doesn't need to grow to meet new demands. Let's quell growth so that our needs are less. I oppose the Site C dam. Particularly so without proper consultation and permission from our First Nations. #truthandreconcilliationKelownaBC
Sheila TegartStop Site C Dan
All we have to do is put in new generators in the Dams we have already
Mica Revelstoke. Castlegar
For examples
Stop NOW
Frank MolnarI will be waiting to see whether the Federal government steps in to stop this hideously destructive project, or will they continue to kowtow to corporate interests, at the expense of everything else?SaskatoonSK
clara londonThe Valley is essential to food security and the Wildlife. Please Stop Site C.Fort St. JohnBC
melissa scamanAs a nation we need to move away from economic practices that rape the land, people and water. This dam is not needed, and we have other economic opportunities that could provide employment and energy for BC. Stop the dam, and show leadership for the next generation economy.EdmontonAB
Lori JohnsonWe need to stop destroying the environment and farm land to build dams. We need to focus on renewable sources of, wind. You know this, the rest of Canada knows this...ONLY BC Power doesn't seem to get it.WestvilleNS
Dr. Jared BurrowsThis is a waste of taxpayers money and will cause irreparable harm to fragile forest and river ecosystems and flood vast tracts of precious farmland. We already have plenty of surplus electricity and should be looking harder at ways to conserve our electricity use, not destroying the environment to generate power that will be sold at cut rates to America. Site C is simply an irresponsible and shortsighted use of resources.VancouverBC
Wanda RichesPlease consider stopping the Site C project, for the sake of our land and our children.VictoriaBC
Wanda WatsonWe need to protect our land for producing food so not to be dependent on imports for our people. We also need to protect the land that is so important for our wildlife as well as the First Nations people who depend on it for their livelihood.RevelstokeBC
Robert SuttonDear Prime Minister:
I oppose the site "C" development plan. It's time for more 'common sense' to prevail in long term decisionmaking!
Over 57,000 acres of agricultural and forested land would be impacted by Site C, including 31,528 acres of Class 1-7 agricultural land and over 17,000 acres of forested land.
After 28 days of hearings and review of 28,000 pages of documentation, the Joint Review Panel concluded that BC Hydro has failed to prove that we need Site C. Further, they emphasized that because there are significant adverse effects, justification for the project must rest on an unambiguous need for the power.
Site C would result in the loss of fish in two major tributaries to the Peace River: the migratory Arctic grayling in the Moberly River and the migratory bull trout in the Halfway River. Mountain Whitefish in the Peace River would also disappear.
The destruction of habitat for several migratory bird species, including those classified as ‘at risk’, would also result from Site C. Species impacted include Canada Cap May and Bay-breasted Warblers, Yellow Rail and Nelson’s Sparrow.
Please think of the sustainable Future- not just short-term political gain.
Yours truly,
Robert Sutton Hons. B.A.
Fraser PlossBecause it's 2016 and we don't sink major agriculture resources in exchange
for virtually nothing.
Leica NelsonThis is tragic, disgusting, and appalling! The fact that it was kept quiet means our BC Liberals did everything they could to keep it so. Stop this now and force Clark to rehabilitate. Her actions are criminal. Not sure how she sleeps at night.NELSONBC
Jennifer CraddockDear Prime Minster Trudeau,
Regarding Site C in the Peace River Valley. How can consciously you let this happen? This is sacred grounds, the people should not lose their land, their ancestral rights. This land can lend the opportunity to feed people, sustain community. We should not be responsible for California's power, The United States wastes so much power, ie: Vegas, Disney Land, etc. why should our 1st Nations, our land, our water, our resources be the ones to suffer? This is a form of bullying, slaughter, a form of execution of land, animals and people. How dare our country take so many steps back when we have fought for so long to end this type of behavior. Would you be ok with someone taking your home? Would you be ok with this if your livelihood, your ancestral grounds , your way of life was destroyed? NO you would not and neither should they! Please, please put a stop to this madness, some of your provincial leaders do not have our best interest in mind, you know who you are Clark. People of BC of Canada please join us in this fight, its for your future, the Peace River Valley must be saved!
Sara CiantarFarm land is so important as food security is a growing concern.
And then there's the whole thing about respecting treaties.
Plus if you'd been there you wouldn't be able to approve it. Its such a beautiful valley!
R. J. BriggsPeace must be maintained for the Peace River and all lands surrounding it. Our Federal Government is obligated to honour all Treaties' no matter which past Federal or Provincial government coalitions negotiated/promised/campaigned upon preserving these massive, plentiful, fruitful and environmentally self-sustainable lands for covert and inherently greedy corporate gain. We Canadians unite to call upon our current Government to honour what it right - old promises made and assurances for all that which will survive as it naturally evolves in its role within, upon and surrounding the entire Peace River region.

There is no rationale to support the Site C Dam, nor to substantiate the irreparable harm that will be once achieved and forever perpetuated if the project is permitted. This is yet one more 'project' that, if allowed, will demonstrate the short-sightedness of corporate greed over true land and resource management that holds longer-term, broader vision for benefits to the many, that will more likely succeed in sustaining generations beyond our life time.
Brenda ErvenYou have made a LOT of promises, Mr. Trudeau. You have young children, and so do I. We need to give them a future. Government needs to start doing the RIGHT thing and protect our environment. You promised you would. PROVE IT!!!VictoriaBC
Heather HannafordI encouraged you, during your first days in office, to have courage. I reiterate the sentiment. Northern BC and the Peace River need you to understand the enormity of the disaster that is ensuing regarding the Site C Dam.
While we have had no word from you we understand that you must know what is going on. You must, I think be concerned. Again, courage to do the right thing by your constituents, even those who may not have voted LIberal in the Federal Election.
Not sure what else we can do to get this government's attention. But we WILL get your attention. Whatever it takes.

I understand from being a municipal politician, a locally elected public school trustee, for 28 years that one can not please everyone all the time. This is not about being pleased however. It is far more fundamental than that. It is our relationship with first nations, it is food production, it is wilderness protect and protection for the wild life, it is minimizing CO2 emissions, (certainly building a project of this size will do the opposite) it is listening to long, long term residents, it is about our history ......... and I could go on.

Sincerely wishing you well in your endeavours. Courage
Heather Hannaford.
Charlie LakeBC
wes kmetThere are so many reasons why this Dam must be stopped and the party's jobs at all costs and you government's political capital is what I am concerned about looking at your party's history over decades. So I am very strongly against this project as we need the food that that awesome area can feed that being the whole northern area of the two western provinces. We need to go to renewable energy as fast as possible and fracking and LNG is not the way even though our poor provincial government totally mislead us on LNG industry in the last election with another major falsehood. If we go to renewable energy we will get many more jobs and that has been proven---
So just do the right thing in this matter as climate change will show this is the way to go very soon.
Dennis VargaThe wrong group of people have been granted an injunction. There needs to be a stop work order while court cases are unsettled.KelownaBC
Charlotte WhitneyWe don't need Site C - so why build an expensive hydro project that will destroy one of BC's integral watersheds, home to many First Nations and other communities, and important habitat to hundreds of species? We can do better. Given global climate change and increasing international political tensions, we will need all the high quality farmland and food producing areas we can get. Let's save the Peace River for future generations, and celebrate our land, not drown it.VancouverBC
Marion EalsPlease stop this terrible, destructive dame. We do not need the hydro power--it is being sold to the US with the profits going to corporations and the costs going to BC citizens.Port MoodyBC
Rod KerrI am all for the site C dam as it is a real good thing to do with the Peace River.
It is already used for this purpose and this will not make a big difference to the valley or the land. We will need the power and we need the jobs. Thanks
Jane RulloWe are loosing our ability to grow any real amount of food for ourselves here in BC and Canada. To take MORE farm land out for "flooding" purposes that are not necessary as there are other more energy efficient and effective ways is backward thinking. We need to think about our real and immediate needs. Agricultural land is in short supply and we keep removing it from our reserves. When it is is gone forever and we become completely dependent on other countries for our food source. This is wrong!! Please consider the permanent damage this proposed project will cause.......for all of us! Sincerely, Jane RulloNanaimoBC
Sandra MacklemI grew up in the Peace River country as part of a farming family. This dam is not needed nor is it warranted. I can remember all of the rumblings over the years about the building of this dam and it has been turned down in the past by the BC Utilities Commission. With future food security and global warming an issue, I can't believe we are still entertaining these types of mega destructive projects. Please stop this project before it is too late. Don't let the Peace River become another diminishing River in our waterways, ruining the surrounding valleys and farmland.Powell RiverBC
Jamie McTavishPlease do not build a damn at the peace river. You will be destroying a beautiful part of our world where many animals and species live.WindsorON
Dr Linda ChristensenWe must preserve this precious valley for future generations, for our wildlife, for local residents, and find alternative means of energy. Is this really necessary? At what expense? It can't be reversed, this land would be gone forever. There are alternatives. Let's wake up and stop using outdated approaches.VancouverBC
Teresa PreciousOur farm land is so limited and so precious. NONE of it should be flooded, ever. Stop Site C dam, please.NelsonBC
Sandra NixonWe can not damage the Peace River Valley.Moose JawSK
Mike LewisPlease stop destroying the environment and look for ways to conserve it. There should be programs where households could convert to solar power. Stop developing and destroying this beautiful place in the name of the almighty dollar!DeltaBC
Penny CorbynPlease do not ruin another spot of natural beauty. This can NEVER be replaced.

There are other solutions. Look into alternatives
Mount ForestON
Kathy DiltsPLEASE - don't flood the river valley and destroy this land. Look at all possible alternatives.CalgaryAB
Darlene Kostelac Hinmanthere is no need for this dam. each home & business is quite capable of self-producing energy for most of their needs right at their residence. without involving the government. however--we all know the benefits of energy making goes to corporations and not the people. this dam would be yet another prime example of over producing---just because you can--and the debt enhances the bottom lines of big corps. do not destroy the gift of land that belongs to everyone. the water & land is best used in its natural state. stop being a big corps that just destroys for the sake of destruction. my relatives are Canadian and the beauty belongs to all the future generations--not just the few CEOsVestalNY
Jo-Anna LoganAs a child in elementary school, a movie about the Peace River Valley inspired me to grow up and grow much of my own food. We will need this farm land even more in the future as we cannot depend on imported, unsustainable food. More importantly, as an adult I have become aware of the great disrespect we have shown to our First Nations and the government cannot continue to violate their lands and treaties. Last, but just as important: What do we need this electricity for? LNG? Exporting? It is time to look for sustainable energy sources. I question how much chrissty is getting out of this deal, as it doesn't make any sense?Salt Spring IslandBC
Stephen DickinsonI concur that this damn is another mindless act on BS Hydros list of mindless endeavors, please prevent this, I know I don't need to make a fancy speak here about it, please look into your heart, follow your gut, listen to the people! Thank you!BurnabyBC
Samar ChaterThe Earth is fragile. The eco-systems are fragile. We are in a mass extinction. Our Earth is being exploited as a commodity. We do not own it. This Earth was not built for us only. We must live in harmony with the Earth and it's beings, as they do with us. The Earth holds us, and provides us with what we need. Our species may die, but we do not need to take everything and one with us. I love the Earth, I love living, I love the rivers, oceans , lakes. I love the fish in the sea, and the animals on the earth. I love the birds in the air, and every single thing. I love them all collectively. I do not want my species to be responsible for total destruction of the beauty and harmony of and on the Earth. Please. I know you know what will happen. I do not wish to inform you, because you, up there, with money, science, people and resources, I know you know what will happen. I know you have research and scientists and knowledge. You know already.... So I ask you to care. I ask you to not be selfish, and to not let Site C happen. This is not about you or me, or BC, or Canada. This is about the Earth and it's things. Leave it alone. I'm sure it's evolution expresses it's own sublime intelligence. Do not disturb it any longer. I pray you.HalifaxNS
Carla AlbrightDear Mr. Trudeau,

This dam will:
-violate aboriginal rights
-lose money
-destroy prime farmland
-cause incalculable ecological damage

If you're not just another politician, you will save the Peace River and the Peace River Valley.
Heather HannafordPRIORITY
I have written several times on this issue. As you plan to meet with the British Columbian provincial government, I am asking that you are not taken in by the spokes people for premier Christie Clark, leader of the party that is Liberal in name only. This very right wing party simply as not done due diligence in several area of consultation regarding the Site C dam.
This is not just another make work project, though this is what it is in part, but the proposed devastation of this beautiful and productive valley, FOREVER.
I appears that the Provincial government has broken many of its own rules around environmental protection. The government refuses to submit the project to the Utilities Commission, set up by a former premier,Bill Bennett, to protect the Province from just this kind of practice.
Please research in depth the situation and please listen to Ms Helen Knott, should she get the opportunity to meet with you. She and her compatriots, camping in mid winter at one of the heritage sites, is all that is keeping the all powerful BC Hydro from further devastation. Incidentally while court cases have not yet been heard, and which has been given virtually no public press. (But we heard a lot about the Oregon Standoff in the United States).
This is both a huge project and a huge mistake.
Please see your way to preventing the approval of any more permits until the situation has had the opportunity to be resolved.
I note that this will be copied to your cabinet ministers who have the opportunity to help with both research into this problem and the opportunity to help move forward in different direction.

Heather Hannaford.
Charlie LakeBC
Virginia ThompsonDear Prime Minister Trudeau,

I write about my deep concern about the building of the site C dam. In this age of climate change and concern for our future food security, it seems to me to be folly to be building this huge dam at enormous expense when our time and energy should be turning instead to renewables. Further, when issues of food security are looming larger and larger, we need to be ensuring we keep such a huge area of food production which is the Peace valley. Local food is also increasingly important due to transportation emissions and so this marvellous bread basket of the north should be protected.
I also suspect, one of the main purposes of Site C dam is to supply the failing LNG industry with power. I also think that LNG is the wrong direction for BC to be taking in this era of climate change, not to mention its economic uncertainty at this time.

I urge you to intervene and halt this absolute folly.

Thank you.

Virginia Thompson, EdD
Heather HannaforPRIORITY
I have written several times on this issue. As you plan to meet with the British Columbian provincial government, I am asking that you are not taken in by the spokes people for premier Christie Clark, leader of the party that is Liberal in name only. This very right wing party simply as not done due diligence in several area of consultation regarding the Site C dam.
This is not just another make work project, though this is what it is in part, but the proposed devastation of this beautiful and productive valley, FOREVER.
I appears that the government as broken many of its own rules around environmental protection. The government refuses to submit the project to the Utilities Commission, set up by a former premier,Bill Bennett, to protect the Province from just this kind of practice.
Please research in depth the situation and please listen to Ms Helen Knott, should she get the opportunity to meet with you. She and her compatriots, camping in mid winter at one of the heritage sites, is all that is keeping the all powerful BC Hydro from further devastation. Incidentally while court cases have not yet been heard, and which has been given virtually no public press. (But we heard a lot about the Oregon Standoff in the United States).
This is both a huge project and a huge mistake.
Please see your way to preventing the approval of any more permits until the situation has had the opportunity to be involved.
I note that this will be copied to your cabinet ministers who have the opportunity to help with both research into this problem and the opportunity to help move forward in different direction.

Heather Hannaford.
Charlie LakeBC
Adrienne BrownDear Prime Minister,
I am copying a letter from a dear friend, Heather Hannaford, because I agree with her entirely. Please do not allow the BC government to allow this project to go ahead. Although I am not a citizen of BC, I believe this to be a national issue, for which, you will be held accountable. Your election platform to help indigenous people of Canada, would be very credible if you stop this ruination of their lands
I am a wildlife supporter, working with a wildlife hospital. We humans keep taking their homelands just to make room for our financial benefit.

From Heather - please read.

I fully understand that there are protocols to be observed when the Federal and Provincial Governments interact.

However I believe, fundamentally, that, in the case of the destruction of the Peace River Valley to accommodate the Site C dam, the Federal government has independent power to intervene in the project planning. Especially cabinet secrecy was invoked by the former Federal government in the environmental approvement process, and the public had much difficulty accessing political decision makers.
Ergo, I submit that to attain a sustainable future, at odds apparently with the Provincial Government's goals, the Federal Government must critically appraise the project and insist that the whole procedure be referred to the BC Utilities Commission for extensive review. I remind you that the Commission was brought into being to protect the province and its people from damaging, or unnecessary projects.
This is urgent. Time is of the essence. I beg that you give this your immediate attention.

Heather Hannaford
Alissa BrandtDid you know that allowing the Peace River to continue to flow free is worth $8 billion a year to the B.C. economy? The Peace Dividend, a study by the David Suzuki Foundation, states that the benefits provided by farmland and nature in the Peace River watershed are conservatively worth an estimated $7.9 billion to $8.6 billion a year! As the pros and cons of the proposed Site C dam are weighed, I know that you will want to take into consideration this critical information. As a former Peace River Valley resident and a lifetime supporter of this beautiful corner of the country, I urge you to give serious consideration to the study’s findings before allowing the destruction of the Peace River valley’s incredible ability to generate natural wealth.

According to the study, the economic benefits of keeping the Peace River Valley’s nature and farmland intact will prevent disruption of these critical ecosystem services which is essential to ensuring protection of the valley’s quality farmland, clean water, wildlife habitat, and a wide array of recreational opportunities. First Nations’ gravesites and the ability to continue to carry out traditional rights would also be severely impacted if Site C is approved.

The Joint Review Panel’s report on Site C echoes the same message. The Panel found that “biological diversity is a global asset of great value to present and future generations" and that a loss of biodiversity would have a “financial cost.”

We must listen to the fathers and mothers of the land. Chief Roland Willson of West Moberly First Nation echoed the study’s concerns, “This study confirms what we have known for generations. Our Dane-Zaa people have been blessed with forests, rushing rivers, and rolling grasslands that have sustained our communities for thousands of years. However, the cumulative effects of industrial development in our territories have been massive and can't be mitigated. They've had an enormous impact on our treaty rights as First Nations people.”

I have taken much of the above text from two sources: an August 12th, 2014 article in the Alaska Highway News and a plea from an online group using social media to garner support in stopping the Site C development (authored by the Peace Valley Environment Association and the Sierra Club). I beseech you to listen to the voices of real people, those who cherish the land of the Peace River Valley, not to those who are driven by dollars and profits. Help us to avoid the environmental devastation that is being proposed; the destruction of cultural history and natural beauty. I grew up near this valley and have traversed its ribbon of highway so many times I have lost count, observing for decades the signs imploring against the development of Site C. I wish I could explain to you how much this valley means to me and to my family. It is part of the fabric of who we are.

Please help us save this very valuable jewel. Be a leader and be a hero!

Sincerely and passionately,

Alissa Brandt
Honora-Bright AereThe Site C Dam would destroy critical ungulate habitat that has sustained wildlife that has supplied generations of First Nations people with food and cultural sustenance for thousands of years. It will destroy one of the largest and most important wildlife corridors on the continent, and submerge valuable carbon sinks instead of promoting food security and the need to adapt to climate change.

The project would cause irreparable harm to local First Nations, fish and wildlife populations.

BC already has enough electricity. BC already has enough rivers in pipes and behind dams. Let’s look at alternatives that make sense. Let’s keep the Peace flowing and free.
Catherine CraytonPlease do not break yet another treaty. This will harm their waters and ability to grow food. It also could potentially pollute waters for all the population in this area.Chino ValleyAZ
Selina BergerThe rich need to stop to destroy nature and start thinking what will be left in 100 years..what are the consequences...they need to understand that with money you can't buy you can't buy fresh can't buy good water..and you can't buy food if the soil is poisoned..the waters in each river is poisoned..and the animals are nothing but gone...Stop the hidden genocide to the native people...for when they have no chance to grow their own food because the water will not reach their land then it doesn't take long time until they are going to die of starvation. When I was young I thought rich men has a great brain..but now as I experienced their way of life I must say that even monkey have more brain cell. Stop SITE C...Aho...RegensburgGermany
Ute HerrmannBitte stoppen Sie Standort C DamBad SchmiedebergGermany
Red Fire HawkDear Prime minister Trudeau, as you know their are great concerns about the oil pipelines, and the potential destruction they will bring. We the indigenous people are the protectors of the land, not for our well being, but for the well being of future generations as well. Everything that we need for survival is given to us from the land, however how long will we be able to say that when the animals have died off, and the plants will no longer grow. We have a responsibility to our children, and our children's children to preserve what little we have left. You are a human being, therefore making you my brother in spirit, surely a man who is truly for the people can understand our concern and love for ALL of our brothers and sisters. I feel in my heart and soul a connection to the land, as do many, many others. I sincerely hope that you will consider the well being of the people. Once the earth is gone, so are we. Chi migwetch niiji ( Thank you very much brother).
Red fire hawk.
Heather HannafordPrime Minister.
Honourable Catherine McKenna

I fully understand that there are protocols to be observed when the Federal and Provincial Governments interact.

However I believe, fundamentally, that, in the case of the destruction of the Peace River Valley to accommodate the Site C dam, the Federal government has independent power to intervene in the project planning. Especially cabinet secrecy was invoked by the former Federal government in the environmental approvement process, and the public had much difficulty accessing political decision makers.
Ergo, I submit that to attain a sustainable future, at odds apparently with the Provincial Government's goals, the Federal Government must critically appraise the project and insist that the whole procedure be referred to the BC Utilities Commission for extensive review. I remind you that the Commission was brought into being to protect the province and its people from damaging, or unnecessary projects.
This is urgent. Time is of the essence. I beg that you give this your immediate attention.

Heather Hannaford
Charlie LakeBC
Steve MahlerSeems like you made a promise to change what Canada stands for .I expect you to honor what you said. Please stop this destruction of a beautiful river and this unnecessary dam that will only destroy people life's and destroy all the wildlife in that area.QuispamsisNB
Christian JannsenWhy would anyone destroy the nature and chace wildlife out? Humans are not on top of the food chain, we have the know how but are too ignorant to live in harmony with all living beings that we depend upon so greatly. Havent we destroyed enough?MargoSK
Patrick BondyDear Prime Minister:
Please stop this environmentally flawed project.
Aboriginal lands, private lands, and public lands will be compromised by this project that many here in B.C. do not approve of.
This is NOT an environmentally sound project.

Patrick Bondy and family
Shanti WarlickThis project, Site C must not happen. These are treaty lands, and as an American Indian myself, I can tell you that this will only contribute to the future trauma of Native people. The children of this land must know this place, must care for the land and spirits, and ancestors. We have so precious little protection left, and are losing more all the time. I have lost hope many times myself over my own issues here in California, but I implore you, don't do this. The future destruction will contribute to the highest rate of suicide of any race of peoples in your country and mine. You have the chance to do the right thing. Protect the treaties, and protect this land for the future of not just the tribes, but all future people. The water, land, air, and people are all counting on you. Don't back us further into the corner.SacramentoCA
Maya WengerDear Prime Minister Trudeau and Ministers:
We are asking you to repeal the previous government's approval of the Site C mega dam project in North-eastern BC. Here are our reasons:
1. The Environmental Assessment shows that the power is not even needed in the next 20 years...and with alternative power sources such as wind, solar and thermal energy becoming more technologically advanced, we will not need this dam in 20 years either.
2. BC Hydro's hidden debts show it is not a viable company to be adding such a huge debt to its already staggering debt load.
3. There is lots of LNG available in BC for Industry to create their own energy sources from, should such a need arise - at 1/3 the cost (see costs for Calgary's recent LNG power project), and built much faster with no loss of prime agricultural land, First Nations Treaty lands, or our beautiful river and valley.
4. No land anywhere in Canada can mitigate the loss of the thousands of acres of prime agriculatural land with a climate capable of supporting fruits and vegetables such as berries, tree fruits such as apples and apricots, and corn, melons, squash on a consistent basis. Outside of this valley, the region can consistently grow carrots, potatoes, cabbages, and usually green beans (in years when the frost doesn't come in August). The value of this valley land to grow the variety of fruits and vegetables enjoyed by Canadians has been seriously undervalued and misunderstood. I pay $8 for a 1.5 lb head of cauliflower now, because California has a drought. We must be able to grow food locally in the future, and this valley is a vital part of the local food chain for the North.
5. Treaty rights for First Nations must be honored if Canada is ever to become a truly unified nation. This dam construction is a terrible travesty in our treatment of our early peoples, and must not be allowed to be a part of Canada's modern history. An apology in 50 years does not mitigate this blatant
Cecil LakeBC
Sherri OlsonI have a poster made by the provincial government of the beautiful Peace valley as a protected land mass. How can they change their minds? What will happen to the people, animals and nature that call this incredible valley their home?VictoriaBC
Carole EylesPlease stop this destruction of agricultural land and First Nations heritage. The power is not needed, fracking for natural gas and the LNG projects, are diametrically opposed to the Paris agreements, and there are legal challenges that have not yet been settled. This action is WRONG. Christy Clark won't stop. You are our only hope to stop this terrible injustice.Salt Spring IslandBC
Peter FrenchAs someone who has been "paying attention" I am deeply concerned by the BC governments insistence on ramming this project through, in spite of all of the evidence that it will have a devastating effect on the local environment. We, as a Nation need to put a stop to "ill" conceived projects of this nature and move our focus onto sustainable energy practices, of which there are many. We cannot continue to exploit the planets resources at the expense of the biosphere that sustains us. In my 50+ years I have witnessed far to many examples of "Corporate Greed" dictating National/Provincial policy and the government of the day jerking to strings pulled by hidden masters. When and where will it stop, if not with us, then with who and when ???. At what cost to future generations will our continued path of destruction be, no one can say for sure, but I for one am not optimistic. I feel we may have already destroyed to much and potentially past the point of no return.SchreiberON
Deirdre KellyI am convinced that we would be needlessly destroying one of the most beautiful parts of our province if we go ahead with the Site C Project. We visited this region in late summer/early fall with a group of people on - what was called - the Rolling Justice Bus. We volunteered 8 days to tour and speak to groups living in BC, and nowhere was I as affected by the visit to Ft. St. John and the Peace River Valley.

I was especially intrigued by the rich history, the archeology, the A1 farmland and its food potential , and - especially as an artist and photographer - the stunning beauty of the Peace river Valley. The collaboration of those who will be deeply and directly affected by the building of the Dam was powerful, insightful and moving. We spoke with farmers and ranchers, First Nation groups and ordinary citizens both young and old and they all touched my heart with their sincerity and deep conviction to care for and preserve such a fruitful and beautiful land and river.

Upon my return, I re-read "As Long as this Land Shall Last" (McClelland and Stuart Ltd.) by Rene Fumoleau, OMI. The book documents the historical agreements between Treaties Eight and Eleven between the Canadian government and the then Indian people during the turn of the century. The Peace River Valley are lands enshrined by Treaty 8, and are relied upon by several Aboriginal Nations.

Treaty 8 states that 'as long as the sun rises, as long as the river flows, as long as this land shall last" that the promise of the Canadian government to the Indians was that they could live and hunt there. Enough broken promises for short sighted gain, In these months following the Truth & Rec. Commission and Paris accords findings, I urge you to do anything in your powers to revisit the expedient decision to dam the Peace River.

Deirdre Kelly
Susan UnderwoodI did not vote for the LIberal party in the last federal election. But I have been heartened by the fresh approach that Justin Trudeau has demonstrated. I am hopeful which I have not been for a long time. I believed Prime MInister Trudeau when he pledged his commitment to the aboriginal peoples of our country. Now is the time demonstrate that commitment. I have lived in the Peace River land although it was a long time ago. Like the Prime Minister, I was a teacher. Back then I was young and had limited knowledge of First Nations cultures. My education let me down, leaving me ignorant of residential schools and their devastating consequences. I didn't know about the Cree people that I taught, nor what had prompted their move from the prairies to northern B.C. But now we do know these things. And like Prime Minister Trudeau, I know we need to work to heal the wounds. Site C dam ignores treaty rights. In flooding this beautiful land, we will destroy the traditional territory of the Treaty 8 First Nations. My students used to bring me, not an apple, but a moose steak from their trap lines. I know that they lived from the land and knew it and respected it. And I know I learned from them more than they learned from me. If Site C dam goes ahead as planned, it will be yet another devastating blow to indiginous people in our country. We will also lose farmland, wildlife and some of the most beautiful wild country in our province. I now live in Victoria. I know most of the people in this province have never been to the Peace River Valley. If they had, if they knew the people that lived there, if they saw the beauty and knew what we would lose, they would oppose this project. Please do what you can to stop this tragedy before it occurs.
Susan Underwood
Peter JakestaSTOP THE INSANITY! The bc liberals are looking more like the Harper Government.
Work with the treaty 8 not against them they deserve to be respected, they've giving so much of their land to oil and gas already!
Julia ThiessenI will keep this short as many have said it very eloquently. Let's respect First Nations, the realities of climate change and future generations by not going ahead with the Site C Dam.VancouverBC
heather hannaford

More important information. Heather Hannaford
Charlie LakeBC
Anastasia DanielsI'm not from Northern BC, but my family is. I've traveled along the river and seen the acres of forest that will be destroyed by this project. I've spoken with some of the people that live there and would lose their farms and homes. This project is working towards making money when what we need to work towards is clean food and air - the things we NEED to survive. Electricity is nice, we can do a lot of useful things with it. But we cannot breathe or eat it.YarmouthNS
Janet HopkinsAs a citizen born in British Columbia, I am writing to voice my opposition to the Site C project in the Peace River Valley. This valley is an extremely important landscape for all Canadians. It is fertile farm land as well as important cultural and wildlife habitat. This project has been denied a proper approval process through the BC Utilities Commission, and there are important court challenges pending. Construction permits are being awarded by the BC government without the benefit of due process. The public interest must be appropriately weighed before this project destroys the cultural and natural heritage of this landscape, as well as its current and potential agricultural value . For these reasons, I feel it is urgent that the federal government take action to stand on guard to protect this valuable environment and address the concerns of Canadians sincerely hoping for a fresh start on environmental issues and first nations relationships.KamloopsBC
Denise Gagnonthe time is here for us all to look for to other countries for inspiration on how to live with nature without destroying it - you will be our heroes and we all know how many more heroes are needed in this world.TerraceBC
Heather MeesDear Prime Minister Trudeau, Please listen to the people First Nations and farmers local people of the Mighty Peace rive valley which is being destroyed right now and stop the construction.Let the hearings continue and find alternative energy to save enviroment for future children.Thank-you Heather MeesLillooetBC
heather HannafordPlease visit the site. Would be great if you could be a "fly on the wall". As an alternative please send people to look at the devastation. They can do that ingcognito. But better to do it publicly and with transparency. We do need to know that the federal government is listening and paying attention. Heather HannafordCharlie LakeBC
heather HannafordThank you for your attention to this National Canadian Issue. Saner heads MUST prevail. Heather Hannaford


First Nations Prepare for Arrest to Stop Site C Dam
Treaty 8 Stewards of the Land call on Trudeau to stop megadam in B.C.’s
Peace Valley
ROCKY MOUNTAIN FORT CAMP – January 7, 2016 - First Nations members
camped out at an historic fort site slated for destruction by the Site C dam say they
are prepared to face arrest to protect their traditional territory.
Joined by local landowners, Treaty 8 Stewards of the Land say they will not permit
BC Hydro to proceed with plans to clear-cut forests around the Rocky Mountain
Fort site on the west side of the Moberly River. The site, selected by explorer
Alexander Mackenzie, was the first trading post in mainland B.C. and is situated in
the traditional territory of Treaty 8 First Nations.
The $9 billion Site C dam would flood 107-kilometres of the scenic Peace River
and its tributaries, including the traditional hunting and fishing grounds of Treaty 8
First Nations. In late December, despite three on-going First Nations court cases
against the dam, BC Hydro built a bridge across the mouth of the Moberly River in
preparation for logging in the proposed reservoir area.
In addition to its legal, economic, political and archaeological significance to
indigenous and non-indigenous people, the camp is the gateway to the rest of the
threatened Peace Valley. BC Hydro has served notice that the camp must be
“Logging and flooding this part of the Peace Valley will irreversibly harm our ability
to hunt, fish, trap and exercise other constitutionally-protected Treaty Rights,
especially since much of the rest of Treaty 8 Territory has been devastated by
other hydro-electric, oil and gas and industrial developments,” said Art Napoleon,
“To have any meaning, these treaty rights require a land base and waterways
where there are wildlife and fish, and which is capable of supporting a diversity of
plant life. Treaty rights also include management level decision-making to protect
moose calving grounds, medicine harvesting and berry picking, and spiritual
practices – all of which will be obliterated by Site C.”
A delegation of First Nations chiefs told Prime Minister Trudeau’s key Cabinet
members in December that suspending federal approval of the Site C dam is a
critical litmus test of his government’s promised new relationship with Indigenous
“The Prime Minister says that Canada’s most important relationship is with its
Indigenous Peoples and that he promises to uphold and respect Treaty Rights”,
said Helen Knott, “This is what we are trying to do at a grassroots level. I speak as
Great Great Granddaughter of Chief Bigfoot, the last to sign Treaty 8 in 1911, and I
am trying to honour my Grandfather’s original intent and uphold those rights he
meant to protect. I ask Prime Minister Trudeau to also honour that original intent.”
“We applaud the court cases being brought by West Moberly, Prophet River and
others, but they take time to wind their way through the courts. Meanwhile, before
the court cases are even heard, BC Hydro is destroying the very valley that these
court cases are intended to protect. The way I see it, they are stealing from future
generations, both Indigenous and non-Indigenous. We are not here just for us but
for the ones that will come after us,” said Helen Knott. “As individual Treaty 8 First
Nation members, we cannot stand by. Do I want to be arrested? No, I am here
peacefully doing what I believe is right and needed but this land is a part of who I
am and I will take a stand for it. Prime Minister Trudeau can stop BC Hydro from
destroying the Peace Valley. Until he does, we will”.
Media Contacts:
Helen Knott, Prophet River First Nation member and Treaty 8 Steward of the Land,
at (250) 280 2277
Art Napoleon, Saulteau First Nations member and Treaty 8 Steward of the Land, at
(250) 818 5626
– 30 –
Charlie LakeBC
Dusty ClarkeSite C is an archaic travesty. Never have I been more ashamed of my government than this past year. Christy Clarke and her government have repeatedly embarrassed and shamed the people of British Columbia. In her haste to leave a legacy before we vote her out she and BC Hydro have committed crimes against humanity and the environment. Displacing people, valuable farmland and wildlife for a plan that has been repeatedly rejected and undermined by deception. In this day and age it still seems inconceivable to me that the frenzied clear cutting of our valley is happening.
Why are we not investing in the future? Instead we are destroying life and a rich history in the north.

Justin Trudeau, I hope you can see this project for the travesty and embarrassment that it is and step forward to save our valley. This valley is like an oasis in the north with resources that can be used sustainably.
Site C is not worth the sacrifice.
Dawson CreekBC
Amanda HarrisWe do not need the power but we need the agricultural land.
PLEASE intervene and stop this now!
Pamela EdwardsDear Prime Minister Trudeau,

Going ahead with this dam is complete insanity. You will violate the rights of Treaty 8 First Nations, destroy carbon sinks, and enable the expansion of dirty energy. I believe along with many thousands that allowing continued construction of Site C dam would contravene many of the stated intentions of the new federal Liberal government.

Please stop this action before any further irreparable harm takes place in the Peace River Valley.
peter shawPerhaps you've been told this will be a clean energy project. Vast amounts of fossil fuels will be used to remove the forest cover in the area of the reservoir. Stumps will remain to rot and produce methane over the life of the dam. Mercury will also be produced that will effect whatever fish remain. Yes, the end result electric energy might be considered clean, but only without factoring in the environment, agricultural, historical and aesthetic values lost to obtain it.

Other forms of energy are available in this day and age, which could replace the need for Site C, yet the stubborn Clark government will entertain none of these options. As well, their reasons for building this project have changed over the last ten years. Studies show BC will not be needing addition energy supplies for the foreseeable future. So, what is the real purpose of this dam? Some suggest, to line the pockets of the rich, while leaving a legacy for the Campbell/Clark government.

Your government has suggested better relations with the first nations of Canada. Well, I see no better opportunity for this sentiment, than to stop Site C which will be built on Treat 8 lands. Most tribes that represent this area are against the project, yet as per usual, their voices are unheard above the roar of bulldozers, razing the forests along the Peace River at this very moment. Hydro is rushing ahead with their agenda and machinery, before court cases have been settled! I wonder about the legality of their actions?

At present, there is a protest camp set up at the old Rocky Mountain Portage fort. This site was a fur trade post of the Nor'west company built in 1794. It is recognized as the first European settlement in BC, which should be preserved as a highly important historical site for the province, yet it, along with eighty three kilometres of river valley, will be submerged for an unneeded project.

Stop Site C.
dawson creekBC
Trevor Holnessflooding valuable farmland and destroying habitat is not wise. we do not need another electrical generating plant thats sole purpose is to power an unecessary LNG insustry in BC. Few long term jobs will be created while denying local First Nations the security they need to ensure a viable ecosystem for the local sealife. LNG needs to be 12$ a unit to break even. The current price is half that. Other countries are further along in the racerwhich we lost. China will not ahut down coal burning plants they will keep polluting while we destroy precious fresh water sources. stop this project now.BurnabyBC
vivian clarkePlease consider the loss of the Peace River valley and what it means historically and socially to the people of the Area, and really all Canadians, Site C is not needed and not wanted. Isn't it enough that the whole area of North Eastern B.C has been devasted by pipelines (there is enough pipelines up here to be able to go the length of B.C. eight times.this area has over 7000 and counting fracking sites complete with toxic waste ponds. and about 50 years worth of enviromently destroying industries. Isn't it time to diversify into a friendlier way of sustainable livelyhoods? Please respond Mr Trudeau Would love to hear your opinion on Site C dam and it's destruction of our Valley eco system . I watch the news nightly to see if you will take a stand and comment on this issue.But I am still waiting . The people of the Valley and the First Nations are depending on you.Fort St. JohnBC
wendy pooleAgricultural land is sacred. We need to cherish every bit we have so we may feed our grandchildren and our great grandchildren.comoxBC
Davis JankoDear Prime Minister,
In my view, BC Hydro must immediately leave the Peace Valley location that's intended for the Site C dam. It's deeply unsettling and an unnecessary provocation for them to be proceeding with development while numerous First Nations’ and landowners’ lawsuits against Site C have yet to be decided, and while numerous deficiencies in the project plans found by the Joint Review Panel remain unaddressed. Most glaringly, the Panel found that the need for Site C is not proven. In addition, they urged a thorough investigation of other options, especially geothermal energy. Since the Panel’s report was completed, it’s been reported by the Canadian Geothermal Energy Association that geothermal energy is a realistic renewable, cost-effective alternative to the Site C hydro dam. Alternative energy, including wind, solar, small-scale hydro sources and biomass, coupled with existing dams would provide firm energy and capacity at a better cost to British Columbians, and would also provide better economic opportunities to local communities and First Nations, with lower impacts on traditional territory and high-grade agricultural lands. Instead of allowing Christy Clark's government to shove this project through as one component of her febrile LNG dream, we must have a public decision-making process imbued with transparency, a process that allows for independent expertise, public participation, comprehensive studies and cost-benefit analysis of the financial and economic viability of Site C and potential alternatives.


Davis S. J. Janko
Dianne VargaDear Prime Minister -- In my view, BC Hydro must immediately leave the Peace Valley location that's intended for the Site C dam. It's deeply unsettling and an unnecessary provocation for them to be proceeding with development while numerous First Nations’ and landowners’ lawsuits against Site C have yet to be decided, and while numerous deficiencies in the project plans found by the Joint Review Panel remain unaddressed. Most glaringly, the Panel found that the need for Site C is not proven. In addition, they urged a thorough investigation of other options, especially geothermal energy. Since the Panel’s report was completed, it’s been reported by the Canadian Geothermal Energy Association that geothermal energy is a realistic renewable, cost-effective alternative to the Site C hydro dam. Alternative energy, including wind, solar, small-scale hydro sources and biomass, coupled with existing dams would provide firm energy and capacity at a better cost to British Columbians, and would also provide better economic opportunities to local communities and First Nations, with lower impacts on traditional territory and high-grade agricultural lands. Instead of allowing Christy Clark's government to shove this project through as one component of her febrile LNG dream, we must have a public decision-making process imbued with transparency, a process that allows for independent expertise, public participation, comprehensive studies and cost-benefit analysis of the financial and economic viability of Site C and potential alternatives.KelownaBC
Dawn NeaultProtect our provinces life blood, our mother river's that give life to our land. Protect the earth that feed's us. This river valley is one of the most productive ares's in Canada. We need these protected river valley's to keep us fed and to ensure this for the future. We are being driven to grow local food crop's because of the growing cost's of internationally grown food. Don't let this valley be flooded for the use of energy companies in need of the water and hydro. LNG is short term short sighted and potentially the worst disaster in the making. It's recently been proven to cause earthquakes for f--k sakes. Stop the insanity before it destroy's this valley!Prince GeorgeBC
Lorri Maley-BellDear Prime Minister,
I am writing today to voice my disapproval of the Site C Dam proposed for the Peace River. I was fortunate to join the Paddle for the Peace this year and listen to those affected today and having moved to Northern BC I too must stand up and let my voice be heard with logical intelligent reasons. This is difficult for once you realize how precious the Peace River and Valley are one becomes fiercely protective. There are always those whom this project will affect in the future although they have yet to realize the environmental damage in their lifetime. I was very disappointed by the current BC Government decision to push this expensive, anything but green hydro power forward bypassing the BC Utilities. No review from BC Utilities and moving forward while the courts have yet to decide is violating all Canadians. Hydro Dams are simply not green. Why are they proposing more debt and hydro rate increases if the power is not even a future need is foreseen. The First Nations need to be heard and allowed control over their lands. The BC Utilities need to review the need for yet another dam on the Peace River. The cost estimates have already climbed in one month of set up. Work will be limited if significant at all for local work force. Unfortunately cost estimates usually double when building Hydro Dams leaving the public to foot the bill. The precious agriculture land and wildlife lost will snow ball into water shortages, flooding and costly rebuilding and repairing of the aging existing dams needing repairs due by 2015 are now still waiting. There are many reasons to pull the plug on this Site C Dam and I hope you will do you own research and judge for yourself what course we should take moving forward. I would support more programs to homeowners to use green energy and retro fit existing homes so they are more heat efficient. Here in the cold North geothermal and solar are examples of greener energy than a hydro dam. Thank you for taking time to listen.
Best wishes,
Lorri Maley-Bell
Prince GeorgeBC
Sarah MurrayNo Site C!Fort St JohnBC
David BergstromAs a nation, we need to re establish ourselves as a leader in climate change. We need to preserve the environment and use our resources in a sustainable way. Please stop the construction of the Site C dam. It is horrifying that we still need to protest issues like these, of such incredible environmental destruction, unaware of the long term future effects. Christie Clark doesn't have Canadians best interest on her agenda. She has an agenda of greed and she is misguided to even amuse this plan. I want a Canada I can be proud of. Please make this happen Prime Minister Trudeau.VictoriaBC
dawnalucille umbassite c dam is a disaster for wild salmon ,, displacement of the indigenous peoples is WRONGvictoriaBC
Ruth RenwickThis will remove badly needed agricultural land and we dont need to have the site c dam..many studies have proven..HopeBC
Dawn TurnerI grew up in the pristine Peace River country. It breaks my heart that corporate greed is willing to mock Treaty 8 rights and pillage this beautiful space. Not only is the territory important ecologically, but it is an amazing environment for farms and gardens to grow grains and foods in. Please stop the Site C project for all our sakes!New WestminsterBC
Lynne BohnI have joined the petition to stop the Site "C" dam that the Liberal Party has forced on British Columbians. The area to be flooded is, to say the least' among the most important farming land in BC and perhaps, Canada. This is also land that is First Nations land. The area of land & waterways, are home to countless wildlife. Bald Eagles are losing decades old nests. I can't believe that you would condone this type of invasion of nature, so I beg you to put a complete & final end to Christy Clark's greedy project. This will affect generations of Northern residents lives. Thank you.MackenzieBC
Heather HannafordPrime Minister

Of course you will not be able to keep all commitments at one time, However the destruction of the BC Peace River Valley is ongoing TODAY. Protesters are being asked to leave. Please help. The oldest white settlement in BC is in danger of being destroyed today.

I have written several times about this dam and its non suitability for future of food shortages and climate change. Please let the Canadian public know that you are concerned by halting the destruction and insisting on a very thorough review.

Heather Hannaford
Charlie LakeBC
Joani TaylorThank you Mr. prime Minister for being conscious and please stop Site C. We have to make different choices. This is a crucial time for our Country to stand out above all others and preserve our natural resources and find and implement smarter choices for our energy sources. Thank you again.West VancouverBC
John TrippDear Mister Prime Minister,
As I'm certain you are aware of the concern all thinking Canadians as well as the reams of data accumulated then you must appreciate how precious our environment (What's left of it) can be to all of us.
British Columbia has no need of this hydro dam and may well not ever need it, it is a project designed with only money in mind and not Canadian values as already proven. If BC needs jobs then infrastructure would be their best investment for everyone concerned. I stood it out there for 40 years, in hindsight I would have been better to have stayed here.
John Tripp veteran of RCN
Fred FloresThe people of BC are appalled that our BC government would do this to us. You said you would respect aboriginal treaty rights and the will of our citizens. Please tell Christy she can't get away with the destruction of our Peace River Valley and fertile farmland. We need the help of our Federal government now!VICTORIABC
Jon RaittI am opposed to the construction of the Site C Dam. I have been to see the WAC Bennett Dam on the Peace River, not something that I believe most British Columbians who are silently supporting the project have done. I also tried to go and see the fossils that form part of our history in that area, but was told they were buried under the water when the second dam went in. Now Ms. Chrissy Clarke and BC Hydro want to put a third dam across the river, effectively changing a river into a series of lakes across northern BC.VancouverBC
Carolyn HeppnerDon't be a douche bag! You promised to respect aboriginal and treaty rights, and tackle climate change. Site C dam flies in the face of both of these goals; it would violate the rights of Treaty 8 First Nations, destroy carbon sinks and enable the expansion of dirty energy. We believe that allowing continued construction of Site C dam would contravene many of the stated intentions of the new federal Liberal government.BuffaloWY
kevin jamesthe rise and fall of Rome all over again, stop this pleaseSunshine CoastBC
Layne CardinalIf our planet goes thru a worldwide drought (which is very possible due to global warming), this dam will be just a useless wall. Total waste of money, and i believe alot of criminal activity too.Fort saint johnBC
Shelley OuelletteRight Honourable Justin Trudeau,
My letter to you is in regards to the proposed "site c dam" on the Peace River in north eastern BC. I voted for you for several reasons, but the main reason was because you said that corporations don't make decisions about communities, that communities make decisions about their communities. I need you to keep that promise now!!
Site C will be the 3rd dam on the Peace river, a river that cannot withstand a 3rd dam. The river is in peril, and as a result, so is the Peace Athabasca delta and the McKenzie delta. These 2 delta's filter 20% of Canadian ground water and are natures air filters. The McKenzie delta has been deemed to be a wetland of international importance under the Ramsar Convention. These deltas are also important breeding, nesting and feeding grounds for hundreds of thousands of species of birds, water fowl and migratory shore birds.
The Peace Athabasca delta (PAD) is also in extreme peril because of the pollutants in the Athabasca river due to the oil and gas industry in northern Alberta and the fluctuation of water levels in the Peace river. The Pad has been showing signs of drying up and dying for several years due to human activity, namely blatant polluting and systematic poisoning by so called "progress". While these deltas continue to degrade, our quality of water and air degrade with them.
As I mentioned earlier, the Peace river has 2 existing dams stemming it's flow. The 1st dam was built in the early 60's and is holding back the 7th largest man made body of water in the entire world. The Williston reservoir is 251 km long, 155 km wide, is 1761 km in area and contains 74 km(3) or 74,000,000,000,000 litres of water. It is fed by 9 rivers and 2 creeks. The reason these numbers are so significant is the dam that is holding this massive reservoir back. The WAC Bennett dam is in the last 3 rd of it's projected life. In the late 90's, a large sink hole was discovered by a tourist while touring the dam. The dam requires major repairs yearly and continuous monitoring. The reservoir is kept at it's lowest possible levels most of the time due to the uncertainty of the stability of the dam. The consequences of a dam breach would be catastrophic and cause unimaginable destruction all the way to the mouth of the Peace and into the Athabasca river and beyond. The 2nd dam on the Peace is the Peace Canyon dam and would be completely destroyed in the event the WAC Bennett dam was breached. The Dinosaur lake (a 21 km long reservoir) would also enter the Peace. The BC government is going to spend $9 billion on another dam down river of the WAC Bennett dam.
The site c dam is a source of much controversy due to the fact that due process was circumvented when the decision was made to build the dam. There are currently court cases pending in both the BC Supreme Court and the Supreme Court of Canada. While these cases are pending and have not come to a legal conclusion, the construction of the dam is well under way. I'm not certain why BC Hydro and the government of BC would continue with construction, spending billions of dollars before the court has decided the outcome of the legality of the dam.
As a life long resident of the area, I am vehemently opposed to the construction of the site c dam. The dam will be 6 km from my hometown and so will the reservoir. We will be under a cloud of carbon, methane and mercury laden fog and our beautiful area will be forever changed and damaged beyond comprehension. The end of clear winter days and bright summer sunshine will be a thing of the past for all of us here. Our government has promised us a beautiful recreational area and a lake to enjoy for many activities. These are blatant untruths and downright misinformation. We enjoy all of that and more on the river the way it is.
The Peace river is a bountiful source of environmental and ecological wonder. The surrounding landscape is ripe with old growth forest, boreal forest and a plethora of species of wildlife and bird species. It is the breeding and nesting ground for 30,000 song birds. 11,000 species of migratory shore birds visit annually to feed and rest before continuing on to their breeding grounds in the north at the deltas. It is the home of many endangered species of birds such as the short eared owl, the gos hawk, the broad winged hawk, many species of bats, the great horned owl and many more. The valley feeds tens of thousands of assorted ungulates, black bears, beaver, martin, wolves, coyote, rabbits and hundreds more.
The Peace valley was recently taken out of the agricultural land reserve, and it being classed as #1 agricultural soil, it was a sad shock to all of us when our premier made this announcement after a secret session in the legislature. It was a slap in the face to all of us in the area. The valley in question has the only alluvial soil in northern BC and seriously has the growing potential to feed a million people. When it was taken out of the ALR in order to flood it, we all felt the loss of our future of food sustainability. Already we pay 4% higher prices for produce than the rest of BC and it's mostly grown in California. What sense does it make to pay so much for imported fruits and vegetables that we can grow and produce ourselves? This dam is not even needed, did not get proper approval by the British Columbia Utilities Commission, the very body created to over see the need for these huge, costly projects, was completely excluded from any assessment for the need of site c. The Joint Review Panel did not find the need for this dam to be built, but they were ignored by this government as well. We have ALL been ignored in the process of site c. The First Nations has been ignored, the citizens slated to lose their homes of 90 years have been ignored, due process has been ignored and worst of all, the citizens of all of BC have been mislead, lied to and betrayed by our premier and her cabinet. The damage to our environment and the entire ecological systems we all depend on are at extreme risk and we need your help to stop this debacle.
Help us as a community to decide as a community. Help us stop our provincial government from doing any more damage to our home, our lives and our future.
Thank you
Shelley Falk Ouellette
Fort St JohnBC
Lewis MuirheadWith the alternative available site c does not make economic or environmental sense. Please cease a desist.VancouverBC
Jacqueline SteffenSite C dam is a needless and destructive project. I am calling on our government to protect our agricultural land for future generations. Site C dam violates the rights of Treaty 8 First Nations and only promotes the expansion of dirty energy.

After 28 days of hearings and review of 28,000 pages of documentation, the Joint Review Panel concluded that BC Hydro has failed to prove that we need Site C.

It is imperative that we invest in clean renewable energy in Canada. The Site C dam will only cause irreparable harm and damage in the Peace River Valley.
Heather HannafordPrime Minister,

Further to my last email:

If there is only a small element of doubt regarding the legitimacy of the Site C project, and I believe there is much more than that, the dam construction MUST receive more review from the Federal Government.

A recent comment has suggested that the current pre-construction is environmental terrorism. While I object to the overuse of the word terrorism I have to agree that this is serious and is indeed a National issue.

Please review the website whose link is below.

Asking for your attention, and that of your cabinet, to this incredibly important situation.

Heather Hannaford
Charlie LakeBC
melissa scamanThe proposed dam was already assessed and rejected by professionals. The damage it would cause could never be fixed, specifically the complete destruction of agricultural soil and a massive freshwater water system. Lead in a new way, and show with action that we can do things differently by stopping the dam project.EdmontonAB
Steven MetzgerDear Honourable Prime Minister Trudeau,

A crime is happening in north eastern BC. A crime committed by our Provincial government. The Site C Dam is not needed (except to support the BC Liberal governments misguided plan for LNG), is an environmental disaster, and flies in the face of your proclaimed plan to restore relationships with First Nations.

There are numerous other methods of producing the electricity we need now - methods that are less expensive and more environmentally friendly. Choosing to use these methods rather than building a large mega-dam will save prime agricultural land that can produce fruit and vegetables for more than 1 million people.

There are so many things wrong with this plan to build Site C that it is hard to know where to begin.

A request that that your government withhold the permits that must be issued for this process to continue. There has never been an independent review of this project, and time is needed to make this happen. Withholding these permits aids in this effort.

Yours truly...
Hudson's HopeBC
Leonard GouletLet's do the right thing and move on to future for the next generations that still has healthy soil for feeding us and trees to give us oxygen. It's not to late to stop this environmental crime.Dawson CreekBC
Linda BrummundYour Right Honourable Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Please, we implore you, do everything you can to stop this atrocity. BC Hydro is destroying this land while the courts are undecided. BC does not need this hydro electricity, we need the valley; its fertile land the legacy for future generations. I grew up in this area and it is as beautiful as the films depict; in the name of God and all that is good we must respect Treaty 8 and its promises! Please make this your priority before BC Hydro has destroyed this beautiful part of Canada forever.


Linda M. Brummund.
Fort McMurrayAB
sherron melinchukwhy dont you take a look at the surrounding seeing you are supose to be going green why do you want to wreck it for the usa to have the power i my self dont think its fare wake and smell the rosessalmon armBC
myna lee johnstoneMy father was a pioneer farmer at the turn of the century
I have been involved with agriculture all my life
In these times a new term has come forth... "Food Security"
With the droughts and climate changes I cannot believe that someone would even think to flood agricultural land
This is a National issue and this Site C Dam project must be opposed and stopped
I sit on the Board of our Agricultural Alliance and we are all against Site C
saltspring islandBC
Wayne WrightNot required as the needs are currently met and LNG it's main purpose is not going ahead.SurreyBC
Paula DunhamPlease save the beauty and resources of this land. Site C dam will be a tragic disaster for the peoples and wildlife of the area. PLEASE, PLEASE do the right thing.OniaAK
Sonya BiddlePlease save Canada from these heartless money grabbers destroying our planet for their own profit . Time for renewable energy there is no REASONS not to just do it .....Save the world ,pleaseSt Jean de MathaQC
Doreen PrettyI am optimistic and hopeful that you, our new Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, and your cabinet will live up to the promises set out in their campaign platform – promises to respect aboriginal and treaty rights, and tackle climate change. Site C dam flies in the face of both of these goals; it would violate the rights of Treaty 8 First Nations, destroy carbon sinks and enable the expansion of dirty energy. I believe that allowing continued construction of Site C dam would contravene many of the stated intentions of the new federal Liberal government.

Thank you for caring about what matters to those who will be damaged from this project if it continues.
Niagara FallsON
Deb SpringleI don't understand man's needs to destroy so many living creatures of Mother Earth. That is of beauty should be respected and cared for forever. As a Mohawk woman and this being part of our original homeland before the Europeans came to want to destroy all of its beauty I wish we could send these kind to a distant rock in outerspace and let them see what the universe really holds for all of living creatures to enjoy. But they would find a way to destroy that distant rock as well. So sad, don't want to see the dam so fight hard to keep this beautiful part of Mother Nature alive.BrantfordON
Heather FowlerPlease don't destroy this beautiful and beneficial land. The people of BC need it. There are plenty of alternative ways to obatin power. Please listen to the people.NORTH VANCOUVERBC
Deb ManeryLets go for solar, if we need power, or wind. Flooding farmland should not be acceptable.Heriot BayBC
Leah KaiserDear Mr. Justin Trudeau,
Our provincial government has been pushing this project despite much opposition from many different groups of people who are vested in this area.

Her blatant disregard for what the people of the province hold sacred is deplorable and her leadership is disconnected from reality.

Your appointment to office has given many hope that our native brothers and sisters voices will finally be heard and taken in heed and our country will once more be great and live up to the Canada we were raised to believe in.

Unless the wanton destruction and raping of our mother earth is addressed that Canada will never be.

Please assist the people of BC in bringing this project to a halt so that food may be grown to feed us and the people and wildlife will be able to live.

Thank you for your time
Best Regards
Leah Kaiser
Colin MeekThe Site C dam is not only not needed but is a huge mistake. The inflated jobs numbers are a lie, the costs are under estimated and the warnings of experts and citizens alike have been ignored.

We need this valley, not for the possible power or water, but for the possible food, the amazing wildlife habit and the cultural heritage. My parents and I farm both in and out of the peace valley, growing mostly canola and wheat, but also oats, barley and raise beef cattle. Next year, my girlfriend a (horticultural student) plans on starting a small certified organic market garden and I plan on trying some organic sunflowers, peas, quinoa, and maybe even hemp. Unfortunately though, BC Hydro wants to re-align the highway through our property/ house and flood a lot of land we farm. So some of those plans are in jeopardy, but I didn’t write you to whine about that.

The Peace River Valley has the potential to feed one million people, and even more as the effects of climate change become stronger. I was at a meeting in Fort St John where climate specialists were predicting an extra 29 frost free days up here in the Peace by 2050. That adds the possibility of vineyards, orchards and especially market gardens, which are labor intensive and would create 1000’s of jobs in perpetuity. I already have a small orchard with cherry’s, apples and plums on my property and it flourishes with minimal maintenance down here in the valley, and my neighbors grow cantaloupe and melons among other things. Another example would be a 160 acre field on the bottom flat by my house known as “the old potato farm.” I wonder what people grew there before BC Hydro began stifling agriculture and food production in the peace valley.

This whole thing is saddening, particularly with droughts to the south of us, the rising costs of food and the rapid loss of both wild habitat and agricultural land worldwide. Our fragile ecosystems up have already been devastated by industry and this proposed disaster will cut the Yellowstone to Yukon corridor in half. In the Peace River Valley we have herds of elk that swim the river, but will not be able to swim the proposed lake. There’s swans living in the sloughs to be flooded and lots of moose that winter in the warm valley, but will no longer have wintering/ birthing grounds and so will be driven into the mouths of waiting wolves, causing the province to shoot more wolves from helicopters. Not to mention all the eagles that BC hydro has made homeless by cutting down their nesting trees. This is not working with the planet, its killing it!

This year, our farm won a yield challenge put on by Dekalb, with a yield of 58 bushels per acre of canola, on a field down along the river, beating other farmers from all over the BC and Alberta Peace regions. All totaled our canola crops on the bottom flats along the river, yielded an average of 44 bushels per acre, averaging 13 bu/acre more than other fields higher up and away from the river. To people who don’t know, that’s a lot. As an example, Monsanto spends millions every year, genetically modifying their seed, attempting to get 3 or 4 bushels more per acre then their competition. So gaining 13 bushels out of a 35-40bu/acre crop, that’s amazing and about a 30% gain. The fact that it’s achieved by simply moving down into the micro climate of the Peace River Valley, well that’s something worth preserving. I came back to work on the family farm from the oil patch because I realized that I’ll never be able to eat oil, drink liquefied natural gas, or breath electricity, but that I can help feed the world and clean the air with the food I grow. I wish that more people would realize that, and not be swayed so easily by greed, so thank you for changing the direction of this country.

What BC needs is to change the name of its electricity provider. “BC Hydro” is just that, hydro. They have a one track frame of mind and therefore have the blinders on for every other idea. I don’t blame them, but I think it’s time for change. How about “British Columbia Power Corp” or “Renewable Resources BC” at least then they would be able to look at other ideas such as geothermal for instance.

Pangea has said that BC’s geothermal potential is massive. The drilling companies have been reporting high temperatures underground for years. That would be such an easy transition for everyone already in the oil patch. The geothermal industry would employ drillers, welders, pipe fitters, laborers, operators, pipe liners, electricians etc. Sadly that’s been overlooked and even frowned upon by our provincial government. Another idea, would be to spend the 9+ billion dollars on solar panels/windmills for houses and buildings. They could be set up in remote areas such as reserves and city’s alike. That way they wouldn’t need to draw power from the grid and could even supply the grid, on top of that there would be less risk of large scale power outages in the future as each house could operate individually in the case of natural disaster. Just an idea, I’m a farmer not a scientist, but I do know the scientists and natives are saying site c is not an option.

In conclusion I would like to invite all of you to the annual Paddle for the Peace, last year it was on July 11th and I’m not sure if they have picked a date yet for this year. Just google “Paddle for the Peace.” There are usually a variety of knowledgeable and moving speakers, food, and of course a day of floating down the peace in the sun, on whatever your heart desires. Just bring your canoe, inner tube, paddle board, river boat, whatever you’ve got. We’ve got a nice guest cabin and lots of room for camping down here in the valley. Sorry folks, the cabin is reserved for the Trudeau family unless I hear back from him, lol. As I said though there is tons of room for camping. Thank you all for reading this and caring about our precious valley! Please spread the word and respect the world.

Sincerely, and with much respect.

Colin Meek
Bear FlattsBC
Morgan WestcottBritish Columbia's First People should be consulted and considered prior to proceeding. What steps have been taken to look into alternate power sources like wind and solar farms? Let's innovate before we decimate this land, land that is not ours.VancouverBC
Grace JordanMr Trudeau,

I witnessed you today being wrapped in the Star Blanket, and cried. I cried for the hope that this moving image did to my heart. I cried because you have placed hope back in the hearts of many Canadians and it would seem First Nations Peoples.

I once made a documentary called "No Surrender", 21 years ago, about the Cheslatut'en Peoples in northern British Columbia. They were flooded from their traditional territories, and their nation of people has never recovered.

And once again it is like press the repeat button, even though we know how much damage it will cause and that the costs far outweigh the benefits.

It is exactly the same scenario as this proposal. The flooding of lands, forever underwater, forever exiling First Nations Peoples and wildlife and farmers from this Peaceful Valley.

I hope that Paris inspired you. I hope that you will take a very hard look at this proposal and know that over 700 First Nations have been moved from their traditional territory in order to provide hydro to you and me. Site C is good for shareholders and that is about it. Let us find our energy from a renewable source.

Thank you so much for reading.

Grace Jordan
Salt Spring IslandBC
Don GoalderThis valley and the river that runs through it will generate wealth for many generations, if we don't destroy it. A dam will provide power for 100 years and then what? It will be a huge stinking mess dumped on our descendants. Foolish and unethical.SmithersBC
Ricarda BeutlerThe unnecessary looding of lands for power dams is a travesty in this day and age when power can be generated with windmills and solar. Land flooded is lost forever do not waste this resource that can feed people in the future.MidlandON
maxine matilpiBC doesn't need Site C and the destruction that would result. I've seen the destruction from the Bennet Dam and what it did (and continues to do!) to the people and animals from the Williston Reservoir. Please to your best to protect the Peace River Valley and to respect the rights of Treaty 8 people.K'omoks/Pentlatch TerritoryBC
Jennifer MeyerWe cannot treat Canada as an endless source of resources. We must relearn how our environment can be harnessed for energy without harm. If we look at every region and see what its alternative energy strength can be, wind, solar, tidal, we can prevent tremendous damage and complete annihilation of our beautiful country. It has to start now, too much damage has already been done and there are so many people willing to learn and help. Please make a difference by making change. Let's step out of the past and walk confidently and together into the future.Denman islandBC
Aaron HillDear Ministers,

Clean energy is great, and we need more of it fast, but Site C shouldn't be considered "clean". As you know, it will be a lifetime net carbon emitter. When you factor in the dirty energy that it will enable, it is a carbon bomb. But you don't have to light the fuse.

If you want to simulate green infrastructure, let's find alternatives to carbon emitting mega dams and put our money there instead. Wind, for example, is a fraction of the cost.

Please respect the First Nations who are begging for this project to be stopped, respect their rights, and pull the plug.
Tara AaronsDon't fall into a bully system that won't move on. Even Vanderbilt saw the next step and moved from ships to trains. The next step is before you. Instead of destroying resources, embrace them with more positive ways to gain energy. They are out there. Stand for a better way. Wind, Solar, even microorganisms. You can help the old industries transition. There is money to be made there too.Culver CityCA
Doris EdwardsThere has been a HUGE NO on this project, with petitions being signed. Why is the Canadian government turning a deaf ear on the people they are suppose to be representing? It's long overdue for the Indigenous people of Canada to have their rights back, and for their voices to be heard. This is going to directly affect their way of life and we the people of Canada are saying NO! Respect for First Nations wisdom and ways of life, are the only way we are going to survive. STOP the Site C dam, -do what is right.HamiltonON
Carol CollinsI live in the Northwest Territories and our water on the Slave River is impacted since Bennett Dam. Our water levels are going down every year n is going to get lower now with Site C. I'd like to know how are they going to consult my community of Fort Resolution in the north? When they release the water they kill all the muskrats by drowning. Water unpredictable on Slave River. We want to be consulted in my community about this development. Thank you.Fort ResolutionNWT
Chris HobsonThis level of destruction has to end, no more dams! It's inconceivable why we can't adapt and find less enviromentally harmful solutions than this barbaric and archaic approach.TorontoON
Michelle GriffinStop destroying our beautiful planet!Wolfeboro FallsNew Hampshire
Tamara ReesThe permanent loss of habitat, detrimental changes to the watershed, and destruction of irreplaceable and essential agricultural and quality of life of the residents and stewards of this ecosystem is not worth the minimal energy output of the dam. Please do not push forward with the damming of this precious commodity.KelownaBC
Rhondda TolenWith a nod to your campaign promises, please respect aboriginal and treaty rights and tackle climate change. Immediate action to stop any further damage to the Peace River Valley would be the responsible decision and a great start. Thank you.VictoriaBC
Douglas LairdFood safety is not being addressed by flooding farmland. Rather than supply the fracking industry with power, the contamination of water that is invested into a food product is of higher importance especially when the bio-accumulation of PAH's is considered at a time of faltering water resources.VictoriaBC
Sue StaehliDear Prime Minister,
Now that I live again in the shadow of Bonneville I must also live with the guilt for benefiting from the stolen livelihoods and heritage of the native peoples and, yes, even my own relatives who used to live and work along the now flooded Columbia. The flow of a river brings life. Please allow hat life to flourish in the Peace River Valley.
Lorrie ThompsoonCite C Dam is damning in so many ways. Big profit for a few while ruining so much in its wake. Please do the right thing and put a halt to Cite CPowell RiverBC
Karen DurantPlease stop the site C dame, it is not necessary!EnderbyBC
Dory SpencerThis is a very bad decision to flood pristine the Peace River where food production and wilderness meet our future needs. Do not destroy this for big energy greed and destruction of environment. Do not feed a fracking system that puts chemical waste Into watersheds . Please pay attention to this.MassetBC
Sheila DobieHaven't we already learned the sad tragic lesson of flooded agricultural land in this province?
Are we seeking some kind of trust money down the road to mitigate the damage?
Surely we are smarter now - we can see the wisdom in true clean energies that make us proud, sustain our food capacities and make us stewards of this land, in partnership to its original people.
The Site C dam project must be stopped - the damage done can become a project of restoration and rehabilitation for the land and its people. Imagine what we can learn!
Jeanette PaisleyDear Mr. Trudeau,

I am adding my voice to those who feel that the construction of Site C Dam must not proceed. I have not visited the Peace region, but I have seen photos, and to think that so much of British Columbia's beauty is to be lost just devastates me. It truly makes me want to cry.

Currently, much of our produce comes from California, but harking back to the summer we have just experienced and the drought that has been ongoing in California for many years, it just makes no sense to me to flood a wonderful fertile valley when we will be needing this land in the not too distant future to produce our own food. Some say that we can get our food from other places. This may be true. But who is to say that we will always have this food available? With global warming, many more areas of the planet will undoubtedly suffer from drought. We will need all the arable land available for food production.

It really breaks my heart to think that so much land will be flooded. This is land that can never ever be retrieved. Not only will we lose this aspect of our beautiful province, but the First Nations will lose a lot of their heritage. These are people who have cared for the land for generations.

Wild life will also be affected. There are so many creatures, both large and small, who rely on this valley for their existence. Too many species are being brought to the brink of extinction worldwide. Let's not contribute to that phenomenon. Let us do what we can to help us all survive.

It is said that we need this dam to provide extra power for the coming generations. It is said that we will be expecting a million more people in the coming decades. From what I have learned the energy produced by the building of Site C is old technology. Surely there are better ways to produce this power. New technologies are coming on stream all the time. I think that the billions of dollars being spent to build this dam could be better spent in developing new ways of doing things. There is solar power, wind power, tidal power, geothermal power, to name a few. Some of these are, indeed, viable; others, maybe not so much. But they should all be explored before we flood this extraordinary valley.

Mr. Trudeau, your heart seems to be in the right place when it comes to global warming and the environment. I am counting on this. The previous government seemed not to care about what happens to the environment and rubber stamped the go-ahead for the building of the Site C dam. I am hoping that your government will give this some sober second thought and at least delay the construction of this dam. Delaying the construction will give others time to consider the devastation that will occur and will give scientists the opportunity to develop other strategies for creating the power that our provincial government seems to think we need.

There are so many reasons to stop this dam and there is not enough time here for me to go into them. Others will bring forward other reasons. All I would like to see is for the federal government to put a hold on this construction for the present, although an outright ban on its construction would be the best thing to do.
SUSAN EYREThe 2007 Liberal Federal Report titled "FROM IMPACTS TO A ADAPTATION; CANADA IN A CHANGING CLIMATE" states by 2050 the Peace River grasslands will be warm enough to grow tomatoes and corn, that the soil is incredibly fertile and that it is capable of feeding a million people. Considering California is already experiencing extreme drought and unable to provide Canadians with food, the lower mainland and interior of B.C. are experiencing drought, so Canadians' food supply is challenged also. It behooves our leadership to take a long-term approach to preserving farmland so Canadians will have secure food sources into the future.
The argument of needing to supply the demand for future electrical by flooding the Peace River Valley denies future energy supply being generated by geo-thermal, solar wind, piezoelectric and sewage. I believe the Peace is being constructed to process fossil-fuel production, which needs to be ramped down rather than accelerated. Supplying unlimited electrical supply,is like saying we have to keep giving the child more candy, even tho we are killing the child. Let's instead as a society, use energy wisely and cleanly, it is time to evolve, that is why we elected you.
Cliff WallisI believe that the Site C dam flies in the face of respect for First Nations and tackling climate change. It would violate Treaty 8 First Nations rights, destroy carbon sinks and enable the unnecessary expansion of carbon based energy sources. Allowing continued construction of Site C dam would contravene many of the stated intentions of the new federal Liberal government. Site C must be stopped before any further irreparable harm takes place in the beautiful Peace River Valley.CalgaryAB
Chris JonesPlease do not allow this dam to go forward.

There is a need to look towards food security in the coming years due to climate change, and this dam will place key productive agricultural land underwater for the very reasons that are causing climate change: development of fossil fuels.

It is also a subsidy in the form of cheap energy for these same climate destroying industries at the expense of taxpayers, who will foot the bill for construction.

Would this dam be progressing if the energy companies had to pay for it??
betty storeyPlease protect the beautiful Peace River Valley from this massive, needless and destructive project. There are true clean energy programs for us to focus on. Thank you.vancouverBC
Sandra SpenceConstruction of the Site C dam must be stopped. There are alternatives available beside the dam that won't leave as huge an imprint as the dam will. Most likely the alternatives will cost less, as well.Fort St. JohnBC
B. MillerThis is yet another corrupt scheme to enrich the offshore tax-haven accounts of a corporation while taxpayers are forced to pay billions for more infrastructure to send power to the US. While huge areas of much needed animal habitat, farmland and sacred spaces are once again destroyed - breaking laws, treaties with First Nations, defying public sentiment and common sense. Have you learned nothing from the Bennett Dam? WE THE PEOPLE WILL NO LONGER ALLOW YOU TO BETRAY US LIKE THIS! We need to use less and to generate what is needed closer to the end user so we don't lose so much of it during transport and have less massive infrastructure to maintain. Think outside the box and Always Put The Environment First!CrossfieldAB
Erin MazePlease stop the Site C Dam. It is madness to destroy this vibrant area. It is time for human beings to reassess the destruction their actions wreak - upon our planet and our fellow inhabitants. We have an opportunity to do the right thing here, and start asking hard questions about why this proposal is being railroaded through. Thank you for your thoughtful consideration.KamloopsBC
Chris PaullThis is so wrong. The Peace River valley is some of the most spectacular landscape in our province. Why would anybody want to destroy it so that it's splendor is lost forever?
It seems to me that certain people who are in places of power are harbouring some old grudge because Site C was shelved years ago and it's bothered them ever since and come hell or high water or common sense Site C will be all costs.
Lately, here in my home town of Fort St. John, a building boom is taking place in anticipation of getting rich quick by destroying what we're so fortunate to be blessed with. A lot of these people aren't newcomers but have called this area home most of their lives. My message to them is I'm ashamed of you and your greed! Remember you can't take your money with you. Instead you could leave the Peace River as it is for future generations to have the enjoyment of. Stand up for what's right!
Fort St. JohnBC
Denise GardinerDear Mister Trudeau and members of the Cabinet;
I sincerely hope that you will take a good look at the construction of the site C dam on the Peace River in British Columbia and put a stop to this senseless destruction. At a time when dams are being decommis - sioned all over the world -they are archaic and destructive, our provincial government insists on pursuing this idiotic scheme. Already, the horrible destruction has begun. A fertile land, unheard of, this far North, will be flooded and unusable for food production, which is so important in our present age, unless the construction is stopped. Mr. Bennett cites that a lot of money would be lost if this happened; not a smidgen as much as the money that will be lost, now and in the future, if this project continues. Why it -site C- was hatched and pursued, the reasons are ambiguous and flimsy at best. For the sake of a precious area of our blue planet, please help us preserve the Peace River and prevent such blatant destruction. There are many other much more ecologically friendly ways to produce power in British Columbia. Thank you very much for your attention to this matter. Denise Gardiner, resident of Soberly Lake, which eventually flows into the Peace River approximately 20 kilometres to the North-East. And, "yes!" the ability of Soberly Lake to "self-clean" would be affected.
Moberly LakeBC
K LesliePlease reconsider building this dam. We're not the only species on the planet, and we need to stop acting like the needs of the human species are more important than those of the animals who would be pushed out if not outright killed in the process of damming this river. Damming is damning.KelownaBC
Ann KristoffMoving forward with Site C would be a move backward in terms of environmental sustainability. It also continues to disrespect treaty agreements with First Nations. Lets move forward. We have everything we need to create clean, environmentally friendly energy and conserve our precious environment.TorontoON
Melinda SlaterI do not support the Site C dam and request that you ensure this project is stopped.
The Joint Review Panel concluded that BC Hydro has failed to prove that we need Site C. Further, they emphasized that because there are significant adverse effects, justification for the project must rest on an unambiguous need for the power. (Report of the Joint Review Panel Site C Clean Energy Project, pg 308.)
The economic benefits of keeping the Peace River Valley’s nature and farmland intact are enormous. Preventing disruption of these critical ecosystems is essential to ensure protection of the valley’s quality farmland, clean water and wildlife habitat. First Nations’ gravesites and ability to continue to carry out traditional rights would also be severely impacted if Site C is approved.
West VancouverBC
Sean DanielsDear Mr. Prime Minister

We need to push for more clean renewable and less disruptive energy plans. The technology is there. The time is now. Big corporations can't always win. Please listen to the people.


Sean Daniels
Victor AlbertPlease find an alternative to destruction of this land!AmherstNY
Mary StockdaleWe need out agricultural land more than the electricity, in the long term!VernonBC
Bob and Helen NationStopping the Site C dam is so big, so central for Canada! Here are our big issues, entwined in one outrageous "development" -- the project is not clean, not green, and is yet another arrogant dismissal of First Nations aspirations and fundamental rights. This monstrosity be another big step down the dangerous road that Canadians rejected on October 19th.

We urge you to live up to your mandate and stop this project dead in its dirty tacks
Brenda BelakI am eager to hear that you will make good on your campaign promises to respect Aboriginal and treaty rights and tackle climate change by stopping the Site C dam in BC. In so many ways, BC cannot afford the electricity Site C would generate.

Site C is a project that has been proposed and rejected repeatedly in recent decades. If built, Site C would violate the rights of Treaty 8 First Nations who have vocally opposed it, destroy carbon sinks, and enable the expansion of dirty energy, including Alberta's tar sands and fracking in northern BC. The Site C dam would also destroy rich Class A farmland, impacting our food sustainability, and irreparably change the environment of the Peace River Valley.

Your government was elected on its platform of "fairness for the middle class." The former head of BC Hydro, Marc Eliesen, has said that Site C construction will cause "devastating" increases to consumers' electricity bills. Studies have also shown that alternative energy sources could meet any future energy needs more cost-effectively than this capital-intensive project.

And in fact, BC does not need the electricity that would be generated by Site C. A joint review panel already reached this conclusion.

This tragedy in the making needs to be stopped. I'm confident your government will do that. Thank you.
Sheila Pratt-The rights of Treaty 8 First Nations will be violated.
-Farmland and communities will be destroyed.
-It is a project that is not needed and will be extremely expensive; UBCM would like an INDEPENDENT review of the cost-effectiveness of the project. Ev
Maple RidgeBC
Manuella SamarasDear Prime Minister Trudeau and each Honorable Minister that will receive this message. This message is an appeal to ask the Federal government to intervene on the Proposed Site C dam in BC's incredible Peace River Valley.

I lived in northern BC during the late 1970's to mid 1980's and remember clearly battling against this proposed dam at that time as it was a very bad idea then an even more catastrophic plan now considering the affects of climate change. This productive agricultural region will become even more important as BC and other provinces rely too heavily on imported food grown in US states such as California that are already experiencing severe drought that continues to negatively affect their agricultural production.

Canada needs to invest in it's own farms and agricultural sector as many of the small family farms are facing difficulty competing against Big Agricultural firms. In the Peace River Valley, some of the farms have been worked for decades often in the same family line. We do not need another dam in this province and the ratepayers are already struggling to pay for the increased costs that BC Hydro downloads onto the ratepayers.

Many experts have stated that BC does not need this power and many of us who live in this province would really like to see any further investment dedicated to truly renewable energy sources most especially GeoThermal power production as we are apparently the only region along the ring of Fire that circles the (Pacific Ocean on all sides) that does not have a GeoThermal plant.

Awhile ago, I did write to the BC Minister Bill Bennett who is the minister of Energy and Mines to appeal for GeoThermal over Site C and the response I received from him indicated that BC Hydro is solely mandated to review and pursue hydro electric projects. So basically, the province continues to shut out many companies and organizations that are trying to offer alternative energy products related to wind, solar, tidal, and Geothermal energy productions. How can any of these renewable energy companies ever get established in this province if our provincial government continues to exclude them based on the BC Hydro mandate to solely promote and build hydroelectric dams?

Hydro electricity may be considered by some a 'green' and 'renewable' resource, but there are many recent studies indicating that the flooding of fertile valley bottoms and forests is not green at all as this vegetation will release a LOT of carbon into the atmosphere as it dies when the water rises.

Most of all, the First Nation's people of this territory have managed and lived upon this territory for thousands of years and they do not want the dam to flood this most important valley for their people. The farmers don't want it, people who enjoy the region for it's recreational diversity do not want it and most of all many British Columbian people do not support this multi-billion dollar expenditure that we will be paying for with further increases planned for our Hydro bills.

I would propose that instead of Site C, the province of BC should open up the application process to all the renewable companies to see what other truly green and renewable options we could invest in in order to stop the continued damming of our beautiful rivers that are becoming more precious as time goes by. I would also like most of all to see a GeoThermal plant developed that could partner with First Nation's people. There are hotsprings in the Terrace region as well as other places along the coast and I have heard geologists report that the length of the coastal region of BC is within the sweet zone in terms of tapping into GeoThermal power.

Please help the people of BC including most of all our First Nation's people and our wonderfully dedicated farmers to preserve the Peace River Valley for the centuries ahead, it is going to prove to be vitally important for the future in terms of it's agricultural and water resource values!

Thank you for taking the time to read my appeal.

Kind Regards,
Manuella Samaras
Powell RiverBC
Josette WoerDear Prime Minister:

Let us stop Site C once and for all. It is not needed for BC residents. It is another subsidy to be to the oil and gas industry which fossil fuel should stay in the ground.
On the eve of the Paris meeting, I urge you to help us prevent this nightmare of prehistoric proportion, and instead encourage the development of energy alternatives.
Thank you.
Frances DietzThe proposal of the Site C Dam, by all accounts, is totally unnecessary. It seems so unfortunately sad that something like this needs to be fought against. I'd much rather have to fight FOR something; therefore, I'm fighting for leaving our beautiful environment the way it is because, naturally, it's of far better use to us all the way it is NOW.VancouverBC
June PitcherI really believe that if we need more electricity we will be able to use other options than a big dam project. When we look at projections for environmental change, we see that we will be more in need of farmland as time passes, not a dam that has decimated thousands of arable acres forever.

Stopping the Site C dam is an opportunity to demonstrate ingenuity in finding the best way to meet the growing demands on the finite amount of farmland while also meeting future needs for electricity. We can have both with good planning.
james michelThe long term ecological and economical consequences of this project far outweigh the limited short term benefit.Port AngelesWA
Irina IvanovaDear Prime Minister
Food security and what we leave to future generations is more important than electricity in some fairly distant future. I hope you could do the right thing and veto this project. We should conserve, is there is not enough power. People could really get away with way less and still live a good life, instead of being wasteful and stealing from future generations.

Thank you,
North YorkON
Rene GreenPlease, this project of mass destruction must not be allowed to continue. We need that precious wildlife habitat, unspoiled water sources, and farmland more then ever. There are so many better options available to take advantage of, for a portion of the cost of Site C.FsjBC
Lindsey ClarkDear Mr. Trudeau & Federal Ministers,
This land is beautiful and sacred. Put yourselves in the place of the people who live in the Peace Region.
Stop the progression of Site C.
We have little left untouched in our beautiful country. Our North is our pride and joy. Not many in the world have a place as serene and wild as we have in our uninhabited northern planes and foothills.
Please rethink the plan for Site C and save this land for our future.
With love,
A lover of the Northern Regions
Sherwood ParkAB
Danielle LaymanPlease revisit the proposed Site C dam.

The proposed dam should be put through the BCUC to determine if the energy is even necessary. Dams are not clean energy. The BC government does not have the required permits to be proceeding (as it is currently doing).
Fort St. JohnBC
Danielle LaymanPlease revisit the proposed Site C dam and educate yourselves as to why the Site C dam must be stopped before further harm takes place in the Peace River valley.

The proposed dam should be put through the BCUC to determine if the energy is even necessary.

Dams are not clean energy. The BC government should quit calling them clean. .

The BC government does not have the required permits to be proceeding (as it is currently doing). There is a huge number of citizens who oppose the dam and the federal government needs to look into the reasons why.
Fort St. JohnBC
Kathryn ChisholmYour government was elected with a majority because Canadians want real substantive change. One of your promises included stronger environmental protection. Please follow through with this promise and stop the further construction of the Site C Dam in the beautiful Peace River Valley. This massive project is unnecessary and will destroy valuable habitat for wildlife and flood some of the richest agricultural land in B.C.SurreyBC
Penny OyamaSite C dam in northern B C must NEVER be built, no matter what anyone says about jobs, so-called economic benefits, etc. The area already provides substantial food security benefits, as well as significant historical and subsistance benefits to first nations people!
Peggy MuirRespect aboriginal rights.This would flood much of their land.
It would flood valuable agricultural land.
It would contribute to further climate change.
Linda EmmottI'm not a First Nation person.
I don't own land in the Peace River Region.
I am a concerned Canadian.
I am concerned over the large corporations taking over "our" property to use and exploit at their will.
The amount of destruction and impact this Dam will have is astronomical and non reversible.
We have other choices that are less harmful. " Tidal use for generation" as an example. Wind?...
Please, do the right thing and stop the construction of the site"c" dam.
Make us all proud!
Linda Emmott
Brian McKinlayIt's 2015 and our planet is dying rather quickly. Actions such as building the Site C dam in northern BC will add to our planets demise. Destroying farmland, flooding First Nations territory and food supply, creating cheap power to fuel the toxic tarsands and LNG industry all have no place in our world if we want to stop killing our only home.
I urge you to stop this destructive nightmare.
Andrew MurrayThis decision needs to be reversed for the following reasons. It has been shown there is no discernable need for this power. First Nations have not been adequately consulted. The cost which will be surely north of 10 billion by completion is adding to a provincial debt that future generations are going to be saddled with. The agricultural land that will be lost is going to increase in value as warmer temperatures move north thus extending the growing season. The amount of power that will be produced can matched with investment in renewables and smaller run of river projects. Nobody builds mega dam projects anymore!New WestminserBC
Sandra NelkenThe flooding of the Peace River for the Site C dam will destroy important agricultural land in B.C. which has a limited amount of agricultural land. This, at a time, when the focus is on local food production.NelsonBC
Barbara BergerDear Mr. Trudeau
Site C is uneconomical in terms of the cost of development and the need for the power. British Columbians will see their rates skyrocket. Alternative sources of power would be much more cost effective.
Site C dam would result in the largest withdrawal from the agricultural land reserve in BC’s history, affecting biodiversity of land use. Wildlife, migratory birds, local agriculture, First Nations Rights to land have an insurmountable cost when lost to this project.
British Columbians across the province will not benefit from this project. It is an environmentally disastrous project which does not need to take place. I hope you will take a leading role in stopping this mistake from going ahead.
JAKE HODIEDear Prime Minister and Federal Ministers,

NO to Site C Dam!!!

So much of our wilderness has already been ruined by development, drilling, pollution, and logging.
Enough is enough!
The wilderness is supposed to be a place of peace and quiet for us, and the wildlife which live in it!
The animals are running out of places to live and be safe. Our wildlife are under threat from so many angles. They desperately need to be protected, mainly from humans.
Life is hard enough for people, let alone the animals.
Can't we please offer them some much needed help?!
PLEASE save the wilderness for all future generations before it is permanently ruined. Some damage cannot be undone!

I am VERY OPPOSED to proceeding with Site C dam as the financial and economic implications are far too great.
The dam is too expensive and I don’t want to see hydro rates skyrocketing further than they are already. Given BC Hydro’s track record and that of other entities that have built large dams, there is no doubt that this project will result in significant cost overruns.
I don’t agree that BC should put its credit rating at risk by going into debt for building a huge dam, the need for which is clearly unproven.
BC needs to broaden the mandate of BC Hydro so that our publicly owned energy utility can pursue the cost-effective development of alternative, truly green sources of energy on an incremental, as-needed basis.
It makes no sense to build Site C, which will result in an oversupply of energy for the first several, if not many years of operation, costing us hundreds of millions of dollars. This is completely unnecessary.
The Joint Review Panel pointed out that the loss of biodiversity associated with Site C will have financial costs. These costs are very real and have not been accounted for in this project. The David Suzuki Foundation recently completed a comprehensive analysis of the economic benefits of keeping the Peace River regions’ remaining farmland and nature intact and found that it’s worth $7.9 to $8.6 billion per year!
Have you considered the cost of the legal challenges associated with this project? There are four lawsuits already in the works by First Nations and landowners. Litigation on dams in other jurisdictions is known to go on for decades.
There is no need to rush a decision on Site C. The LNG industry is not yet established and with the decreasing prices for LNG globally, it is questionable whether this will be a viable industry for British Columbia. It makes more sense for the industry to use gas to provide for all of its energy needs, thus negating the risk of overbuilding energy infrastructure on the backs of British Columbians.
Please consider the legacy you will be remembered for by British Columbians. Say ‘No’ to Site C dam and ‘Yes’ to broadening BC Hydro’s mandate and using truly green sources of power that British Columbians can be proud to build and showcase to the world.

Thank you for your time.

Toronto, Ontario
Jenny ShawPlease stop this project - it is SO shortsighted. We need this land for food for our bodies and souls.SecheltBC
Cheryl McLachlanThe loss of a massive amount of biodiversity, a huge carbon sink, some of the best food producing lands in BC and the world, and the loss of treasured and sacred lands for First Nations and many other peoples is immense, horrific and utterly unneeded. We do not need to generate more electricity in BC if we do not export power and if we do not undertake the insanity of LNG plants. Conservation of power usage, retrofitting buildings and increasing use of alternative energy production like solar, and in selected places wind and tidal power generation, can meet the needs of BC residents now and in the future.VictoriaBC
Tong YangPlease do not approve the construction of Site C dam and help stop this this project!

This project is not good for the natural environment and it violates aboriginal treaty rights!

Thank you!
Monique LeungPlease do not approve the construction of Site C dam and help stop this this project!

Thank you!
Walter AndreeffDear Prime Minister Trudeau,

During the early days of our country, Canada depended on the rivers for our food, as a transportation system, and they became a chief aspect of our economic growth through the fur trade. The rivers were our history and they with our earliest settlers represented the Canadian spirit in song and story. During that time in northern Alberta , my Metis ancestors served the Hudson's Bay Company and other fur traders. The river and surrounding landscape was our life and a key aspect of our livelihood.

Today, our Peace River is under siege from developers who would spoil this beautiful heritage river and surrounding environment by creating huge reservoirs and further affecting river flow and wildlife. The Site C Dam in BC and the proposed Amisk Hydroelectric in Alberta together would flood over 120 km's of riparian habitat alongside the river. The governments of Alberta, and British Columbia seem biased against the Peace River and the stable ecology that has existed since time immemorial. How can projects such as these serve the public interest when there is so much cumulative harm to the environment?

As an independent scientist I've read many of the studies and transcripts from the environmental and economic assessments of these two projects and it appears the projects provide little long term benefits to the communities who are near the projects. It will serve the interests of a few who will make money but it will change the use of the river by many others in the public who have used the river over several generations in many different aspects such as fishermen and native people. The studies also suggest that animal movement patterns will change as shoreline disappears, fish populations will change and diminish with a shift in different populations of fish species. The water chemistry will change and lead to an increase in harmful mineral concentrations such as mercury. Many eagles will be left homeless with diminishing habitats as we see today with the site c construction project. All this will take place within a few years to a decade on a human scale during the construction of the projects on a river that measures its lifetime and changes on a timescale of thousands of years.

Please protect our pristine and beautiful Peace River Prime Minister Trudeau, it is the embodiment of our true north strong and free. Please stand on guard for thee.
Grande PrairieAB
Clara LondonThe Site C Dam must be stopped immediately. The power is not needed and the gaps can be filled by upgrades on existing dams and by solar, wind and geothermal. The environment needs protected not destroyed by a huge, unneeded project. The wildlife rely on this area for survival especially during hard winter. The agriculture land is of great importance and once lost, can never be replaced. The landowners, some on third generation land deserve to stay there and not have their homes and way of life destroyed. We love this land and want it protected

Fort St. JohnBC
Abelone PetersenThe Peace River Valley must be preserved for future generations. It is a great food source location for northern regions people . The First Nations deserve to be consulted and have a say about the future of the lands and waters they possess as well. The Power provided by this proposal is not going to be needed . The Fracking Interests who want the power won't be needed since there is to be a moratorium on tankers on the West Coast . If there are no tankers , they won't be needing pipelines and fracking operations to supply a product that is unwanted. Big beautiful rivers are not there to be exploited.It would be extremely foolish to dam and flood such rare and productive farmlands in the north considering how much has already been tainted by oil and gas resource extraction and it will absolutely pollute the waters further if the Peace is dammed for fracking operators .Grande PrairieAB
Cindy LeeThank you so much for all the good work you are doing. With the focus right now on climate change I ask that you stop to Site C as it will be detrimental to the environment and First Nations.VancouverBC
Marilyn McClellandTo wipe out a beautiful area where families have lived and worked for years is outrageous and bad enough but to flood a huge FOOD growing area is totally foolish and unacceptable. Food and fresh is the basis of all not some ridiculously costly dam only built to support the equally ridiculous and polluting fracking BC industry. To have the audacity to displace families from their homes, destroy a beautiful area that grows a huge amount of food and the animals who live there can only be called unthinking, foolish and completely out of line with reality.

The Site C dam must be stopped and common sense to reign.
Fanny BayBC
Elizabeth MitchellPlease respect aboriginal and treaty rights in the struggle of Site C to Stop the Dam, before any further irreparable harm takes place in the Peace River Valley. as both these goals fly in the face of climate change and treaty rights. This would destroy carbon sinks and enable expansion of dirty energy, and violate the rights of Treaty 8 First Nations. It would be a massive , needless destruction of a Valley that is an agricultural area like no other, in Canada in my opinion.
Most Sincerely,
Leigh SummerI would like to add one key issue and two thoughts in a little different light to the "mix" if you will.

The so called "slide" on Brenot Creek which joins Lynx Creek that flows into the Peace River five miles east of Hudson's Hope is giving us a live preview of what the valley will look like in the future. Even worse is that it is now dumping approx. 20 to 30 cubic metres of polluted silts a day into the river which BC hydro is planning to flood . The Ministry of Environment is saying that these high levels of heavy metals (cadmium barium as well as lead and arsenic) are natural occurring elements in our soils.The creek is now devoid of natural life and I can no longer irrigate, water cattle nor allow my children to play in or near the stream. We need answers "now" since the Peace hills are already sliding and will make a polluted mud puddle in the planned reservoir since the banks likely contain the same materials that are present in the Brenot Creek valley.
I recently attended a meeting in which BC hydro was trying to justify to the town of Mackenzie the need to draw down Williston lake by some sixty feet in dry years. This creates huge costly burdens on the town. A simple and cost effective solution would be to add other renewable sources of energy to the grid which would allow a much more efficient use of our existing hydro system.In fact the gain in power by being able to keep reservoirs fuller would offset the cost of other renewables. Everyone knows that depending 95% on hydro sets us up for serious problems in drought years and wasting water in wet years.

Last but not least is the utter disrespect our government is showing the voters in not allowing "transparent" due process. If Site C was in the lower mainland it would probably have gone to both the BCUC and referendum. To top that off our energy minister is saying it will be too late by the next election to use our last option of democracy which is the ballot box because he will make sure the project is too far along to cancel. This only adds gross insult on top of the known fact that we are no panic for more energy. Conserving aggressively and adding even small amounts of other firm renewables could completely negate the need for Site C for ever. In my opinion this very poorly conceived choice without due process will be one of the worst projects ever forced on BC in the big picture. Hydro power has served us reasonably well in the past but let's move into the 21st century and take this "last" large hydro project off the books for the last time.

Leigh Summer
Hudson's HopeBC
J ChurcherPlease revisit the feasibility of Site C, the role it would play in furthering environmental damage, and alternative approaches that could mitigate or eliminate all of its deleterious effects.VancouverBC
Danielle TranPrime Minister Trudeau,

I am writing to you in regards to Site C damn in the Peace River Valley. The construction of this dam would cause further harm to the Peace River Valley.

During your campaign, you made promises to respect aboriginal and treaty rights and tackle climate change. Site C dam do not align with these goals, because it violates the rights of Treaty 8 First Nations, destroys carbon sinks and enables the expansion of dirty energy. Permitting this dam to be constructed would contravene many of the stated intentions of the new federal Liberal government.

I ask that you keep your promises. Please do not allow the construction of Site C. It is a needless and destructive project that will only cause further harm to the Peace River Valley. Thank you for your attention.
Ella ReevesDear Prime Minister Trudeau,

I was among those who voted for you. I voted for you, because I believe you will do as you have promised. That is why I am contacting you today to as that you about the Site C dam in BC.

You won your campaign based on many promises including significant improvements in relations with First Nations, strengthening legislative protection for the environment and you have has asked several of your ministers to ensure that Canada pursues truly green energy projects. These comments have me feeling very optimistic and hopeful that you will put a stop to Site C, because this dam flies in the face of these goals; it would violate the rights of Treaty 8 First Nations, destroy carbon sinks and enable the expansion of dirty energy. Allowing allowing continued construction of Site C dam would contravene many of the stated intentions of the new federal Liberal government.

I urge you to stop Site C before further irreparable harm takes place in the Peace River Valley. Thank you.

Yours truly,
Ella Reeves
Vancouver, BC
Valerie HunterDear Prime Minister Trudeau and Cabinet,
Congratulations on your monumental win. I watched the swearing in ceremony and was very moved to see such a cross section of our society represented in office. I was also thrilled that you shared each Minister’s mandate letter and was very impressed with the detail in which your outlined your government’s commitment to rebuilding the country all love and respect.
I am writing today to ask you to help me with an issue that is very important to me – saving what is left of the Peace River Valley from the development of the Site C dam. As you move forward in Paris with Climate talks, and subsequently consider which infrastructure projects to support, please do not support Site C. Canada deserves to benefit from new and diverse technology and British Columbia needs to shift its energy vision away from a 40 year old model of megaprojects.
The BC government has exempted this project from review by the BC Utilities Commission, under the terms of a BC law inappropriately named the Clean Energy Act. Further regulatory analysis was recommended by the Joint Review Panel (JRP) that conducted the environmental assessment – they stated we “cannot conclude on the likely accuracy of Project cost estimates because it does not have the information, time or resources.” When the province approved Site C in spite of this recommendation, JRP Chair Harry Swain called it “a dereliction of duty.” I agree. One more glaring loss of democratic public process.
Without additional review the federal government cannot know that the project is needed to meet energy needs (even BC Hydro says it is not necessary prior to 2028), what the real costs will be, and whether there are more cost effective and sustainable alternatives. The investment required (8.8 billion and likely to rise significantly) jeopardizes any other infrastructure project in BC. Of even greater importance is that proceeding with this project is directly in conflict with the aim of reconciliation with First Nations people, because the dam will flood critical traditional hunting and cultural lands. Which also happens to be some of the very best farmland in BC – all of which is under major threat of development and which cannot be replaced.
Canada deserves an energy future that is the most sustainable and cost effective it can be – I hope your leadership will take us there. Thank you for your consideration.
Elaine RhymerIn giving the green light for the construction of the Site C dam, the BC Liberals under Christy Clark have totally ignored the recommendations of THEIR OWN JOINT COMMITTEE! The committee felt further study was needed and that the BCUC should look at the project.

Further, the same government under Christy Clark, as far as I can see, is TOTALLY IGNORING First Nations' treaty rights as well.

To me, the whole affair seems to be pointing to the fact that our provincial government under Ms Clark is not too concerned with the opinions, the wellbeing, or the legal rights of the people they are supposed to be governing. Seems that anything that does not fit with her agenda is swept aside, swept under the table, etc.

As a resident of the PeaceRiver Valley and as a citizen of BC, I do not appreciate being treated this way. Does our provincial government have the right to ignore the desires and the rights of BCCitizens? I thought I was living in a democracy, but I'm beginning to have my doubts!!
Hudson's HopeBC
wes kmetSite C has to be stopped for many reasons immediately---- for environmental reasons plus we do not need the power right now plus one of the most important reasons is that the Peace River Valley can feed the northern parts of B.C. and Alberta--let us think of the earth before industry for a change. I will be following very closely what the federal liberals will be doing on this issue.KelownaBC
Onni MilneI send this email to support First Nations and land owners who are opposing the unnecessary Site C dam in the Peace River. As a BC resident, I am outraged by Premier Christy Clark's lack of respect for BC citizens and First Nations who have made it clear they will not support this project.

I feel sickened at the thought of prime agricultural land being flooded to make way for an unnecessary dam. We need this land for agriculture as food security continues to be a factor with further climate disruptions.

I feel sickened at the thought of more First Nations land being flooded to make way for an unnecessary dam. First Nations in Canada were devastated by actions of former Canadian and Provincial governments that destroyed their culture and stole their land. I consider the Site C dam as the latest edition of colonialism. I was not here to stop earlier actions. I am here now to say Site C must be stopped. The Supreme Court of Canada ruled on behalf of First Nations in their recent ruling. I ask the new government of Canada to honour this ruling:

I ask the new Trudeau government to Walk the Talk of respect for First Nations treaties and jurisdiction instead of meaningless public relations spin of Stephen Harper's apology:

I feel sickened at the thought of BC residents having to pay for generations for an unnecessary dam. This dam is not for the benefit of BC residents but to promote industry and development in an area that is already over developed and becoming more fragile as the environment is destroyed. I feel sickened at the thought that Super Natural BC will be destroyed for short term profit for corporations:

I ask that you consider the Site C dam project to ensure that any environmental review includes all concerns as well as the evaluation of cumulative projects . My hope is that the Site C dam project will be rejected completely when the total picture is clear.

With Hope for Real Change Now,
Robert WileyDear Prime Minister Trudeau,

I'm writing today to ask you and your new government to help the people of BC stop the Site C dam project from proceeding any further. Why? Well for starters despite the thousands of hours and millions of dollars invested into the Joint Review Panel's review, both the Provincial and Federal governments have ignored the advice of their own expert panel on Site C who concluded that BC Hydro has not proven that there is any need for the power it would generate. Further the JRP said that the BC government was bypassing its own regulation by refusing to submit the project to the BC Utilities Commission.

As the BC NDP has recently said there are other, better ways to move forward on the energy front including energy efficiency retrofits, upgrading existing BC Hydro infrastructure and allowing the Crown corporation to develop its own renewable energy projects. "Energy efficiency retrofits create twice as many jobs as building a new dam, and the jobs are long-lasting, good-paying, and close to home in every community across British Columbia," John Horgan said, "Energy-efficiency retrofits to private buildings are a win-win-win," according to the BC NDP's background document. "They reduce your energy bills, increase the value of your home, and create good-paying jobs and spur economic activity close to home."

Then there's the short-sighted stupidity of of drowning or severely impacting over 30,000 acres of the Peace River Valley’s “extraordinary” farmland, land whose exceptional alluvial soil agrologists say could feed a million people at a time when BC is already seeing the effects of long term drought in the desert southwest, which now supplies most of BC's produce. These obvious effects mean that before long not only will BC need all the agricultural land they have but that increasingly BC will see an influx of immigrants flocking to BC's still relatively sustainable region.

In addition to the BC NDP's very common sense economic alternative above, another sound economic assessment by the Suzuki Foundation - 'The Peace Dividend' - quantifies the enormous natural wealth in B.C.'s threatened Peace Region. The report concludes the economic benefits of keeping the Peace River region's remaining farmland and nature intact are enormous. Saying, "These ecosystems play a critical role in providing clean air, clean water, habitat for wildlife and many other ecological benefits that sustain the health and well-being of local residents, and contribute to the cultural and traditional ways of First Nations."

Then there's the First Nations who are currently in court fighting to force the governments, including yours, to uphold their treaty obligations. West Moberly and Prophet River First Nations action against the Site C dam which is demanding a judicial review of the construction permits is but one of the 6 lawsuits that have been launched in an attempt to force governments to do what they have promised and, as usual historically, the governments are fighting tooth and nail to squirm out of those commitments. If your government is actually going to be one of 'Change', here is a great place to start.

Of course a full list of reasons why the Peace River Valley Landowners and First Nations are 'all in' to save the Peace River Valley from this unnecessary and destructive project would fill volumes. So i'll conclude by saying that the protests by thousands of good people in the streets, the numerous studies by influential scientists, the many articles everywhere and the opposition BC NDP's new alternative plan all show this battle to Save the Peace will be won by the people of BC not by its corporate captured politicians. Please join us - the residents and ratepayers of BC - in our battle to Save the Peace.
Powell RiverBC
Debbie DanPlease do not dam the Peace! There is not one reason good enough to destroy this valuable land.Powell RiverBC
Susanna Dokkie-McDonaldTo all concerned with a safe, secure and healthy Canada,
Please stop Site C dam from being built on the Peace River. This mega dam proposed in the Peace River area, within the Treaty 8 boundaries is, right now, this minute, being pushed into exsistance at the hands of Primier Christy Clarke and BC Hydro. This is a disaster in the making. It will reduce local First Nation Treaty promises of forever being about to continue living practices of hunting, fishing and cultural, medicinal, and tribal practices to an unsustainable level. Already fishing is poisonous and unsafe for human sustenance from the first two dams on the Peace River. Cummulative effects of industy in the has already affected many cultural practices including hunting and fishing.
This is NOT GREEN! This dam proposes to flood the best farmland in northern BC able to feed 1,000,000 people every year for as long as people eat. With the farms comes jobs, also for as long as we eat. If flooded, this farm land, 10,000 years in the making, will be gone forever!! Flooding would release methane gases for years as vegetation rots. As the banks slip into the river (as they do at Williston Lake, which feeds the WAC Bennet dam) more vegetation rots. The water also become polluted with this rotting, adding mercury to the water. Fish get poisoned and whatever animal eats fish become poisoned, including humans!
The dam destroys and the dam is not needed. Most dams only last 100 years. The destruction to have it will last forever. It is not needed as there are so many more 'GREENER' ways.
Alternate, renewable energy is so much more in line with the future. Dams are only good for 100 years. The damage done building these antiquate monstrosities is forever! Poisons the water, adds GHG's to our already saturated air, changes migration of ungulates, poisons the fish and up the food chain, drowns spiritual sites - medicine plants - teaching areas, infringes on Treaty promises and obligations from the crown, is totally unneccessary in todays enlightened (Thank goodness Harper is gone!) climate change awareness, floods farmlands capable of feeding one million people EVERY YEAR and creates jobs for locals lasting for generations (not just construction for a few years - to foreigners), destroys ecosystems, and fuels more LNG which causes 4.6 fracking earthquakes and could bring down the dam paid for by BC residence for years to come! The list could go on and on of more cons than pros. No pros of any significance and temporary at best, all to produce power for LNG.
Estimated cost of Site C is $8.8 billion with projected costs estimated closer to $15 billion. This will increase residents hydro bills by at least 26% fir 4 years. As with most estimates, this is grossly underestimated as well. The hydro power is NOT for the BC residents who will be paying for it but to power LNG. LNG could produce their own power at a cost to their bottom line, profits. BC Hydro has admitted this. It'll be super cheap for Fossil Fuel extractors so why would they want to supply their own?
Invest in the farmers of the Peace River Valley. The local banks won't because of the looming flooding of the farmland, since the 1950's! BC Hydro has never ever proven (or admitted) the need for the power that Site C would produce. Too much loose for LNG!!

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Most of my Facebook is against Site C. Honour the Treaties and your problems will be well on their way to greener pastures.

Calgary areaAB
Roz IsaacI voted for the Liberals and hope that Prime Minister Trudeau and his cohorts will honour their commitment to ensure effective environmental protection.North VancouverBC
Ken ForestSite C Dam on the Peace River in N.E. BC must be stopped because one of its prime destructive elements is to eliminate forever the food security of the north east part of the province. This valley and the Fraser valley are the best agricultural areas in BC for growing market garden food, including apples, cherries, cantaloupe, corn and tomatoes. BC can grow food on only 5% of its land base. Because of its aspect, depth and soil fertility, this valley could potentially feed over one million people for centuries. Agricultural land on the upper benches and top lands cannot grow market garden food in this area. If the valley land is removed, north east residents will be forever condemned to importing food from thousands of kilometers away. Such an ability will be compromised if not stopped in the future by impacts from climate change. California, which supplies 70% of BC food could shut down delivery as massive droughts (forecast well into the future) continue. Reduction in fossil fuels will increase transport costs from such distances as well. Using Site C to power one LNG plant for 75 years does not make sense. Using the 10 billion dollar price of Site C to invest in alternatives including geothermal (which BC has an abundance of and is priced at costs less than the dam), does make sense. I would also produce more jobs.

Please use a vision that looks further than the next provincial election and the expediency of short term profits for a few, and focus on the long term interests of all BC residents. Please stop Site C.
Charlie LakeBC
Frank` MitchellReversing the Site C decision is essential to show that Canada is truly launched on an environmentally and economically sustainable strategy.VictoriaBC
Trish LearnDo we really need this dam? We can manage without disturbing this valuable land. Please abandon the Site C project!LangleyBC
Nicole BoonMy family and I are completely opposed to the Site C dam. Please do not allow precious land to be flooded. Our future generations of human and animal beings will depend on it for habitat and farmland and once its flooded it will be gone forever. Please do not let that happen. If you have never visited the Peace River Valley, I implore you to go there before making such a drastic and irreversible decision. It will help you to make the right decision, of keeping this special wild space intact and unharmed.Maple RidgeBC
Mason TaylorWill you listen to First Nations People? Or did you make empty promises to get elected? Where the people lead, politicians follow! Take it to the streets!SeattleWA
R WVote "No" for Site C Dam.AbbotsfordBC
Sheila ScottPlease stop this useless destruction before it goes any further. This land is badly needed to grow crops and house wildlife and would be ruined totally if flooded for this dam that we don't need in the first place. There are other ways to produce power and more being devised all the time. We've built houses all over the Fraser Valley, which was totally brainless, we will eventually lose Calif. at the rate things are going so please save the beautiful, fertile Peace River Valley.Cowichan BayBC
mark meiersjustin trudeau-this article came out in the northeast news in ft st john bc-it should be of interest to you-november 5 2015-mr bennett- why not natural gas-letter to the editor-a few weeks agothe unionof bc municipalities-ubcm-made an honorable attempt during their annual convention to lobby the energy minister bill bennett reguarding the building time line for site c.the request was simple -to have the bc utilities commission examine the need and cost for site c before things get to far.this was not an unreasonable request under the circumstances.for instance the demand for electricity throughout north america has dropped dramaticallyashas the price per megawatt hour.this is in large part due to the use of natural gas powered turbines which are remarkably cheap to build and maintain.minister bennett rejected the request outright .perhaps there is a good reason on his part as well.your hydro utility costs per kwh of energy are sky rocketting in comparison to other natural gas run facilities,such as the shepard energy centre in sw calgary.the natural gas powered shepard facility is now up and running and will offer its best customers in calgary the minimal pricing of 8 cents per kwh until 2020.natural gas is hard and firmpower for any utility and not subject to lack of wind or is cheap and readily avalible.we on the other hand here in bc will be paying almost 8 cents per kwh on the first 710 kwh and then 12 cents on any additional kwh of energy after the initial 710.we have a 2 tier pricing regime whereas the natural gas powered shepard remains on a single tier of 8 cents are the other fiscal factors for bc customers .price increase in 2016-4%-price increase in 2017-3.5%-price increase in 2018-3%-price increase in 2019and 2020-to be increase for shepard energy centrecustomersin calgaryuntillat least 2020.if you are a typical house hold of 4 people you may well be consuming an average of about 2000 kwh /month .doing some simple math by the end of 2020 you will have paid $2900 more than the same typical family in calgary using the shepard energy centre natural gs powered system.perhaps it is time to ask our energy minister bill bennett why he is so determined not to use the natural gas option when it comes to producing our electricity here at it impossible for site c to be price competitive with natural gas.after allthat $2900 could still be in your pocket if the liberal govertment were to look at the natural gas powered option for electricity in lieu of a tax payer funded site c project--by rick koechl--mike krocher--charlie lake bc---to further add to this just because the liberal govt is in bc does not mean they have to be dictators and this is what we have a- liberal dictaor ship -we own our own natural gas we should be producing that gas -as much as needed to run co- gen facilities.this gas would not be subject to volitility in the natural gas market thus ensuring a stable price for eletricity--this could easily be done with a little thought.medicine hat alberta is doing this same idea.this liberal dictatorship in bc has one agenda to pay back all the companies that have supported the liberal govt over the years with billions of $ in work creating site c ruining a fantastic river valley destroying irreplaceable wild life habitat and irreplaceable agricultural land for corporate greed and thats what is driving this site c project at the i call upon our newly elected pm--i did not vote for you--justin trudeau to look into this mess and straighten this corrup bc govt out before to much more of the peace river valley is destroyed---mark meiers-charlie lake bccharlie lakeBC
Barbara EbellWe do not need the Site C Dam, and we do not support the building of the dam. We did not support it 30 years ago and it was originally reviewed and we certainly do not need it now when we have so many better alternatives. Please, let us get on with sustainable growth in British Columbia and forget about out-of-date proposals for hydro development. Let spend our energies supporting our First Nations people and or citizens who are standing up for development which will benefit all our citizens and leave our province to thrive into the future.
Barbara and Lorne Ebell
Organic Farmers on Vancouver Island.
greg haworthWe should not be destroying land we should be protecting it. We should be developing renewable green energy.We do not have the right to destroy valuable habitat and land that took millennia to develop. Humans have done enough destruction to this planet,displacing species and doing irreversible
Lynne ReimerThere has been enough destruction of nature and farm land that communities and animals depend on. We need to evolve and take care of our land, Country and our World for the generations to come. There isn't enough of our beautiful planet left as it is already.
Please, stop site C.
Owen SoundON
Elizabeth KallerThe Site C dam is immensely destructive,

It destroys land that is important to First Nations, to all the people who have history and lives in the Peace, and to the production of food.

It destroys trust in government processes and in stated government intentions to respect First Nations.

Energy, if required--and the need has not been established--can be produced in other places by other means.
Lorne and Ruby McBethNovember 21, 2015
Dear Prime Minister Trudeau,
It is really sad that B.C. Hydro and the B.C. government insists on constructing the Site C dam. This will flood our beautiful Peace River Valley and destroy farmland, historical sites, and First Nations interests.
We do not feel that B.C. Hydro had their eyes open when they planned this dam. We are especially concerned because the people reviewing the dam site did not take into account the area which would be flooded. The banks in that area have sandy soil. Once the trees are removed the hills will slide.
There are so many other options for power that are cheaper and still environmentally friendly such as solar power, wind power, geothermal power, and run of the river. These other options are not only greener but also last longer than the relatively short life span of a power dam.
Please give our beautiful Peace River Valley the attention it deserves. Protecting the environment has to start somewhere and for us it starts right here.
Dear Mr. Trudeau, I voted for your party with the hopes that you would follow through on your promises to invest in alternative energy. Site C Dam is not an alternative energy option in BC, even though electric energy is seen as cleaner than so many other options. The Peace River area is the only "bread basket" area for northen BC and flooding from the Site C dam would destroy many valuable acres of arable land. It is also, perhaps more importantly, the home of many self sustaining First Nations groups whose hunting and fishing livelihoods would be negatively impacted by the development of a mega-dam site. Canada does not need this energy, which is both ethically and environmentally unsound. Please do all you can to halt the Site C Dam project.
Thanking you in advance for your anticipated action on behalf of protecting so many BC citizens and doing the right thing, I remain
Yours truly, Kriss Boggild
Douglas JacksonPrime Minister Trudeau

Dear Prime Minister,

I am writing this letter to express my concerns regarding the site C dam project.
The Joint Review Panel Report made fifty recommendations with many of them expressing the opinion that the "Project would cause significant adverse effects."

The provincial governments zeal to quickly move forward with Site C not only failed to foresee the recommendations of the joint review panel but did not appear to even consider them . The provincial government make no effort to enlighten the citizens of British Columbia as to their intent on indebting the province to a multi-billion dollar project with costs that will ultimately be transferred to them.

British Columbia needs to invest in the maintenance of its existing hydro electric infrastructure and the government of British Columbia needs to properly manage current surplus to bring B.C. Hydro's books into order before taking on billions of dollars of additional debt.

Passing these costs onto the shoulders of British Colombia residents and all Canadian taxpayers, should the federal government contribute by choice or requirement, for this ill conceived, unneeded, unwanted and undesirable project does not represent acceptable benefit to costs for Canadians and certainly does not afford any consideration to the uniqueness of the region, the rights of its first nation peoples nor the families and communities whom have crafted and cultivated the region for generations.

I am hard pressed to come to any conclusions as to why the provincial government is so intent on moving forward with this project when so many negative impact issues coupled with the Treaty 8 Tribal Associations legal challenges, the lack of immediate need, other available less destructive energy alternatives and of course the debt. Site C just doesn't make sense now or in the future.

Why is this project being forced upon the residents of British Columbia and who is actually benefiting?

D, Jackson
William ChaseThis is a no-brainer, more so with BC's Energy Minister trying to block BC Utilities Commission Reviews into related Proposed Power line Construction.Fort St JohnBC
Nachiko YokotaDear Justin and Key Federal Ministers,
With the upcoming climate warming that seems to be just around the corner we
are in dire need of agricultural land to grow our food. The Peace Valley has good
soil and it would be a shame if all that will be flooded for unnecessary hydro power.
As it is already happening in California, from where we used to get our fresh food supply, the climate change and drought has practically killed agriculture there and presently made it too costly for a normal citizen to buy fresh imported fruit and vegetables.Vancouver is growing into a bigger city with agricultural land being developed into housing. We badly need to look at our food supply for the future knowing that we can't rely on American import anymore. Site C will be a big help to get our fresh food supply locally, which also includes cheaper transportation.

I hope you will have the vision and foresight to stop destroying Site C Dam.

Yours truly,
Nachiko Yokota
North VancouverBC
Tom GambleThe Peace river valley is one of B.C.'s few areas for farming and helping to ensure that we have a SECURE food supplyfor B.C. WE have lots of mountains, thankfully but not a lot of aeriable farmland to feed us....just check out the lower mainland,,,,nearly gone. I can tell you that the U.S would let you starve if push comes to shove..It seems that global warming might make the Peace river valley much more important to our lives....ParksvilleBC
Philip RatcliffRivers, river valleys, human settlements, historic and cultural areas are inundated when dams are built. Free-flowing rivers are stopped. Fish runs are decimated.
The Site C dam is an environmental disaster in the making. Dams are being dismantled in the U.S. because they are so destructive to the ecosystem, especially to fish. The Snake River dams in Idaho are scheduled for removal. A dam was recently removed on Oregon's Rogue River.
The Site C dam would do much more harm than good. It's time to do an about-face, and cancel plans for this dam.
Donna JohnsonDont allow this type of destruction to happen by these big corporations it isnt necessary and the people in the region dont want it ,even if it will create a few jobs , the destruction is irreversible and will effect many species, including us . As a first nation person I am against the plans to build this Dam. We must find more sustainable solutions , to use less energy , and use renewable resources , if there is any future left for our planet . Gianakaci!!NanaimoBC
Bonnie WedelWe need the farmland , not the power!!AbbotsfordBC
Freeman QuBesides environmental concerns, Site C is all about majority’s interest being superior to minorities’ – and this cannot be happening in our society!

I am an immigrant, coming from China, where the dictatorship government can take and destroy ordinary people homes at will to make room for them to build whatever they want.

Yes, energy is important, but not as important as the principles this country stands for – we don’t destroy people’s homes in order to benefit.

As a resident of this region, I am strongly against the site C project, which will destroy the beautify Peace Valley, and many people’s homes for generations.


Freeman Qu
Taylor resident
Barbara DThe land in question happens to be some of the best agricultural land in northern BC, with the only Class One soil north of Quesnel. As the people of the planet try to adapt to climate change, agricultural land and food security is only going to become more important. Please stop Site C and protect the Peace River Valley: for Indigenous peoples, for Canadians, for the world.MontrealQC
Marvin HaynesThe time will come when we need food a lot more than we need power.Prince GeorgeBC
Adrienne PeacockDate: Nov.21, 2015

Dear Prime Minister Trudeau, members of the Cabinet,

Thank you for your stated commitment to take climate change seriously. You have made many of us regain hope in positive government.

I am writing to ask you exclude the Site C dam from any part of your climate strategy. You will hear that Site C represents green energy. It does not. The Site C dam will be a net contributor to climate change. Large dams are known to be a significant source of methane emissions and this dam will destroy carbon sequestration services of a large area of a primarily intact ecosystem, among many other negative effects.

The Peace River valley that would be flooded is composed of uniquely productive alluvial soils capable of producing sufficient fruits and vegetables, even cantaloupe and tomatoes, to meet the nutritional needs of one million people every year forever.

The only body to examine Site C independent of BC Hydro and the provincial government, the Joint Review Panel, pointed out that the need for Site C has not been established, that the impact of Site C on BC Hydro rates needs more expert scrutiny and that the BC Utilities Commission needs to review Site C because the Joint Review Panel did not have “the information, time or resources” to “conclude on the likely accuracy of Project cost estimates”; the BCUC was created specifically to compare such costs and benefits.

Based on other projects that have bypassed scrutiny by the BCUC (like the northwest transmission line, the smart metres), $8.9 billion is very unlikely to be the final cost of Site C. Since the Review Panel report was submitted in May, 2014, the cost has risen from $7.9 billion to $8.8 billion, or about 11% in less than a year of a 10 year project.

In an unprecedented turn of events, the former chair of the JRP, Dr. Harry Swain, lambasted the provincial government for ignoring the JRP recommendations, describing the province’s failure to investigate alternatives to Site C as “a dereliction of duty.” He said,”Wisdom would have been waiting for two, three, four years to see whether the projections they were making had any basis in fact”.

As Dr Swain said; “if you ask Boeing ‘what’s the solution to our transportation problems?’ they’ll say ‘airplanes’”.

Analysis done by energy economist Robert McCullough showed that delaying Site C construction for at least 2 years would save us, citizens, taxpayers and ratepayers, $200 million.

When even Jeff Rubin argues that exporting food makes more sense than exporting oil, surely it is time to seriously review whether pouring $9+ billion into another dam is a sensible position when that same area could provide fruit and vegetables for one million people.

Site C will result in the largest removal of land ever from the Agricultural Land Reserve, done without any analyses by the Agricultural Land Commission.

The fact that this provincial government has refused to submit the Site C plans to BCUC scrutiny strongly suggests that they’re not confident that their business case for Site C will withstand scrutiny.

Peter Ladner, in Business in Vancouver, states, “Total energy demand, which Hydro predicts will balloon 40% over the next 20 years, has remained relatively flat since 2007”. He also refers to a recent study by Germany’s Faunhofer Institute, that predicts that by 2025, the year after Site C is scheduled to come on line, “solar will be the world’s least expensive energy source – as low as $0.02 per kilowatt-hour.” Site C will come in at 10 cents a kwh, in the most optimistic case. Site C may become a ‘stranded’ asset, at great cost to all of us.

I urge you to respect Treaty 8 First Nations, as well as local governments and place a 2 year moratorium on issuance of further federal permits (and any cost-sharing) until Site C has been fully examined by an open, independent and expert review by the BC Utilities Commission and the Agricultural Land Commission with full procedural safeguards and cross-examination.

Respectfully yours,

Dr. Adrienne Peacock
carolyn dowellStop the Site C dam. It will destroy native lands, flood essential agricultural lands, cost tax payers trillions of dollars. The dam is not needed, we do not need the power generated by the dam. B.C. will become another Enron story. Stop this insanity.
Carolyn Dowell
shawnigan lakeBC
Richard PearsonWe do not need the extra electricity. We can conserve.VictoriaBC
Ed SykesOur farmland should never be flooded for a reservoir. Such a high cost to produce a small amount of electricity.Hudson's HopeBC
June SykesThis project is not necessary. There are other ways to produce this power. Productive farm land CANNOT be replaced.Hudson's HopeBC
Maureen RaymondWe have been fighting this project for years now and it time that our government representatives listened to their constituents instead of the corporations that could care less for the people and property that they destroy for monetary gains.ChilliwackBC
Rhonda KirkpatrickPlease stop Site C
Please protect our precious farmland and preserve our food security.
Save these forests and wilderness habitat for wildlife.
Please respect and uphold the rights of Treaty 8 First Nations.
Site C would be a tragic loss for all of us, Native and non-native alike. Mr. Prime Minister, let's really get going on green, renewable nondestructive alternative energy projects!
White RockBC
patricia perennesOk here I am and I don't know where to begin again....

I came from Europe 19 years ago ...first in Montreal and now in North Vancouver....the first thing that struck me was the abundance of wildlife and green immense's the reason I am here ( for sure not for the social benefit invisible that we should enjoy..) but after a few years I came to understood that too sad like in all other countries over the world when people need space they destroy their environment....I don't get it !! being so selfish they don't realize that they are in a speedy train going straight in a wall...!! and I don't even have children to worry about ...I would scare to death for their future...

I know native people are more concerned and thanks to them we are fighting.....for their rights and for our space...a lot of people are watching the new government to see if really they are going to keep their promises.....please do so because we are watching..
north vancouverBC
Julie HunterThe Site C project has been rammed ahead Without Due Process in terms of Native and other resident rights, Economic analysis, and Environmental analysis. It is a False Green project, that I believe is actually being propelled by special interests in BC Liberal Government, and the Heavy Construction lobby in BC. I am a card carrying NDP lifer, who worked hard to get Harper out. That means that in the end I fought hard in some of my local ridings to get Fed Liberals in. I have a good feeling about the sincerity of commitments that Justin has made, in his election ads, in interviews, and in the news.
I am a member of CUPE15 here in Vancouver. I put forward a motion that CUPE15 stand in solidarity with the Treaty8 1st Nations, and the Peace River Valley Landownders AGAINST the Site C dam. CUPE15 Voted almost unanimously in favour of my motion. The discussion about the jobs that will be lost if the project is taken off the table is false. If the dam were to go ahead BC taxpayers would be amortizing 12billion dollars over the lives of our children and grandchildren so that jobs could go to Heavy Construction (dominated by young male workers) at immeasurable cost to the environment and Treaty 8 lands. I would like to see 12billion dollars put into developing Vocational and Social Capital ("Capital" in the Sociological sense) more equitably across genders, for projects that create Lasting Jobs, in Sustainable energy projects, Manufacturing, Innovation, and work that strengthens Social Contract.
Ernie SiemensConsidering that we in BC get a huge amount of produce and citrus fruit from California which is experiencing drought conditions, it makes absolutely no sense to flood some of the most fertile and productive farm land in BC to build a monstrosity of a dam that currently isn't needed and that will add tremendous cost to our provincial debt. A dam that the BC Liberal Party deliberately ensured that the Public Utilities Commission would not be allowed to examine the costs and whether the dam was necessary. Secondly, it would appear that the BC Liberal Government is trying
with the backed up water caused by the dam to ensure plentiful inexpensive water for
energy companies to use for fracturing, a process that creates tremendous amounts of toxic by products that can't be reclaimed and is a danger to ground water reservoirs.
This dam will exacerbate climate change not reduce it. The Site C dam must be STOPPED NOW!
Lorri Maley-BellTo whom it may concern...and it does concern all Canadians if the Site C Dam continues. Not only Residents of BC will suffer if this dam is built. If the federal government seriously wants to reduce our carbon footprint they need to pressure provincial gov't to get on board. The simple fact this project was remove from any review and ignores the steps put in place to analyse and research the economical and environmental implications is a travesty. I have paddled the Peace River and challenge Our new Prime Minister to do the same. I have also written many letters and signed every petition against this Site C Dam as it truly is not a clean energy project as the Clark gov't would like us to believe. The facts are there but Clark's lack of transparency and arrogance is very disturbing. Site C needs to be kicked to the curb and let's move forward! We have the science and the ability to do it the right way with renewables. If the provincal or federal gov't would initiate rebates or tax incentivesore home owners would take advantage of renewable energy. I for one would be on that band wagon for geothermal or solar and love to get off the grid... My money would be best spent on my own home rather than the Site C Dam and will cost me a great deal less than Clark's 6billion plus scam.Prince GeorgeBC
Jana RonneDear Mr. Trudeau and Ministers,

Please, initiate a new review of the Site C dam project in BC. This project would flood an unconscionable amount of very fertile land violate first nations rights to their traditional territories and land use.
BC does not need this particular new power source. Conservation and small scale renewable projects should be the future of our power generation not just in BC but in all of Canada.

Thank you for your consideration,

Jana Ronne
Marianna VanderkliftPlease stop damming!
Harmful to fish, animals, farmers and First Nations.
Spend the money on alternative energy instead.

Raven BlackwellDear Mr. Trudeau.
Firstly, I would like to say how proud and hopeful I now feel about our Canada, now that we have a Gracious, Caring and Respectful Prime Minister. Our Country needs so desperately to repair what has been broken for the last ten years.
I beg that you please Reverse the horrible decision that Christie Clark, Harper and BC Hydro put through to go ahead with the Cite C Dam in the Peace River Valley in BC.
Mr. Trudeau, this Dam does not make any sense. The community is so against it. It is not alright. The project will destroy 83 km of fertile farmland. Thousands of acres of forest and natural habitat. It will destroy and take away forever the home of First Nations People.
BC Hydro, Christie Clark & Stephen Harper are have sold so much of our resources to Foreign investors and companies as well as selling our Sovereignty.
Please Mr. us to protect one of the most Beautiful places on earth.

Respectfully yours,

Raven Blackwell
New WestminsterBC
Diedra GoodwinSite C dam is not in the public interest. An enormous public expense and environmental catastrophe, immediately and for countless generations, which will solely benefit international corporate interests and only for a short term. It must be stopped. Treaty rights must be upheld. Thank you for your attention to this.Roberts CreekBC
Heather SapergiaWhat is at stake here is an important wildlife corridor for large animals such as grizzly bears. Also, there is valuable agricultural land which will be lost. I have seen the healthy vegetable and feed crops in the valley which would be lost forever. There are homes and farms and ranches which will be lost.

Site C will have a negative impact on all of British Columbia.
Prince GeorgeBC
Jim RobertsonMy home, my town, my valley was flooded and destroyed by the Columbia river treaty dams! Over 100 miles of river bottom forest and farm land and several towns now gone on this one reservoir alone where I live. The water level is now down 50 feet leaving us with 200 miles of dead mud flats and rock on the shores instead of feed for people, fish, livestock and wildlife. The $$ this produces goes to build billion dollar bridges so they can have more cars in Vancouver while we don't get a bridge here for essential transportation. Farms, sawmills and many other businesses were put out of business leaving unemployment and lost opportunity forever. With global warming etc the Peace farmland is going to be needed to help feed all of us in the future. don't destroy it now.BurtonBC
Marilyn BelakSite C Dam on the Peace River is not a climate friendly or green project and violates both indigenous and settlers rights. Downstream the altered Delta from previous dams on this river is already hugely impacting the lives and economy of indigenous people. This river land is proven as the next viable vegetable and fruits growing area in BC while southern growing land is lost to urbanization. The public process of tribunal hearings exposed the enormous and non-viable cost of this project and projects untenable hydro rates into future generations. Locals are documenting the preparation work being permitted whilst court hearings and environmental studies are on going. Destruction of natural land cover and landscape on these unstable river hills is proceeding and impacting wild life as we go into the winter season. It is definitely incorrect to assume that this is a green run of the river project and that the energy expected from it cannot be accessed at a lower cost and lower impact from upgrades to existing plants and energy conservation. There is NO proven need for this project and the extra energy other than perhaps export.Dawson CreekBC
mark meiersthe peace river valley is home thousands of moose elk mule whitetail deer grizzley and black bears and the white kermode bear off shoot of the black bear golden and bald eagles hundreds of thousands of geese ducks and many other migratory birds to numeruos to mention this valley is a wintering ground for all the above and a spring rearing ground for all the above alsothis valley should be a provincial park not flooded for the creation of electricity or anything else there is nothing green about destroying this valley see pictures of the destruction underway at present-we have not even touched on the fish habitat being destroyed or the agricultural land being destroyed also--this is something that justin tredeau needs to see up front to appreciate what we are up against. lets stop this for good.paddle for the peace river 2 nd sat in july people from all over come to paddle down the peace river in support of no dam--you are invited to join-site c is not about producing electricity in an enviromentaly friendly way or the best economical way--it is about all the companies that support the liberal govt-unions having there workers on the job -dues in there coffers-millions-general electric turbines -millions-equipment companies-letourneau-finning catapiller-volvo-john deere-and many more-worth millions-snc lavalin dirt people-millions all these companies supporting the liberal govt this is there billion $ payback--crooked as it gets-at our expense-no openes or transparency-calgary alberta shepard co-gen facility 1.6 billion on 60 acres on time on budget-this is a winner--no to site c--mark meierscharlie lakeBC
Anke van LeeuwenThe Site C dam project must not proceed.
You were elected on your promises to respect aboriginal and treaty rights, and tackle climate change. The Site C dam flies in the face of both of these goals; it would violate the rights of Treaty 8 First Nations, destroy carbon sinks and enable the expansion of dirty energy.
Please focus on 100% clean renewables that don't destroy native/fertile land.
Thank you.
Steven MetzgerHonourable Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Ministers:

The Site C Dam is a disaster in progress. There is absolutely no need for this dam at this time. Many other sources for energy production that are more efficient, more cost-effective, and environmentally more friendly exist, and more are being developed all the time.

The Peace River Valley contains valuable, Class 1 agricultural land that will be lost if this dam construction proceeds. In a world dominated by climate change, maintaining and securing our agricultural land is of paramount importance.

You have made a commitment to honouring treaties established with our First Nations. These treaties are being ignored in this Site C Dam construction process, and that needs to be rectified.

I could write for days with objections to Site C. At a minimum, the project needs to be referred to the BCUC for evaluation, but the BC Provincial Government through it's Clean Energy Act has rigged the game to prevent this normal process for this one project. That is a crime against the valley, it's residents (both human and non-human), First Nations, and all Canadians.

When a project for which there is ample evidence showing that this dam is not needed continues to steamroll ahead, something is drastically wrong. Your help is needed.
Hudson's HopeBC
Barbara DaleyDear Prime Minister,

You are in a unique position to be able to honour Treaty Rights, protect valuable farmland in this time of changing climate, to conserve a vital wildlife corridor, and to set an example for the world's leaders in integrity and strength.
Those of us who stand in solidarity with Treaty 8 in opposing Site C feel hopeful that you will do the right thing, and put an end to "Site C" , already bulldozing ahead, regardless of Due Process, on the Peace River Valley near Ft St John, BC.
Wishing you a safe and effective trip to the Climate Summit in Paris....
Fort St JohnBC
Margo FarrDear Prime Minister Trudeau,
We have so many hopes and good wishes for our country now that you are at the helm.

Please follow through on your election promises and stop Site C dam.

Thank you.
Margo Farr
Hilary KnightThe Site C dam is born of 1950's mega-project thinking and MUST be stopped. It's environmentally insane, proposing to flood some of BC's most productive farmland and First Nations sacred sites. All this so we can further postpone the need to use energy more wisely. Green technologies already exist. We need to develop these, not go down the old Socred path of flood 'n' ruin. Premier Clark, being a Socred re-tread, just doesn't get it. Please protect our land and future from her intransigent stupidity.Victoria, British ColumbiaBC
Dorothy FieldThere are so many reasons to stop the Site C dam:
1. It goes against Treaty 8 and makes a mockery of any promises to work for justi ce for First Nationss
2. It destroys excellent farm land which we will need, especially in this period of climate change
3. It is NOT GREEN. It will drastically increase our carbon footprint.
4. The cost is prohibitive and will much greater than projected. We should be inveting in carbon neutral energy production, not yesterday's bad ideas.
Ruth Ann DarnallThe Peace River Valley is unique. It needs to be protected for future generations. Site C is NOT a clean option for power. It is the 21st century and we need to stop building dams and look to more green options that will not destroy a river valley that has great significance to the First Nations and has potential to feed at least a million people.

Please cancel all permits to B C Hydro so there is no more destruction of the river banks.

Thank you for acting so quickly to save this valley.
Fort St. John, B. C.BC
David SladeThere has not been reasonable evidence presented that this project is needed or that the harm it would do could be offset by any benifits to BC, Canada, or the Planet.
Experts on energy and the environment in BC do not support this project. Please respect the rights and wisdom of First Nations.
Cobble HillBC
gerry collinsSite C must be stopped before any additional IRREPARABLE harm is done in the Peace River ValleymurrietaCA
Verena ShawI'm completely against the Site C dam. I feel the land should stay the way it is, from an environmental, financial, and agricultural perspective.West VancouverBC
Emily McIvorSite C dam absolutely must not go forward. This is a spectacular river valley that must not be destroyed, Treaty agreements must be honoured and there are far less damaging ways to capture energy.
Please, let's do everything we can to stop Site C.
Marlene Meddings-SmithQuite simply, the construction of Site C dam is NOT necessary. Site C dam is old thinking - a fossilized way of thinking. We have the technology to create clean, green, energy. We require the WILL to move forward in this year 2015.
Please remember Aboriginal and Treaty rights MUST COME before all else.
Janice RiderDear Prime Minister Trudeau,

Site C dam would be a violation of the rights of Treaty 8 First Nations; as well, it would mean the destruction of a vast area that acts as a carbon sink, and we need carbon sinks to mitigate climate change. Please stop Site C so that no further damage is done in the Peace River Valley.

Thank you.

Yours truly,

Janice Rider
Jerry McFetridgeDear Mr Trudeau
I thought the era of these large mega-projects was over. The BC government is determined to destroy 107km of wild land, agricultural land and native lands with this mega-project. We need to stop this and other destructive development projects before there is nothing left of our country. Why can't we humans learn to live on less of this beautiful wild land without destroying it. So much for SUPERNATURAL BC. Please stop the SITE C DAM.
Sincerely Dr. Jerry McFetridge MD
Eric BurrYour biologically literate friends south of your border are very encouraged by your election victory, and look forward to your stopping Site C Dam on the Peace River.MazamaWA
David MallettThe two most crucial issues facing our country are Democratic Reform: Proportional Representation and Climate Change: Global Warming. Site C dam on the Peace River will destroy a pristine valley, a carbon absorber and source of food. It will violate the Treaty Rights of local First Nations. The only purpose of the Site C dam is to provide power needed to frack shale gas. This irrational project flies in the face of common sense. It MUST BE STOPPED before further irreparable harm takes place in the Peace River Valley. Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada, we rely on you to not let corporate powers create another Athabaska.
David Mallett, Sooke, BC
Susan QuippThis project is wrong on so many fronts. It violates Treaty rights, flooding Treaty 8 lands, including many sacred sites, burial s"chipped" by giant chippers will release mercury down the mighty Peace River, contaminating it and the downstream effects will be devastating in other river systems as well. The Federal government has stepped up to reverse the gutting of river and lake protection done by the Harper Conservatives, and this is one way that your government could step in and stop this absurd and damaging project.
I won't even talk about the absurdity of this project because it has been well documented. The massive destruction of farmland, which we will need going forward with global climate change is one. Also the huge cost and pollution in the construction, which will not benefit local labour not sustain long term employment in the area. By the time this huge expensive dinosaur is constructed, we will have converted to more sustainable forms of power generation like thermal, solar and wind, which will employ many more people and not harm our beautiful BC natural riches.
No one I know can really figure out why the Christy Clark government is pursuing this project and fracking with such mindless enthusiasm , oblivious to the science, economic climate and conditions as well as the need, both local and international. It's hard to believe she is willing to sacrifice an entire province to be re elected, and go against the science, wishes of the people and economic advice!! But why else would she be so stubbornly entrenched in this madness?
Please, please, intervene in whatever way you can to put the brakes on the Site C dam construction immediately before any more damage has been done, and put this stupid dam building in 2015! in the trash can permanently. And, while you are at it, please also put the brakes on the LNG madness too and stop the poisoning of water sources, marine environment (Flora Banks salmon nursery) and LNG tanker dangers.
Joan KrebsDear Mr Trudeau
Please put a stop to Site C. It is NOT necessary. It' is not clean there are many alternatives that will not decimate the Peace River
Prince GeorgeBC
Agnes WattsYour party made promises during the election. I expect you to keep them. One was to re-examine plans, after strengthening environmental laws, so that all new (or currently underway) projects will have to pass much more stringent tests. Cite C dam is such a project and, by any environmental standard, it fails. It is not needed for hydro power, except by companies who need water and power for unnecessary uses, to extract gas by fracking (which also won't pass environmental standards). It will flood some of the best agricultural land in the world, in an area that I like to think of as our insurance policy for when drought ruins the southern agricultural belt. If these reasons weren't enough, this area is a sacred place to many indigenous peoples who've used it for millennia. It's theirs. We have no right to touch it without their permission, which they do not grant!
The Harper oligarchy allowed and even encouraged the rape of our country. The provincial government in B.C. is following the same path. You have the opportunity to reverse some of that damage in this case. Do so! NOW !
Frederique PhilipThis dam will destroy a very large amount of agricultural land, land where food is grown. FOOD is essential to the health of our society not only our physical health but mental, psychological as well. Without good food our bodies, our brains and our minds do not work properly. This decision to build a dam that will have so many ill effects is criminal and only made because of greed. This decision is not sustainable for our economy, is not green for the environment. It only serves a very small group of our society that see water as a cheap commodity when it is the most essential for our society.SookeBC
Bill StudleyPlease consider doing whatever you can to put a final end to this travesty known here in BC as "Site C". The area to be flooded by the creation of this reservoir is predominantly river bottom land with deep, rich soils and is capable of high food productivity. In these days when food security is of paramount importance it would be foolish to flood, and thereby lose the productivity of this land forever. In addition, there are new technologies in wind, solar and geo-thermal power production that can be developed incrementally, near the area of need, and they are far less destructive of land/habitat than this outdated hydro plan.
Thank you for your attention to this message.

Bill Studley
Farmington BC
Keith MayoDear Mr. Trudeau,

I am so hopeful that your government will take a fresh approach to governance in Canada, and especially with regards to the environment.

The story of the proposed Site C dam in British Columbia is one that is heart-breaking to me and many other people concerned about the way we have, in the past, exploited Canada's natural resources without sufficient regard for impact on the natural world, indigenous peoples' rights and customs, and for the direct and indirect impacts on humans affected by this exploitation.

Those humans who stand to be most directly affected by our society's decisions should be given the most weight in the decision process - not government, institutions or corporations. That is the ONLY fair way to proceed for the people. Yes, it will slow down the pace of development. Yes, it risks completely blocking some "needed" projects from ever being advanced. But it also puts the onus on us as a society to proceed with these projects in a way that is TRULY neutral to our environment and those most affected by these projects - trusting those local stakeholders to be the "experts" rather than trusting lobbyists and interested corporate or political opinions. It puts the onus on US as a society to work through the issues that are very real to those affected and to work cooperatively to overcome any objections by local stakeholders. YES it will be hard work, but it will also give individual humans - the "little guy" - the HOPE that they have some dominion over their lives and rights as humans.

Please consider this input and do things differently for our collective future. There is a groundswell of support waiting for the courageous leader who starts to make sense to the people.

Thank you and congratulations on your recent victory. It was a victory for all Canadians - even those who continue to push divisive, negative, short-sighted commentary.

Best Regards,
Keith Mayo
Elizabeth CoombsPrime Minister Trudeau and Cabinet:
Congratulations, Mr Prime Minister on your resounding success in the recent election. I believe one of the reasons Canadians of all ages supported you so enthusiastically is the promises you made.
I hope one of your first concerns will be to immediately stop any work on the construction of the Site C dam. Not only do we need to protect the invaluable resources of the Peace Valley, but to continue to build it would break faith with our treaties with the First Nations, something your government has pledged not to do.
The Site C dam also would contribute to climate change, something every Canadian
deplores. Future generations will be irreparably harmed by the construction of this dam. Please have your government make it a priority to stop it immediately.


Elizabeth Coombs


site C dam is also a
Nancy WigenB.C. does not need the power from Site C.dam for our domestic use. We need, want and are ready to find and use much greener and more innovative means of generating power, and more economical ways of using it. The Dam would flood thousands of acres of productive farm land and displace the farmers presently growing food there. It is land we will need for future food production particularly with climate change causing drought where much of our food now comes from in California. Also the impact on fish, wildlife and the drowning of forests is environmentally outrageous, and the disregard of First Nations rights and lands is totally against the stated policy and aims of our new Federal Government.
Flooding of the valuable, beautiful Peace River valley would cause irreversible
damage to a very valuable part of our nation, and I hope you will act to prevent the Site C dam from being constructed.
Thank You.
Salt Spring IslandBC
Darryl TaylorDrowning valuable agricultural land for the sake of yet another hydro dam is somewhat on the silly side.

There have been concerns about toxic leaching into the new water body, so this project is threatening to both food and water security.

Please don't.
Victor GuerinThe cost impact to communities and the environment far outweigh any benefit that would come from the building of the site C dam not to mention the impact on already strained relations between the crown and First Nations. Additionally, the loss of habitat for wildlife would be unconscionable and the loss of fauna that act as a carbon sink would be unforgivable in terms of an environment that already teeters on the edge of collapse. People say that we're destroying the planet. They're mistaken. We're destroying the planetary systems upon which we depend for our survival. Once they collapse and we die out, the planet will carry merrily on without us.
Wind, solar and other alternative means of energy generation are becoming more and more affordable and deserve our attention including investment. We owe it to our children, grandchildren and those yet to be born to make choices that ensure not only that they have a future, but a future through which it is worth it for them to live.
m laliotisStop this project NOW. Leave Nature alone , there are many other forms of alternative energy out there ,. We need to be looking after our planet not destroying itwindyBC
Maria LauzeThe Site C area is one of the best farming land in the area. It is the home of long time residents who are deeply rooted in the area. It is rich with wildlife and culture. The project is destructive, costly, outdated and taxing for the community.Fort St. JohnBC
Kim HancockPlease stop the BC Liberals Cite C Dam- It is unaffordable, destroys prime agricultural land and is being built for corporate fracking for LNG. The people of BC will pay pay and pay for this.CoombsBC
Heather PorrillPlease stop the building of the Site C dam. To destroy one precious resource to generate power when there are alternative, renewable resources available make no sense at all. Ignoring indigenous treaty rights is not acceptable in any country, but especially one that has just had a report on reconciliation to consider and act on. Please stop the building of the Site C dam.Bay TreeAB
Sylvia ObrigPlease respect the Treaties and Lands of our First Nations Peoples. Violating treaty rights is a prolongation of our sad history of oppression of Indigenous Peoples. Do not flood the Peace River and stop building Site C Dam.
Besides the violation of the Peoples, you as government leaders and civil servants, who are merely representatives of ONE species on this planet i.e. human beings, you are also destroying many creatures and habitats of creatures, plants and environments belonging to animals, birds, insects and plants. Besides your dominance and control and power over vulnerable natural environments, you are ending the livelihoods of many farmers, recreational spaces and homes of the general population.
Who gives you the right to destroy life ? Listen to the people. Big Business, Big Oil, Big Corporations are not the voices of "the people". Listen to the people !!
Susan StoutBC can't afford to lose more good agricultural land! Listen to First Nations!N VancouverBC
Nancy Lane MacgregorDear Prime Minister Justin Trudeau
and Ministers of the Government of Canada

I urge you with this letter to regard the area of the Peace River Valley as I was taught to think of it many years ago. As a young person, my father, who was a farmer in northern BC after WW1, and later worked
until his retirement in agriculture in BC, told me of the great promise of this valley. I have not forgotten, and look today toward this land as a rich and vital agricultural place in a time of global warming and food insecurity. I have also learned of its historic importance to First Nations people. It is also easy to see its beauty, clean waters and great wildlife habitat. This land must be preserved. Site C dam must not be built. Save the Peace, save the land for future generations.
Sincerely, Nancy Lane Macgregor
Ray DucholkeDear Mr Prime Minister Justin Trudeau
Thank you for becoming our Prime minister and working towards restoring our Canada to her former glory of justice and working towards equality for all people. We in Vancouver and Western BC are so relieved to see the ban on tankers North of Vancouver Island.
An Important part of our ecology is our river systems. Please stop the development of Site C dam which is totally unnecessary. We need living river systems not more dead damned stagnant bodies of water for corporate greed.

If we do not change our ways towards Earths ecology and Women as mother earth real soon there will be no future for our children much our grandchildren

Please stop site C dam.

Yours Sincerely

Ray Ducholke
Stony PlainAB
Caroline WoodwardDear Prime Minister Trudeau and Ministers McKenna, Bennett, MacAuley, Tootoo, Freeland, Sohi, Joly, Wilson-Raybould, Carr, Bains, Garneau and Dion:

I know you are consumed with your new positions and responsibilities, including the climate change talks in Paris very soon. But I must ask you to think about the Peace River and the Site C Dam, about Treaty 8 and about the Athabasca Delta downstream. priceless Class I and II land flooded forever and sacred lands too (see: Treaty 8). This destructive, unnecessary and hugely expensive project was removed from the BC Public Utilities Commission's scrutiny (this Commission had turned it down twice already in the past two decades) by the current B.C. government who decided an end run was the route to take. Then BC Hydro was advised to elicit public "input" which they did in the most cynical manner possible: over the Christmas and New Year season at the coldest time of year in the North. When their handpicked commissioners wrote a report advising, largely, against the feasibility of Site C, the provincial BC government proceeded to ignore their own report. Next up in this gong show of democratic process was the selection of one judge to decide all the cases concerning Site C brought before him by First Nations and by the Peace Valley Landowners. The results have been predictable to date. But Treaty 8 is a federal treaty, this dam will affect BC lands as well as Alberta's lands and the Delta and not even UNESCO Heritage status for the Athabasca Delta, or Amnesty International or the Sierra Club or the Yellowstone to Yukon scientists or common sense by any of the rest of BC's citizens can dissuade this pack of politicians in Victoria from proceeding with this financially and environmentally ruinous project for the sake of hypothetical LNG projects and a more convenient reservoir for fracking tankers. Give me strength! Please, as federal ministers with a legitimate role to play, can you apply your intelligence and foresight to this pressing issue before it is too late? Thank you very much. Yours sincerely, Caroline Woodward
anneke pearseIt is obscene to drown prime farming land in these times when crops should be grown locally. Once flooded, the growth potential of this land is lost forever and we are forced to buy food from faraway places, with a bigger carbon footprint!secheltBC
Danielle BaxterI have spent time in the beautiful, culturally significant, historically rich and environmentally irreplaceable Peace River valley, and it appalls me that this precious place might be so needlessly and stupidly destroyed. The outcome of the recent federal election has rekindled optimism and pride in our country for so many of us... we are encouraged to hope for new allies in preservation of the Mighty Peace and respect for those whose way of life has its roots deep in this river and this land.LangleyBC
Deb BledsoeThe plans for Site C are total insanity. As it is, hydro is using LESS THAN 40% of their existing capabilities and to flood the Peace in order to provide cheap power for FRACKING is utter insanity. The people are against all forms of hydro carbons extraction, especially when it comes to them creating earthquakes and poisoning ground water and aquifers. NO TO SITE C.SardisBC
myna lee johnstonethis is a truly ignorant plan
farmland in the Peace will be very much needed in the future
Lorell GingrichDear Ministers,

I am writing to implore you to stop the Site C Dam project. This is an ill-advised idea that can only have detrimental effects both now and in the future. The proposal is to flood what is considered the 2nd most arable land in the province and I would argue that in fact, it may be the most fertile agricultural land, since the the Fraser Valley is already faced with industrial run-off and waste materials, unlike the Peace River Valley. If a community cannot produce it's own food and must rely on obtaining food elsewhere, ultimately it becomes untenable. Cost alone would be a major factor not to mention dependence for the very basics of life coming from elsewhere. The First Nations have objected to this from the start but the BC Provincial gov't appears hell-bent on making this project happen - come what may.
If this dam is built, the majority of the water is slated for fracking LNG, which requires a huge amount of fresh water, but returns very toxic water, as well as polluting the groundwater around the fracking sites. How we can even be considering this kind of activity in light of past reports is beyond me. Please stop it.

yours truly,

Lorell Gingrich
Rachel DarvillFor my Master of Science thesis research project, completed in 2013, I compared and mapped the use of specific Ecosystem Services (ES) across differing interest groups (or stakeholders) in the area that has been defined by the provincial government as the Upper Peace River Watershed (UPRW). The Site C development is within this watershed. Participating interest groups in this research project were: Agriculturalists, Environmentalists, First Nations, Government, Hunter/Anglers, Industry, Motorized Recreationists, and Non-motorized Recreationists. Ecosystem services have been broadly described as the activity, function, condition, or process of natural ecosystems that benefit and sustain human life and that have value for people.

My research showed that for all participating interest groups, specific cultural ES were consistently ranked at the top of all ES uses, that is… aesthetic/scenic uses, sense-of-place and recreational uses were found to be more important than all other researched ES for all participating groups. This indicates a particularly high level of importance of cultural ES to regional inhabitant’s human well-being across groups. Participants overwhelmingly appeared attached and connected to the watersheds landscapes and associated wildlife. There are many social values that fall outside of the economic or ecological domains, such as those ES just described as being most important in the UPRW. Such cultural ES can be crucial for well-being and for the sustainability of societies cultural ES are often neglected and overlooked by conventional land-use decisions and ES valuations. Neglecting cultural ES does not allow for full cost accounting, enabling an ill-informed decision-making process. By allowing Site C to be developed, future well-being is compromised in the Upper Peace River Watershed. Please stop the Site C development and protect the future human well-being in the Peace Region.

Additionally, after digitizing ES use locations across multiple stakeholder uses, and after GIS analysis, results show that the largest ES hotspot location identified in the watershed was a 52km², 38km long extent along the Peace River that extends from Hudson’s Hope to the mouth of the Halfway River. This primary ES hotspot location has been shown through my research to have high value for local communities and has high levels of multiple ES use across all participating interest groups, especially for the non-tangible, non-market cultural ES. The ES hotspot also appears to coincide with high levels of biodiversity.

It is acknowledged that the Peace River corridor is not in its natural state, as it has already faced impacts due to previous upstream dam projects. However, it appears that this main ES hotspot has retained a large amount of biodiversity across many species levels. Despite some impacts from human use, extensive aquatic and terrestrial inventories completed for the proposed Site C dam have provided interesting and significant findings regarding biodiversity values in the area to be affected. For instance, there are two provincially red-listed and 15 provincially blue-listed ecological communities, along with several sensitive ecosystems such as wetlands, tufa seeps, grasslands, and old growth forests (Hilton, Andrusiak, Krichbaum, Simpson, & Bjork, 2013). In a summary of rare plants surveyed, 781 vascular plants were identified along with over a hundred mosses and over 200 lichens, including 11 red-listed, 28 blue-listed and hundreds of rare vascular plants, mosses, and lichens (Hilton et al., 2013). For animal species 14 of 65 butterfly taxa are recorded from the Peace River Valley as either red or blue listed (Hilton, Simpson, & Guppy, 2013); two bat species are provincially listed at-risk; and the Peace River Valley also has blue-listed Fishers. The Peace River Valley has significant habitat for several at-risk migratory bird species (Hilton, Simpson, Andrusiak, & Albrecht, 2013), non-migratory birds (Hilton & Simpson, 2013) and raptors (Hilton, Simpson, & Andrusiak, 2013). The Peace River Valley contains healthy populations of carnivores (such as gray wolf, black bear, cougar, and occasionally grizzly bears) (Simpson et al., 2013), five amphibian species, and two reptile species (Hilton, Andrusiak, Simpson, & Sarell, 2013), in addition 19 identified ungulate birthing sites, as well as high ungulate densities of moose, elk, white-tailed and mule deer.

Considering this summarized biodiversity data, in addition to my ES research data which indicates an ES hotspot, this leads to the presumption that a win-win decision could be made by conserving the main ES hotspot location between Hudson’s Hope and the Halfway River. In other words, by stopping the Site C development, and by protecting high levels of biodiversity in addition to protecting an area shown to deliver a high diversity and richness of ES, global conservation priorities for species and ecosystems can be achieved, as well as the maintenance of long-term human well-being in the Peace region. Please stop Site C and conserve this unique area.

Preserving ES hotspots are important for maintaining human well-being;, sustainable development means including and managing for both ES and biodiversity, since human welfare is linked to both. Biodiversity is the diversity of life on Earth, which is experiencing global declines at an alarming rate. Given that the Peace River is a large river, and given that natural riparian corridors can harbor the most biologically diverse, dynamic and complex habitats within the Earth’s terrestrial landscape, the Peace River riparian corridor is one of the most biologically diverse and complex natural systems within the UPRW.

The full economic and non-market costs of losing river habitat and wetlands globally due to dam construction has been largely underestimated in part because the resulting loss of ES has not been accounted for. Site C is no exception. Additionally, the cumulative impacts of other land use activities, such as expanding coal mines, oil and gas exploration and development, agriculture and forestry can have negative consequences for biodiversity found in the UPRW, which can lead to a further decrease in ES supply.

In order to support sustainable management and conservation decisions in the watershed, short-term interests (such as electricity generation from the Site C dam) should be rejected due to the long-term impact that they will have for future human generations and their well-being. Decision making needs to include full cost accounting of all ES (material and non-material benefits), and decision makers should refer to multiple interest groups and consider their values and uses of the land giving them each considerable weight, in order to maintain all human well-being regardless of interest group affiliation. This has not happened in the Peace Region thus far. Please stop the Site C development.

My research results indicate that protecting the main ES hotspot will be critical in order to maintain the well-being of humans across regional groups in the UPRW. Conserving this location could be a win-win situation where both biodiversity and ES values are protected for the long-term resiliency of inhabitants. The ES hotspot outlined has been surveyed and contains numerous ES, at-risk ecosystems, plant and animal species. The probable loss of at-risk species in the near future in this area will contribute to the ongoing sixth mass extinction crisis currently documented (Barnosky et al., 2011); therefore biodiversity values, along with ES values within the hotspot are in need of critical protection.

The Peace River Valley has been shown to have a significant capacity to produce multiple and diverse ES for eight different regional interest groups. I urge you as the new Prime Minister, along with other decisions makers, to act now to protect the resiliency of biodiversity and ecosystem functions in the Peace River Valley, which are required to provide ES that enable human well-being and happiness across multiple stakeholder groups in the Peace Region. Stop the destruction that is occurring right now for building the unnecessary Site C dam.

Rachel Darvill, BSc., MSc.
G. Barry StewartPlease stop this project, which is not needed to meet the energy requirements of BC residents and businesses.

The BC Liberals have refused to send the Site C proposal to the BC Utilities Commission, surely because they would be told there is no business case for it.

As well, valuable farm land will be destroyed. Once gone, it won't be replaced.
Eduardo UrangaGoing forward with this project is a crime to Canadians and HumanityCourtenayBC
Katherine MaasMr. Trudeau, I'm hoping that your new government will honour two election promises you made: to respect Aboriginal and treaty rights and to tackle climate change. Because the Site C dam proposed to be constructed in the Peace River Valley violates both of these goals. It would violate the treaty rights of eight First Nations, destroy forests and agricultural land currently acting as carbon sinks, and facilitate the expansion of dirty energy (LNG).

Additionally, the Site C dam will destroy thousands of hectares of productive agricultural land, at a time when our usual food sources are literally drying up due to climate change. To ensure food security in BC we need to make sure this dam does not get built.

The construction of this dam must be stopped before it causes irreparable harm to the Peace River Valley.
Robert BlairSite C is a totally unnecessary project for planned but presently non existant heavy industry in the region.
This project may one day be needed but for the estimated 8.8 billion which undoubtably will balloon into more like 15 billion it is overkill for now.
For much less money smaller electrical generation projects could be built in many areas around the province. This would create more jobs, without a need to transmitt power huge distances and destroy precious forests and farmland in the process.
These projects could be phased in as required as LNG and mining come online. In this way we keep our farms and fishing while creating long term sustainable tailored expansion of industries.
We can better plan the future without incurring crushing debt in the meantime for an oversupply system we may not ever need.
susan yeendneedless & a travestyGabriolaBC
Donna HarcosDear Prime Minister Trudeau and Federal Ministers.
I am writing today to ask you to stop the proceedings on Site C Dam project. I believe it is not in our bet interests to create this dam because it will destroy and displace so many of our wild animals and our First Nations homelands needlessly.
In today's world there are many new innovations on creating Free energy and we no longer have to support the large corporations in their efforts to create yet more money for those few at the top. It is a disgrace to even consider this dam at this point in time. Solar energy- is only one of many new methods with which to solve our problems as they are much more environmentally friendly. As well there is cold fusion, electromagnetic overunity, aetheric, water as fuel, magnet motors, gravity motors, etc. No need to disturb our forests and natural rivers.
Thank you for hearing my concerns.
Donna Harcos
Annie RyanPlease keep your promise to Peace River Valley to respect aboriginal and treaty rights, and tackle climate change! Stop Cite C dam!TorontoON
Geoff GerhartHello Prime Mimuster Trudea

I'll make this short

We can not keep doing this to our environment for the simple reason, we need it so we can live. Building Site C dam is wrong in every way. Ask the First Nations. As the farmers. Ask the environment as it knows best. There are plenty of people that will tell you it's wrong.

Best regards

Lin HeidtPlease investigate the concerns behind Site C, and stop this. It is unnecessary and violates ecological sense, and policies of the area.CanmoreAB
Lisa BramsonSite C violates the rights of Treaty * Nations, destroys carbon sinks and enables the expansion of dirty energy. Continued construction of site C dam contravenes many of the stated intentions of the new Liberal government federally. We need to focus and retrain workers in alternative energy sources.NelsonBC
Jo PhillipsThe proposed Site C dam on the Peace River in B.C. is neither necessary (as determined by a federal review panel) nor green (flooding class A farm land and burying some of the few remaining wild animal, bird and fish habitats as well as sinking thousands of forested acres that sequester carbon). It also violates the rights of the First Nations of the area, who have not given their consent to this project. If, in the future, more electricity is required for B.C. there are other, much less destructive ways of producing it such as geothermal or a dam on less disruptive riverbanks.
All in all, a bad idea totally bereft of long-term considerations of the ecosystem, the future of food and farmland, the financial burden to the taxpayers and the legal and natural rights of the indigenous people who live in the Peace.
Karen McIvorListen to the FNS on this. It's their home and they know what this will mean to them and their grandchildren. Forever.VictoriaBC
Peter BaileyWithin our lifetime the demand will increase for accessible arable farmland to provide food for our nation (Canada, that is). Such productive farmland is not renewable.
To suggest that farmland should be flooded (and lost forever) so as to provide hydro-electricity is madness, when we consider the many alternatives available for power generation.
Please exercise some sober second thought at the federal government level when next you meet with provincial leaders.
Daphne HarwoodIt is SO CLEAR to me that the cite C dam will erase acres & acres of ARABLE & very FERTILE land.
I cannot understand why this is a GOOD idea.
It's Clearly NOT a food idea.
If global warming is the reality we think it is, we are going to need these lands available to supply BC & elsewhere in Canada.
Brian MacDonaldA moratorium on the project is needed in the short term and probably forever given that the current provincial government has not carried out adequate consultation with British Columbians;or Canadians.

Canada's Environmental Assessment Legislation is currently too weak to be administered on mega projects and this area could be more valuable for food production for future generations as climate change impacts Canada's Ecoregions. Hydroelectric developments have real social, environmental and economic considerations that must be assessed. My Canada and you Canada must be treated with more respect for future generations.
Kristopher MayThe land site c endangers is not the federal government's to risk.SookeBC
Bernice RobinsonI cannot fathom the idea that this beautiful land is going to be destroyed forever because people are unwilling to think outside the box and look for alternatives in which to generate energy. My children, grand children, and their children will never see the produce of this land if we do not stop the destruction now. Say NO to Site C dam!VancouverBC
Bruce Van TassellOur important agricultural land is at risk with the changing climate. First Nations have opposed this unneeded project listen to their concerns and mine.NelsonBC
Sharon RussellThere are so many reasons why the site C dam should not go forward not the least of which is the loss of arable land it would cause.
It's time we demonstrated respect for our First Nations people and not just pay them lip service.
The election of our new Prime Minister has given many of us hope that we will see a change in the way our government serves Canadians. This truly fabulous resource must not be squandered. The bottom line here is so much more important than a quick buck. . . . Please be thoughtful with the power you wield . . . Sharon Russell
susie pricePlease learn about why Site C hydro project in BC is not a good idea.
As you know it is going through the courts at the moment in regards to Indigenous rights. It should be stopped and blocked as it has been for many years. Even though prelim work has started it should be stopped for many reason; but two big reasons are that: Climate change is already happening and it is vital agricultural land in a province and a country that is eating up good agricultural land is not submerged under a mega hydro project. Secondly the hydro made from this project main real function is to fuel the LNG projects and frackng that are going on presentl and growing in numbers. . These are not businesses that negate climate change they add to the problem as they damage pressure clean water.
danielle POWERStop destroying our precious fertile lands so needed to grow food for us!!!winlawBC
Marilynn SmithRespect Aboriginal and treaty rights.
No more dirty energy.
Holly Pender-LoveDear Prime Minister Trudeau, What a breath of fresh air you are to Canada. Thank you. In BC many of us are concerned about the ill advised building of the Site C dam, which will flood the famous Peace River Bread Basket of Northern BC. We are more concerned about Food Security in Canada in a time of serious climate change and severe drought in California. Canada needs a secure food policy. My understanding is that the dam is for power to fuel the LNG projects which are a pipe dream at best.
We want to keep our food producing areas agruicultural, quit fracking our water resources and PLEASE DO NOT FLOOD FARMLANDS.
We look forward to your intervention with Premier Christy Clark, to encourage her to consider cleaner energy sources than LNG, and to keep BC agricultural lands feeding the peoples of Canada and the world.
thank you,.
Eleanor BrownleeDear Prime Minister Trudeau,
Congratulations on your recent election. That result brings hope to many of us who despaired of the direction our beloved country was taking in recent years. Energy issues are of huge importance to our country and one of the projects causing me great concern is the proposed Site C dam in BC's Peace River country. Hydro power is certainly cleaner than some other energy sources but is it really wise and forward thinking to flood this magnificent territory well known as excellent agricultural land. Food security is becoming an increasingly important issue as climate change unfolds and areas that have been productive may become less suitable for agriculture in the near future. This is not the time to be destroying valuable agricultural land.
Also it appears that much of the power produced by this project will go to develop and run LNG projects proposed for the North East corner of the province. Supporting LNG just adds to the problem of climate change and our dependency on fossil fuels and creates greater difficulties in meeting our carbon emission reduction goals. Our provincial government has made the same mistake as the former federal government: putting all the eggs in the basket of fossil fuel development at a time when efforts and funding need instead to be invested in development of alternative clean energy resources.
It is high time to put a stop to this unwise approach.
It is also high time that much more consideration and respect be given to First Nations rights in decisions about how we treat the land and natural resources. Many First Nations have been fighting hard to honour the natural world and recognize the gifts and services nature provides. We would do well to listen and to learn. Your government has indicated you wish to work co-operatively, nation to nation, with our First Nations. Site C dam would be an excellent issue on which to put this approach into practice.
Thank you for your careful consideration of these comments. It is nice to know that we once again have a government that is prepared to listen.
Eleanor Brownlee
Pender IslandBC
eddy & jan jangThere are many reasons why sit c should NOT go ahead but in spite of the changed determination by a previous government this land is the biggest and best agricultural land that we have
It would be worse than short sighted at this time when we should be looking at producing more of our own food to put it for ever out of reach
saltspring IslandBC
Charles HiltonTime to put a stop to yesterday's technology, stop the flooding of the prime farm land in bc. In the peace river valley. Thank you, take care.

Charles Hilton
Colleen MacLennanThis area is vital to the production of foods and farm products for people and animals. This area is also such a beautiful area that it should not be turned into a watered waste land.SookeBC
Peter KerrI appreciate that you have a lot of issues to deal with and am glad to hear that you seem to be trying very hard to keep the promises made during the election campaign. One of the very important issues is stopping construction of the dam at Site C on the Peace River. This dam would flood valuable farm land with excellent soil. It would destroy First Nations' burial sites. ;It would block major migration routes for large animals.

Furthermore it is not needed. Other means of energy production such as conservation and non-polluting sources including wind and solar should be explored more thoroughly than they have been.

Thank you.
Thomas MunsonDear Mr. Trudeau and Federal Ministers:
Please respect the expressed views and positions of the Treaty 8 FIrst Nations in the Peace River valley and stop the impending construction of the Site C hydro dam. These First Nations have already suffered the impacts of two other hydro dams on the Peace River, and the continued destruction of their traditional territories through oil and gas development. Construction of the Site C dam will flood valuable Class 1 and 2 agricultural land and destroy centuries-old cultural and traditional use sites.
The same energy requirements can be met with energy conservation measures and renewable energy sources (wind, solar, etc.). The First Nations are now in court to protect their treaty and aboriginal rights and these rights must be respected.
Thank you for your attention to this issue,

Thomas Munson
Victoria, BC
John PalmerWe need to move into renewable and sustainable power generation. Large dams are not good for the environment.TrailBC
Sharon HughesPlease Prime Minister Trudeau, Do not allow this unnecessary plan to continue. Please investigate alternate energy resource extraction such as geothermal in the test drills and wells already in that area.
Many sincere thanks,
Merci beaucoup.
Sharon Hughes
Grant WicklandPlease stop Site C. It is the worst idea this provincial government has had. There is currently no justification to flood yet another productive valley to power a crazy unregulated fracking disaster. This dam proposal must be stopped. Thank you.Salt Spring IslandBC
Janice WilsonThe Site C dam on the Peace River must be cancelled. It will supply energy to the oil and gas sector at the expense of BC ratepayers. It will destroy valuable productive farmland and does not comply with the rights of First Nationd. It is economically and environmentally flawed. Please stop this disastrous dam.North vanBC
Colin BossThe only ones to benefit from this are the Gas Companies.ParksvilleBC
Nora HulsteinSite C Dam is not needed and very expensive to build not environmental ly responsible. Much agricultural land will be destroyed.
We will have to invest in alternative green energy.
N. Hulstein
Ursula EasterbrookDear PM Trudeau,
pls make sure you veto Dam C - let's try to first make an effort to use less power. To destroy the few acres of valuable agricultural land we have left after the Lower Mainland land owners, Port Metro Vancouver and the Ts. First Nations get through with Delta in the face of climate change is scary!
Think about it and veto!
Thank You
Ursula Easterbrook
LOuis DomingueFrom the studies I have read BC has enough power and this damwould serve the export market, and from what I understand there is really productive farmland in the peace that should be put to growing ther food we need as apposed to importing so much of our food from other countries...GibsonsBC
Rylan ZimnyThe site C dam is another example of the human race putting their greed and convenience ahead of the living systems of this planet. The implications for all species that rely on the hydrology of the area is HUGE. We should be looking at ways to conserve energy, update our energy saving standards like housing insulation, small scale wind and solar power. Frankly, we should get back in line with the rest of the living creatures of this planet and sleep in darkness, work in the day, and get outside and make a this planet a living Eden instead of a concrete prison full of artificial worthless materialism. We need to stop making other living systems, and the other less fortunate organisms suffer for our selfish human desires. Lets get back in order with the energy systems of the planet that maintain and support us, instead of working against them.
Rylan Zimny
Karen NaimanLeave the natural beauty of God's Creation alone and honor the treaties of the First Nations.

We don't need to be messing up the environment any more than we already have.

Look at the terrible price we are already paying for the harm humans have caused by disregarding God's natural (science) laws of His planet.
Tom BakerDear Prime Minister Trudeau, sometimes government uses taxpayer money for the wrong thing at the wrong time. Site C is a perfect example. Beautiful river valley, fertile farmland, way far north-eastern BC ... out of sight, out of mind to all the BC residents in the SW corner of the province. Site C, if it goes ahead, will cost taxpayers billions of dollars, apparently to subsidize a new LNG industry, which now seems to be on thin ice. It's time for strong and practical leadership, and that means stopping Site C. Thank you.VictoriaBC
Jackie CampbellI hope you will agree that the Site C Dam project in the Peace River Valley of BC. must be stopped... it is a bad plan. We need to preserve this valuable agricultural land respect aboriginal rights and entitlement. Alternative energy is the way to go not another Dam in this precious valley.
Jackie Campbell
Pitt MeadowsBC
Tamara SchwartzentruberDear Prime Minister Trudeau, and Cabinet members,

I'm writing to ask you to stop the construction of the Site C Dam in the Peace River Valley in BC before any further damage takes place.

This purports to be a "clean energy" project, but it's anything but. It will require a massive fossil fuel investment to create, and its primary purpose is to provide an ongoing energy source for resource extraction operations such as hydraulic fracturing in the BC interior. Further, it will violate the rights of Treaty 8 First Nations, destroy carbon sinks, and compromise fresh water flows both above and below the dam.

If this government really means its promise to take climate change seriously, then it can no longer offer tacit or explicit support to this kind of outdated energy-consuming megaproject. In this time, we need to be scaling back our energy usage around the world, not investing in massive energy generation projects to enable us to squeeze the last drops of fossil fuel out of the earth in ever more destructive ways.

Please see that this project is stopped in its tracks. It is bound to fail any real and stringent environmental review.

Thank you.

Tamara Schwartzentruber
Rosemary PartridgeThere is more than enough evidence showing that building the Site C dam is not only catastrophically damaging but also unnecessary.Saltspring IslandBC
Robert WildThe Province and Nation will continue urgently to need the agricultural produce from the land proposed to be flooded.
The electricity presumed to be supplied is not needed in BC and will probably be sold to the USA - to whose profit?
This proposal would be prodigious waste of resources.

Robert Wild
Salt Spring IslandBC
Betty ZaikowDear Prime Minister Trudeau,

The Peace River Valley is one most fertile areas in this region and is vitally important for growing food for future generations. To flood this important land for hydro is very short sighted We need to come up with green energy plans and LNG is not needed, not wanted and not green and to flood the Peace River Valley for power to support LNG is very foolish.
I trust you will respect the rights of First Nations and not destroy their territory. I also trust you will keep you commitment to climate change and not desrtoy this carbon sink.
Sincerely ,
Betty Zaikow
Powell RiverBC
Gary Wilkinson1 with the shutdown of all the wood manufacturing due to various problems.
2 with all of Gordos run of the river and stream power projects which were suppose to make the dam project redundant.
3 gov. and hydro should look at ways to make industry and home owners more efficient.
With these 3things I hardly think we need more power for B C at this time and if we do then gov. should be putting more money and research
Into green technology.
If this dam is for the natural gas industry then they should be paying for it.
In closing I worked in the electrical industry for 50 years so I have a bitt of a take that we are being hood winked.
Pr GeoBC
ellaina signorottoNo more dams please....kimberleyBC
Lavern JensenPlease stop Site C dam ... we need to preserve this beautiful area to all of the wildlife and for our future generations to see and enjoy!

Yours truly,
Lavern Jensen
Barry MonaghanThere is lots of other ways to generate power including using less of it.
No need for this destructive and needless damn!
Betty J. Van WicklenDear Canadian Government,

I have been urging conservation of wildlife and green spaces for over 40 years now, but never has it been more important. With the climate changes we're already feeling as a result of global warming, it is imperative that ALL nations act now,l and together, to do all we can to avoid the worst of the climate changes.

Secondly, it appears that the SITE C Dam project violates the Treaty 8 First Nations (who are in opposition) as well as destroying carbon sinks and enabling the expansion of dirty energy. This directly opposes the promises set out in your campaign platform.

Canada, the First Nations and the environment, hence the world, requires that the Site C project and protect the Peace River Valley from its massive, needless destruction. your new government needs the Site C project ended to fulfill its commitment to the Canadian people in its election platform.

Thank you for listening.
Richard FahlmanThe proposed Site C dam is based on bogus information that we, that is BC Hydro, anticipates need for the power. This is NOT for domestic or manufacturing but for Natural gas Fracking and for cooking the tar sands bitumen. This potential power could be provided by alternate sources: geothermal, micro hydro, tidal power, wind, and solar, for Less Cost than the dam which will also permanently deprive BC and Canada of over 700 square kilometres of prime arable land. This is worse than madness, it is criminal when one considers just who stands to benefit and why they are such generous contributors to the provincial Liberals.Gillies BayBC
Gerhild NeugebauerA long time ago I saw a poster of a wolf in a pristine arctic landscape. The poster was created by the Government of Canada and told that a land that can create a wolf is a strong and healthy land. We as the stewards of this land have to treat it gently so that those who come after us see that we acted with love and respect and not with indifference and greed.
Please help us stop the Site C project and the destruction of prime agricultural land and invaluable animal habitat. Please be true stewards to this strong and healthy land.
Igh HanckhsWhy would a dam be built that would have negative impacts on indigenous peoples as well ruin an incredible valley with its valuable farm land forever? Do we really need more power for ourselves? Personally, we turn down off the lights when we aren't in a room, turn down the thermostat and put on our woolies,CoombsBC
David GranirerPlease stop the site C Dam. It violates the rights of First Nations and expands dirty energyVancouverBC
Steven AikenheadSo important that we save precious farmland !!!TorontoON
Dan FlemingPM Trudeau, I finally decided to vote for you because of your (supposed)determination to look to the sustainable development of our country. Site C does not reflect viable sustainability in any way to this goal. It has the "greedy" goal of looking at short term economic profits (for primarily a few corporate fat-cats), that will seriously and negatively harm our environment, the fauna we are responsible to protect (and yes I know they don't get to vote for Prime Ministers), and the way of life of our First Nations people as well as MY GRANDCHILDREN. I would hope you will place a moratorium on this "Negative Development" immediately. Thanks in advance.

courtney powellits 2015 time to look after the environment not burry it under water..if u havent been there please go see..the place is amazing...thankscomoxBC
Karen CarlyleThe plan for the Site C dam belongs in the last century, it has no place in this one. We need to save our Peace Valley for families producing food and for the First Nations who have always lived there.SecheltBC
Chris WilkinsonIf we are going green, then there is no need for the massive Site C Dam.GibsonsBC
Cathy FortinThis project is extremely damaging to wildlife, food security, the Peace River. It is also unnecessary as there are other ways to generate electricity available. Besides, we were told that the electricity generated by the Site C dam will be used to power fracking operations, which we also want nothing to do with. Please do what you can to stop Site C. Thank you,Prince GeorgeBC
Jack ThornburghThere is mounting evidence toi iindicate that the Site C Dam project is unnecessary for BC power needs for the forseeable future. If British Columbians continue to get behind solar, wind, and other alternative energies, plus improve on our carbon tax benefits to innovative green start-up companies, we can delay indefinitely any need for a project like Site C.
My main concern is the devastating impact that Site C will have on First Nations treaty rights, and the permanent flooding of rich farmland in the Peace River watershed. This would not only be stupid, but tragic as well.
North SaanichBC
Lily CooperDear Prime Minister Trudeau,

I look forward to the positive changes you and your government will accomplish over the next four years. If you practice what you preach, you will stop any further development of the Site C Dam. Listen to Treaty 8 First Nations. First Nations always consider the impact on the Seventh Generation.
Wendy FrancisI am so grateful that the Liberal government was elected in October and that the dark days of Stephen Harper's Canada are gone. I am so impressed with the first month's efforts to keep election promises and to run a transparent government. A critical issue for Canada's future is reconciling our relationship with First Nations. A key issue that will demonstrate whether or not the Liberal government is truly ready to take a new approach to aboriginal relations is the proposed Site C dam on the Peace River. This dam is being pushed forward by the B.C. government over the strong objections of local First Nations. Please withdraw or postpone all federal government permits for this dam until either the project is reviewed by the B.C. Utilities Commission or First Nations court challenges to the dam are resolved.BanffAB
Penny SidorSite C Dam is a 1950s technology, at this time disastrous to residents, farming, wildlife, First Nations sacred sites.

PLEASE, stop this idiocy.
Gabriola IslandBC
John FryDear Prime Minister Trudeau,

Congrats, and all the very best. I sure hope your shoulders are strong. You're going to need them, and don't forget, we're right behind you. Please be good to Canadians, and Canada, and the world.

In regards to Site C, I agree that, in this, it is not the right thing to do at this time and probably not into the foreseeable future.

There's a whole lot more here than just producing electricity. This project could be rendered obsolete in the not too distant future when other technologies mature or are discovered, or the demand does not materialize. Too much for nothing.

The damage will be done and be irreversible.

Sincerely, John Fry
Bowen IslandBC
Rick OldingPlease respect the treaty rights of Treaty 8 First Nations in BC and prevent the flooding of valuable Class A agricultural land in BC's Peace River region. This project must be subject to a comprehensive environmental assessment process and public hearings that include impacts on climate change as an integral part of the process. Please protect my grandson's tradional territories Prime Minister Trudeau.VictoriaBC
Cliff WallisAs set out in your campaign platform, you promised to respect aboriginal and treaty rights, and tackle climate change.

I believe BC's Site C dam is opposite to both of these goals; it would violate the rights of Treaty 8 First Nations, destroy carbon sinks and facilitate the expansion of carbon-based energy.

Please do what you can to stop Site C from proceeding before any further irreparable harm takes place in the Peace River Valley.
Bernice RamsdinDear Prime Minister Trudeau, Please do not allow the building of Site C in the Peace River Valley. There are so many ways of conserving electricity rather than flooding such a vitally important area for wildlife and human food production. The money should instead be put into helping people save energy by subsidizing those who want to refit their homes and/or add expensive things like solar. Put people to work instead, building other forms of energy technology that we know work. Dams that produce tons of green-house gases as they are being built, soon begin silting up anyway and cause much damage downstream.ChemainusBC
Kate EllisonSite C Dam must not go forward. We don't need the electricity it provides, and it would destroy valuable farmland that is only going to grow more important to our food security as global warming worsens.

Furthermore, it would destroy valuable birthing habitat for ungulates - including the ones for whom the provincial government deems it necessary (it is not!) to murder wolves in a cruel, inhumane, unethical fashion. Protecting the caribou's HABITAT would do much more to protect them (protests of the forestry industry notwithstanding) than exterminating wolves in the region.

I am also appalled at the provincial government's arrogance at making the preparation for building the dam while the court challenges are being heard.

Finally, the First Nations people of the area feel that the consultation process required by treaty terms was "meaningless," and that this project should not proceed without free, prior, informed consent, which it does not currently have.
Edward MattinglyPlease stop this unmitigated and unnecessary disaster.VictoriaBC
Barbara ResendesI am so tired of BC's/Canada's natural environment being raped and pillaged by industrial interests. I've had it.
Non destructive energy is, and always has been available. So why are we allowing industrial interests to push us into destroying this beautiful river, valley, and all the irreplaceable life within it?
The answer is simple...NO.
The Canadian government has a disgusting historical legacy of following the orders of foreign governments and multinational corporations by secret threat or illicit funding.
Let's do something right this time. For our world.
Robie LiscombStop Site-C immediately. This project is a huge waste of public funds, violates Aboriginal treaty rights, will destroy massive amounts of fertile agricultural land and the electricity is not needed other than for LNG projects that should never be approved.VictoriaBC
kx bxit should be obvious why not what with the present state of knowledge available over the internet as well as sthe current state of the general mind set of peolpe everywhere.lancCA
Kevin BelangerWe urge you to halt the imminent drowning of the Peace River valley.

This tragic loss can still be averted if you act now to halt the project and consider the many viable, sustainable options for electrical power generation that would not waste pristine wilderness, prime farmland, and violate treaties with the indigenous residents of the only river Valley on Earth wild enough to cut through the iconic Rocy Mountains.

CANADA can and must do better. Please help us achieve a positive vision for BC and the Peace River Valley.
Dorothy NelsonThere comes a time when we must stand together to be stewards of our home. It is clear that our precious vulnerable (to humans) wilderness is under attack by those who promote unnecessary so called "development" really a lot of disruption with concrete. This north is our food basket. Don't destroy our hope for agricultural productivity; we can't depend on California and Florida for fresh food: the one is going under with drought, the other is going under the sea.VancouverBC
Sean KubaraI believe proceeding with the Site C dam would be a huge mistake for many reasons. These reasons have been amply argued by others more versed than I in the issues and details, but include the following:

1. If it were to go ahead it would not be the first time that the best agricultural land available pretty much anywhere in the world has been destroyed by ill conceived and unnecessary hydro projects.
2.It provides critical habitat for many aquatic and terran species, some of which are at risk.
3.British Columbia does not need the power it would generate - much of it would be exported.
4. Proceeding with the project now violates the treaty rights of Treaty 8 First Nations.
5. The Peace River Valley is not just a functioning ecosystem, it is also a productive community which would be destroyed by the project.
Susanna KaljurDear Decision Makers,
Please protect the Peace River valley. There is nothing "clean or green" about Site C dam. It is a project in violation of Aboriginal and Treaty rights. It will destroy carbon sinks and will aid in expansion of fossil fuel expansion, namely Liquid Natural Gas which is methane a green house gas more potent than carbon dioxide. Fracking is not "green or clean" this is a lie perpetuated by the Christy Clark and the BC. Liberal government. There is no social licence for this project and it is in contradiction to recommendation by the National Energy Board which stated it is not needed for BC electricity demands. There are many other clean and green energy options namely, wind, solar, and geothermal. The Peace River valley is prime agricultural land which will be needed in the future as well it is a natural water shed.
Finally the tax payers of BC are footing the bill which is enormous and unnecessary .
Please keep your promise to respect aboriginal rights and combat climate change.
Thank you.
Terry NelsonThis is so against nature and the environment.
It is being pushed forward by big money industrialist.
Why are the politicians pushing this when the common sense of the common people can see this as bad of the earth?
Kate DunlayI am concerned about the planned Site C dam. We need to be conserving farmland -- not flooding it -- to ensure Canada's food security. Building the dam is also not respectful of the treaty rights of First Nations peoples. I think that there are ways BC could be generating additional power that are less damaging to Canada's environment and culture.HalifaxNS
Colin WatsonDear Mr Trudeau,

We do not nee the power that Site C will generate at this time. Alternative energies are rapidly developing and can meet the needmof future growth.

Please consider also the much more economical upgrade plans proposed by our provincial Opposition Party.

Let's not dam ANY More of our rivers - they are a most valuable resource left as they are, environmentally, agriculturally, commercially in many cases and recreationally.

Canoeing the proposed dammed strtch of the Peace this past summer was an experience not to be forgotten.
Pender islandBC
Sylvia KanekoPlease end Site C dam and the environmental threat it poses as well as the abridgement of original First Nations treaty rights!W RoxburyMA
Deanne RapacioliDear Mr. Trudeau - I remember you said these developments must have 'social licence' to proceed - well this one does not - those of us who live in BC , First Nations people, and those who visit this province from all over the world to marvel at it's beauty are begging you to step in and prevent the flooding of this beautiful valley. There must be another way to achieve the goal - please help us - this cannot be allowed to proceed.VancouverBC
Victoria GibsonPlease stop this irresponsible dam.

It is wrong to flood valuable farmland when we will not be able to import as much food. BC has always depended on imported food, but the West Coast is drying up and these imports will not be available. Further stresses are crated by the huge expansion in Lower Mainland population that is projected. We need to begin to establish food security in this province.

BC Hydro's own studies have said that we don't need this dam for domestic use.

The Peace river is beautiful country where many people have jobs and homes.
BC Hydro has already started clear cutting, destroying wild life habitat and eagles nests.

Please consider mandating that all Electric utility companies must buy power from people who install solar systems -- similar to the programs in Germany and England that have proved very successful.

There are parts of BC that receive a lot of sunshine and wind and if these wind or solar generation systems were feeding into our grid we would have more power than we would need.

This dam is not about BC Hydro clients, it is about the fossil fuel industry. Our premier is a cheerleader for the fossil fuel industry. What other province has a premier that accepted huge campaign donations from companies from a different province?

Christy Clark will destroy our natural heritage, at a cost to BC taxpayers of billions of dollars, so that fossil fuel multi-nationals can reap the profits.

In BC, we know who she is working for and it is not the citizens of this land. Are you aware of the triple delete e-mail system that covers that tracks of an decision made so she is not accountable?

Please help us -- we care about our future generations --not just grab a quick profit and leave the land despoiled. We must be the caretakers of this country.

Thank you for your time and attention to this matter.
Irene CalbickViable agriculture land is being decimated and we need to preserve this precious asset for our survival. The Peace is part of the available agriculture land available.

Please protect the Peace, stop Cite C.
Brad JonesNo foot dragging! Take swift action!EdmontonAB
Christine HoDear Sirs and Madams,
Please live up to the promises set out in your campaign platform – promises to respect aboriginal and treaty rights, and tackle climate change. Site C dam flies in the face of both of these goals; it would violate the rights of Treaty 8 First Nations, destroy carbon sinks and enable the expansion of dirty energy.

I believe that allowing continued construction of Site C dam would contravene many of the stated intentions of the new federal Liberal government.
Christine Ho
Jean-Pierre TurcottePlease STOP Site is superfluous to BC's needs except for the LNG industry which relies on fracking (which in itself should be banned).DeltaBC
Alice KiddFirstly, we owe it to First Nations to consult meaningfully
Secondly, we will need the agricultural land for food into a future of climate change.
Thirdly, we need to shift our energy sources to non-renewables. Hydro power is not always renewable. Depends on the carbon cost of construction and transmission as against the life of the power generation.
Stop Site C!
Eric EdwardsRespect aboriginal rights and stop this boondoggle of a project! Thank you.West ChicagoIL
Ron BolinThere are better natural energy alternatives which can reduce the abuse of our land, reduce the need for extensive and expensive transmission systems, increase local industry and provide more and better local jobs as well as reduce costs by sharing them with home and business owners who are willing, with an assist, to help themselves. Solar power is now a viable option and it is distributed rather than concentrated.NanaimoBC
Edwin OchmanekSite C does not serve the interests of the people of BC, but rather international corporations at the expense of citizens. Furthermore, it will destroy critical habitat, ruin archeological sites and increase our carbon footprint.

A much more efficient way to boost power generation in BC would be a massive program to help homeowners instal rooftop solar.
David WaterhouseDear Prime Minister Trudeau,

Please stand firm for our BC environment. The Site C Dam' s permission to move forward came at the cost of our democracy and common sense. Mines Minister Bill Bennett purposely disallowed the BC Utilities Commission from participating in hearings (a job that was rightfully theirs. Why? Bennett knew that they had turned it down in the past. He wasn't going to let them get in the way of his agenda this time. What else did Bennett disallow?....any discussion from alternative energy sources. It would be fair to say that Bennett acted in a strict, dictatorial fashion.

Please help put a stop to this assault on our democracy!

David Waterhouse
Patricia D. MarkinDear Prime Minister Trudeau and Cabinet Ministers, Please stop the building of the Site C dam on the Peace River of British Columbia. I cannot express to you enough how bad I think this project is. I believe it has been pushed through at an alarming rate with very little regard for the First Nations and land owners involved. I believe it to be a short-sighted project even though it has been on the books for about forty years; which suggests it is an obsolete form of power generation, especially as it would flood an area that, allowed to develop, could feed up to a million people.
It is urgent that you review this unneeded project soon and with careful consideration and my hope is that you will come to the same conclusion that many have, that Site C is a white elephant that should not be built.
Thank you.
Hudson's HopeBC
Randal EnglishStop it because it's an all round waste and a pathetic attempt by christy to do something to brag about. She has nothing else.CourtenayBc
Jaymi BougardPlease STOP this unnecessary Dam Site from going forward! Not only is it environmentally damaging, but is not necessary and I believe it also violated land treaties with First Nations.
Let's put a stop to an ecosystem damaging project!! Thank You
Rita DawsonAn end must be put to this more than ridiculous and foolhardy plan. Solar initiatives should be encouraged by the BC government.LadysmithBC
Linda StittPLEASE, protect our environment and honour our treaties. Stop Site C.TorontoON
Kristin WalshDear Climate Leadership Team Members,

We are writing because you have been called upon to provide recommendations on climate action to the provincial government by the end of this month, when Premier Christy Clark is scheduled to travel to Paris to attend international climate change talks. We are collectively advising you that the proposed Site C hydroelectric dam project is not “clean energy” and to remind you that Treaty 8 First Nations continue to oppose Site C, and we are calling on you to oppose the Site C project with us.

Your primary task is to advocate the “best actions” that British Columbia can take to keep the province on track in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. But you have also been told that the recommendations you make should serve to improve relations between the provincial government and First Nations, not weaken or undermine them. This is a vital part of your mandate, and it cannot and must not be ignored.

All too often, provincial and federal government actions have caused harm to First Nations. There is a grave risk that if you, as committee members, are not careful you will legitimize climate actions that amount to an assault on constitutionally protected Aboriginal Title and Rights and Treaty Rights.

We are extremely concerned that a cornerstone of the province’s emerging and allegedly “clean energy” climate plans includes construction of the Site C dam, which would flood lands along 107 kilometers of the Peace River and its tributaries. This would result in the permanent loss of vital hunting, fishing and gathering sites and other areas that are of historic and cultural importance to the region’s First Nations, who actively oppose the dam’s construction.

Further underscoring our concerns is a discussion paper on climate action that was released in July by the provincial government and reviewed by members of your committee. The paper makes no mention of Site C. Because it fails to do so, there is no discussion about what uses the hydroelectric power from that dam might be put to. Our concern is that a substantial amount of that power could be used to support expanded natural gas drilling and hydraulic fracturing (fracking) operations on First Nation lands, which could then result in the construction of new Liquefied Natural Gas processing plants on our coast.

If as committee members you are not already aware, you should know that First Nations in the Peace Region of the province have expressed grave concerns about the impacts that expanded natural gas drilling and fracking operations have had and will continue to have on critically important wildlife and water resources. Those concerns have recently resulted in successful arguments before provincial tribunals and courts opposing water and other resource allocations to energy companies involved in fracking operations. Further, the Union of BC Indian Chiefs, First Nations Summit, and BC Assembly of First Nations have respectively passed resolutions supporting Treaty 8 First Nations in opposition to Site C.

In May, 2015, when Premier Clark appointed you as members to the Climate Leadership Team you were tasked with making recommendations that “further the province’s government-to-government relationships with First Nations while constructively finding climate solutions.” You will fail to meet your own mandate if you do not publicly and forcefully oppose the Site C dam and any expansion in natural gas drilling and fracking operations that would be made possible by increased availability of hydroelectric power. We formally request that you speak publicly on this issue prior to the Paris climate change talks, and underscore the importance of BC working directly on a government-to-government basis with First Nations.

Substantial progress in meeting our climate change goals is something we all strive for. But true progress cannot be made in the absence of strengthened relationships between BC and First Nations. That is the path to truly meaningful, socially responsible climate change policies.

K. Walsh
Franz Wengercannot agree that Site C should be part of its future. These are our reasons why:
1. Hydro dams that flood vast areas of the earth’s limited agricultural land resources is a practise of the past, and is not in the interest of present or future generations, especially since other viable alternatives exist. Site C will flood thousands of acres of a swiftly-shrinking class of land - the kind that can grow long-season vegetables and fruits as well as the disappearing Fraser Valley.
2. Hydro power is old technology. Today we have resources such as solar power, wind energy and thermal energy that for the same cost do not destroy valuable agricultural land and boreal forest. These energies can be developed closer to their targeted use area, and therefore save the 15% line loss associated with power from Site C. Also, since BC has the resources for these options, it has the opportunity to become a world leader in developing and promoting truly green energy options, as Premier Christy Clark has spoken of.
3. The energy from this dam is marked for industrial use. It is not right that the BC ratepayer be the financial pot for building infrastructure for speculative industry – and especially since industry can use their own LNG to power their energy needs at 1/10th of the cost of site C. This is a travesty against the people of British Columbia who are already deeply in debt in three ways: The per-capita debt of the Prov. Government; The hidden but real debt of BC Hydro, and then their own personal debts.
4. The future market of LNG in China has just become very insecure. China has recently announced huge deposits of their own LNG in China, thereby drastically reducing the need for Canada’s LNG at a profitable rate. They also have deals with closer suppliers such as Australia, Qatar, Russia, and Iran. Therefore, the power needs of Site C are actually very insecure, and not a good investment for the people of BC.
5. Rather than build site C, BC Hydro has existing infrastructure that should be upgraded to its full potential, and take advantage of the opportunity to access power through the Columbia River Treaty.
Cecil LakeBC
Sivalla Lin TallmanPlease Stop the Site C Dam. Please show respect for aboriginal and treaty rights, and tackle climate change. Site C dam flies in the face of both of these goals. To proceed would violate the rights of Treaty 8 First Nations, destroy carbon sinks and enable the expansion of dirty energy. I believe that allowing continued construction of Site C dam would contravene many of the stated intentions of the new federal Liberal government. Thank youSaltspring IslandBC
Sandy CameronI think damming this waterway is a step backward. Please stop Site C project!VictoriaBC
Elwood ThomasThis is an ego/legacy build. Will have final cost in mid to hi teens of billions. Power generated by this dam will be needed a few hours per YEAR. Excess will be sold off at price far less than cost of production.
Christy likes to keep Corp.s happy so residential rates will skyrocket.
It is time to move to wind/solar with attempt
to decrease the negative effects of climate change.
Debra YendallDear Justin just have to experience this amazing valley to understand the importance to the wildlife, farming community and more. In comparison to the huge area surrounding it there is no equal in ecology, diversity and wildlife. Let us show the rest of the world how to take care of our fellow creatures too, not just us. Thank you for pushing the climate change agenda too. Thank you for caring for those creatures who can not speak for themselves.ChilliwackBC
Sandra HarrisWe need to get serious about climate change and so much more. That means leaving 'it' in the ground to protect our planet and future generations.

Christy Clark is making deals with corrupt corporations guilty of tax fraud and human rights abuses. Foreign nationals will be bringing most of their own workforce undermining Canadians who desperately need good paying stable jobs.

Christy Clark has her own issues in regards to BC Liberal government corruption and neglect.

BC is prone to earth quakes and we know that fracking causes earth quakes.

Fresh drinking water is the most valuable resource to citizens of BC. We can't afford to waste our drinking water on fracking wells.

Site C will devastate prime agricultural land that is becoming more and more scarce around the world. The loss of this land will be huge for the citizens of BC.

The financial burden of site C will be bore by the citizens of BC. Electricity rates will increase dramatically. We have to stop subsidizing corporations and take care of what we have before it's too late... if it isn't already.

Corporations need to pay their own way instead of expecting the citizens to cover the cost of them "doing business." Housing is unaffordable. The cost of food, utilities, etc. has become unaffordable for many. Poverty is rising and income stagnant. Many of us simply can't keep up anymore.

Christy Clark has harmed our province by selling out our resources to foreign nationals. Resources belong to the people not to corrupt greedy politicians representing corrupt greedy corporations.

Christy Clark doesn't have the support of the majority of the people in BC.

Please listen to and hear our voices!! We need REAL LEADERSHIP not corporate puppets lining their own pockets and pushing a corporate agenda that is harming the people of BC, Canada and the entire planet.

Corrupt politicians like Stephen Harper and Christy Clark have harmed this country. No wonder we don't trust politicians who seem to live in rich corporate pockets. We've spent a decade being betrayed by Harper and his CONS. In BC we've fought tooth and nail against Harper and Christy Clark who is a graduate of the Manning Institute. We voted for CHANGE P.M. Trudeau. The kind of change that benefits citizens and all of humanity. We need more leaders. Not more politicians. We need more humanity for each other and the planet that supports everything that matters to us. Profits will indeed make the rich richer but at what cost to the rest of us?
Peter GumplingerDear PM Justin Trudeau,

I am optimistic and hopeful that you and your cabinet will live up to the promises set out in your campaign platform – promises to respect aboriginal and treaty rights, and tackle climate change. Site C dam flies in the face of both of these goals; it would violate the rights of Treaty 8 First Nations, destroy carbon sinks and enable the expansion of dirty energy. I believe that allowing continued construction of Site C dam would contravene many of the stated intentions of your new federal Liberal government.

Site C must be stopped before any further irreparable harm takes place in the Peace River Valley.

Best regards, Peter Gumplinger
Anders EricksonThis project should be stopped for many reason, but here are the main three (in no particular order):
1) Submerging a large proportion of the only viable farmland in the Peace River Valley in times of climate change and rising food prices from California is not forward thinking policy.
2) The provincial and federal governments need to start respecting First Nations treaty rights.
3) Even the Joint Panel deemed this project unworthy of approval, not being the worth the cost.
Paul GloverPlease act to prevent the construction of SIte C dam. One of the many problems with this project is that it would flood a large area of productive agricultural land in a province where land like this is in short supply....and in extremely short supply in the northern half of the province.

No, this is not a project that you can brag about as being "green" at the upcoming climate talks in Paris.

Thanks very much.
Sara SteilIn today's world of uncertainty with the ramifications of climate change, our agriculture lands and all our carbon sequestering forest & wetlands are precious and we have critical need retaining.
The need for power in British Columbia is available through our existing hydro sites and conservation practices - this is a known fact. To remove from the landscape via the Site C dam is a criminal act against our First Nations and all future generation of all species.
Pender IslandBC
catherine mcmanusCongratulations on your party's election - now, the real hard work begins.
Of great import to my province & our first nations people, their rights & outstanding claims is the misguided plan for the Cite C dam.
There is not even a demonstrable 'need' for the power this project is due to deliver.
British columbia does not need this power, and it will never benefit the rest of Canada either.
The irreparable harm done to the Peace river valley by the flooding planned is immoral. Please exercise the power of the government of canada and kill this project.
BTW, I did vote for you!
Melodie GodsmanI am writing this letter to inform the Prime Minister and our Federal Ministers that a serious error in the provincial government and BC Hydro has allowed this atrocity to continue regardless of all of the reasons whey it shouldn't continue, the Site C project is causing more environmental disasters that all the oil and logging companies put together. They, at least, have to submit to following environmental laws and regulations. The Site C project seems to be capable of bypassing every law and committing numerous violations without any repercussions. The last one being the backhoes walking right out into the river, causing unknown amounts of pollution and no oversite or fines being levied, this is typical. They appear to be driving through this horrific project that will cause so much damage without anyone being able to stop them. They're so called 'consultation' process was a farce, none of our objections were heard or even acknowledged. It's as though they are treating the people of this region as if we don't exist and that our ways of life are of no consequence.Hudson's HopeBC
alex lesterplease remember to respect our native peoples - Site C violates their treaty rights, and that is just unconscionable.torontoON
Pamela PorterDear Mr. Trudeau,
I write to ask you please to seriously consider the detrimental effects which the Site C dam would have on the environment, on agriculture, and on the rights of First Nations. Site C would violate the rights of Treaty 8 First Nations, would destroy important carbon sinks as well as take away some of the world's richest soil which can feed 1 million people each year. BC does not need the dam. We have enough wind energy and geothermal energy to power all of British Columbia. Please do what you can to make it incumbent upon our leaders to act toward technologies which would not destroy prime agricultural land or violate First Nations land rights.
Janet HudginsPlease listen to experts, invest in sustainable energy and get us off the old grid.VancouverBC
Diane MillarPlease respect aboriginal and treaty rights, and tackle climate change. Site C dam flies in the face of both of these goals; it would violate the rights of Treaty 8 First Nations, destroy carbon sinks and enable the expansion of dirty energy. Allowing continued construction of Site C dam would contravene many of the stated intentions of the new federal Liberal government.
Thank you.
Brent BoatesIt's wrong to build something (especially something as useless as this) in that valley destoying the farms and land that clearly belongs to 1st nations.VancouverBC
Heather PayneEven those of us in the international community understand what folly it would be to build the Site C dam. The environmental, cultural and agricultural harm that would come from flooding this valley is simply too great, and cannot be justified. Please stop this needless and destructive project before further irreparable harm takes place in the Peace River valley.Chapel HillNC
David HeinimannDear Prime Minister Trudeau

In place of the proposed Site C dam, which compromises present interest and future activity unjustifiably, I would like to see geothermal development. Even more than hydro dams, such development conforms to your position on the environment.

Site C is too laden with bad politics for social duty of care.

Dr. David Heinimann
Terrace, BC
(formerly of Dawson Creek, BC)
Mark RebackWe are optimistic and hopeful that Canada's new Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, and his cabinet will live up to the promises set out in their campaign platform – promises to respect aboriginal and treaty rights, and tackle climate change. Site C dam flies in the face of both of these goals; it would violate the rights of Treaty 8 First Nations, destroy carbon sinks and enable the expansion of dirty energy. We believe that allowing continued construction of Site C dam would contravene many of the stated intentions of the new federal Liberal government.

Please keep your promises: Site C must be stopped before any further irreparable harm takes place in the Peace River Valley.
Los AngelesCA
Ray MoxhamStop the sdamPrince GeorgeBC